Modern Tools Add-on

This addon adds a bunch modern tools to Minecraft and they replace just two different mobs. For example, one of the tools is a fridge which you can use for storing your food (or any other items) and another tool lets you cook your raw food items in an instant on a kitchen stove. Besides using them for their various tasks you can also use them for decorating your worlds as they are essentially new types of furniture.

Creator: Kiritocris55, Twitter Account
Updated: 23 January, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

To create a modern tool you will first need to find a forge. The forge is an item which is dropped mostly everywhere in the Overworld (since it replaces eggs and eggs are dropped by chickens). Place down a forge on the ground (by throwing the item) and then use any of the following items to build a modern tool.

  • Fridge – Gray Dye
  • Tables – Bone Meal, Light Blue Dye, Rose Red, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Dye, Cocoa Beans
  • Kitchen – Light Gray Dye
  • PC (MineBay) – Lime Dye

Fridge – Gray Dye: A storage container with 27 available slots.

Tables/Chairs – Bone Meal, Light Blue Dye,Rose Red, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Dye, Cocoa Beans: Decorate your home with some nice furniture. You can even sit on the chairs.

Kitchen Stove – Light Gray Dye: Cook food instantly. This will work for the following raw items: chicken, beef, pork chop, rabbit meat.

Forge (default): Add coal to the forge and retrieve a random valuable item (diamond, gold, gold nugget or iron ingot).

Dump – Shulker Black: This is meant to be a trash bin, even though the name might imply something else. Don’t be fooled! iOS/Android: Long press on the trash bin and press Erase to delete the block or item in your hand. It works best in survival mode.

PC – Lime Dye: Use a PC to trade ingots for coins. (These coins are entirely unrelated to Minecraft coins.) The coins can be used for trading with a Postman (see further down).

  • Iron Ingot: 0 – 1 coins
  • Gold Ingot: 1 – 2 coins
  • Diamond: 3 – 5 coins

Postman (Villager): The Postman replaces one of the villagers. He lets you access the MineBay market where you can buy and sell all kinds of items.

Improved Beds (replaces normal beds): All of the beds now have much more detailed 3D models.


  • New beds with models
  • Bug fix when making the tools


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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301 Responses

4 / 5 (62 votes)
  1. TheSharkBoy2 says:

    Why does it say it March 3rd when today I post it it’s March 2nd? Bug maybe?

  2. CutieBoy701 says:

    Can u also make it so it can be on 1.0.3??

  3. mas0id says:

    Will some things work and not work for the latest version for IOS users or will nothing work at all for IOS users?

    • ClayGaming491 says:

      Nothing will work since the shulker models cant be changed in 1.0.3 so iOS users will have to wait

  4. Jemi444 says:

    Are editor using Android 7.1.1??

  5. Geno says:

    Please make it so it doesn’t have to be on the please!!
    I want this so much please!!!🙁

  6. Falkenvergh says:

    Brilliant!… This addon is class A+

  7. Vysair says:

    MineBay should have been name to Minazon or Minemazon or just stick with the MineBay

  8. Minecraftaddonmaster says:

    Oh my gosh this is a amazing add on!

  9. Eman says:

    Cool do you know when 1.4.0 is coming out please answer editor

  10. Jordan says:

    Wow good mod!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  11. Ender_Beast says:

    It failed to download please fix 😢

  12. GilPer says:

    Wow amazing addon

  13. TheVotor says:

    Best and cool bro

  14. FieryStarLight says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait until 1.0.4 Comes out!

    (I’m sadly a iOS 🙁 )

  15. Peter Walker says:

    You may need to update this,
    It keeps on saying failed to import
    Plz update

  16. master janinosaurus says:

    No why beta…

  17. CrazyCrafter says:

    This is awesome! I’ve wanted this in MCPE for so long! Thanks!

  18. Daniel says:

    It’s Awesome But Only One Downside is they can only face one way but Overall Cool

  19. Some Guy says:

    It’s the only one I’ve found for iOS….
    I take it!
    Kiritocris55 or Editor please reply

  20. Bo$$ says:

    Where do you live

  21. Venom says:

    This comment has been deleted. // Editor

  22. Firezendcky says:

    Omg best addon ever😱😱😱😰😲😍👑

  23. Xbow003 says:

    Looks awesome can’t wait for official 1.04 release so I can use it since I’m iOS

  24. KILLERd7r says:

    Can you make it for iOS 1.0.3 or do we wait for 1.0.4?
    I’m an iOS sadly but it’s still cool 🙂

  25. Kreezxil says:

    These models and and names look like they’re straight from the mr. crayfish furniture mod

  26. Celestia says:

    I’m so happy but also scared that you will update it and I won’t get the update what do I do? Every time I download a addon it has a update that’s cool?

  27. Editor says:

    Sorry IOS users LOL I forgot about y’all love you all

  28. Abbeylemon says:

    Someone please please hel me I’ve been trying all day and I can’t download the es folder thing bc it’s too expensive I could only download phone drive but it won’t let me open my files HELP ME I JUST WANT ONE ADD ON PLEASE

  29. Eman says:

    Can someone please make a military soldiers so you can get your own soldiers

  30. Shunne says:

    Why does it look on one direction only?…for example the computer looks to the left….I want to rotate it. Please help

  31. Herobrine666 says:

    This is good addon

  32. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    Can u make it for any version because mine is 1.0.3 and I’m begging u to do it I’ll give u $300 dollars pls

  33. Max says:

    It will not work on iOS???

  34. Sydney says:

    How do I get it if wasn’t released yet??

    Plz reply 🍑❣🍎❤️🐙

  35. DaBest_Nigga17 says:

    Why is it always facing left??? pls Fix It

  36. lollipop gamer says:

    Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeease make this for1.0.3 because I REALLY want to use it but I don’t know when the new update’ll come for apple 😓

  37. Deerie says:

    Wow! I cant wait to check it out! But can you make it so the language is english?

  38. Dave300 says:

    Someone make something like this for us iOS users because we can’t get beta and this addon looks so cool

  39. Taylor Shadron says:

    Help every time u click the behavior pack and resource pack I get sent to a website that states “get paid for sharing your link ” I don’t know what to do I’ve tried reloading the page and ive tried other add on but nothing works plz help

    • The_Wahl says:

      That’s, it’s how the creator gets money off of the add on. Just click on “Skip Ad” or the “Click to Continue” button and you’ll go to the link on mediafire.

  40. Natte0708 says:

    Worst thing ever!!why only for why can’t it be all!!And I tried to download it and it said failed to import!if there was a rating star I would give it 1/5 cuz It looks cool 1.but it fails to import 2.not for all versions 3.not a editor that replys to u saying I will add that or I will fix that 4.all of this is just TERRIBLE!!

    • S4/\/\ says:

      Jeez. This addon is simply not possible in 1.0.3. But gladly 1.0.4 is now officially out (on iOS). 1. You can’t remodel shulkers in 1.0.3
      2. You can’t trade in 1.0.3
      So just before crying you could nicely ask why this addon doesn’t work in 1.0.3

    • KallamanzoX says:

      Actually, get to realize that the shulkers are customized to be a forge in this addon.
      In 1.0.4 it enables the feature to customize shulkers.
      If it were to be in all versions, then the shulkers would be corrupted or just stay normal and it would fail the import.
      It also enables the feature to trade. If it were older versions instead of 1.0.4 then the trading system will not be there.
      All of the reasons you have, in my opinion, they’re not at all related…
      But 1.0.4 is released today so just calm down from your tantrum and enjoy the new update! 🙂

    • Awesomely hetalian says:

      The update came out for iOS

    • Derpy Derp says:

      Could you please calm down this Addon is not available in 1.0.3 when u come back while your in 1.0.4 I’m sure u will love it.

    • Cutelix1919 says:

      I won’t listen to you, 4 year old..

  41. Azim says:

    Amazing addon!!!

  42. YoursTruelyMC says:

    Can you send me a 1.0.4 add-on template so I can make an add-on for 1.0.4 please. I can’t find them anywhere else. Btw loved this addon 😀

  43. Bmr20076 says:

    Does this also work for 1.0.4

  44. KallamanzoX says:

    This is an amazing addon!
    The creator has apparrently outdone theirselves.
    The idea of having an instant furnace, tables, stools, a fridge, and a computer is unique, I just imagine how they’re able to do it their self.
    The downside is that the furniture can’t be rotated, or they rather can never be rotated.
    Over all, the pros outweigh the cons.
    Nice job!

  45. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Woooohhh 1.0.4 is out for iOS! 😀

  46. Awesomely hetalian says:

    It works on iOS the 1.0.4 update came out update Mcpe ps i can’t place down anything plz explain how

  47. Zhire says:

    One more thing, how do I rotate it?!

  48. Bob™ says:

    Yah the update is out I can use this

  49. Xbow003 says:

    U spawn a “shulker” and then dye it according to what u want to place

  50. Sackboy_92 says:

    Cool addon, but it can only face to one way or direction and you can’t rotate it, and its kind of annoying, I hope it will be updated to make the furniture to face the dirction you want. But still the best Add On!

  51. Derpy Derp says:

    Could you plz make other Addons like these I rarely see Addons that are so good also I am having trouble placing them down will that be fixed?

  52. Tillece 🌴 says:

    Place the forge first then find endothermic object e.g. A fridge, hold down on the forge, it works with all of them 🙂

  53. Sthephen says:

    This is great can you turn other colars into furniture thanks

  54. :P says:

    How do you rotate the items

  55. Xaviyly says:

    How do u place the fridge and the other stuff??!!!

  56. FerbFloo says:

    Nice Add-on, Developer. I really like it!

  57. Gracie_Pawz says:

    how do u place down the dyes????

  58. xKallimx says:

    Is there a way to change the direction the objects are facing?

  59. BuggyPig🐝🐷 says:

    Fridge Nathan man xxx

  60. Anonymous says:

    I can’t place any thing

    • Ceaser says:

      Use the shulker which is the forge item and the chink egg is also a forge item not the egg but the eggs they lay

  61. 629 says:

    Can you do furniture addon, and is it possible to make it

  62. Hi says:

    How do you rotate it or make it a position that you want?

  63. Ho Tsz King , Samuel says:

    My Chair teleport away

  64. Xaviyly says:

    Btw if you expect me to be a boy I’m a girl 😉

  65. Bmr20076 says:

    How do u rotate it

  66. SwordThrower says:

    This is awesome ! JUST LIKE A FURNITURE MOD!!

  67. Ethan says:

    Oh… My… Gawd…
    You just made my day…

    Try making toilets, sinks, and make a way to rotate them!

  68. Trinity Hereford says:

    I’m confused.So you are supposed to throw the forge/egg on the ground.Then what?Is this forge supposed to do something when u throw it?Im so cunfused

  69. Person says:

    When my friend and I play multiplayer the computer will not work for him but it will work for me is this a bug or is it a just my friend and I ? Plz fix it.

  70. Ceaser says:

    ehen my friend play minecraft and use this add on i can’t use it so I’d like for you to fix it because I want to use minebay

  71. Lolz says:

    I dont know how to download this 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  72. Nick says:

    Please make a way for us to rotate the computer/fridge/stove I would highly appreciate it

  73. Nick says:

    Other than that I’m loving the addon😉

  74. Angelina Plays says:

    Can you make it possible to download for IOS BTW I’m on IOS! Plz! Can you also make it possible to download for any version of minecraft. I’m doing a roleplay video and I really need a furniture mod I will showcase it, too. Plz do the following.

  75. Lunar Da Werewolf says:

    I dont get it i have the 1.0.4 version and when i try to place them on the ground, they dont work 🙁 pls help

  76. Nope says:

    This is works in ios too guys 😊

  77. iiLadyOrinthian says:

    Who else thinks there should be a MCPE Decocraft?

  78. Jacob says:

    How do remove Something

  79. Anonymous says:

    This is the best mod ever! Thank u so much!

  80. Anonymous says:

    How do you place the objects?

  81. Anonymous says:

    How do you place the objects? The items are in my inventory but I can’t place them. Please help!!

  82. Pheonixgmfire YT says:

    Great Addon! Old you make so you don’t hear the sounds of the scullers? It gets a bit annoying sometimes. otherwise great!

  83. SFGalGamer says:

    Why I can’t Place it It’s A Dye

  84. David says:

    This is a great mod and all but I have a few errors I’d like to talk about.
    For one the tables are shulkers and they count as monsters, so I can’t sleep whenever I put them down. Another thing is that the shulkers teleport if there’s no block surrounding them or when they get hit by a projectile. Last thing is I can’t get the objects to face my desired direction no matter what I try. It’s really annoying, and I hope this gets patched in a later update. Thanks.

  85. Mikaela says:

    How do u place it down in your house

  86. diamond says:

    you should make it so the tools or whatever can be rotated and not all in one direction btw it looks good you should make the oven act like a furnise

  87. Zachary Gogluicci says:

    Does version 1.0.4 work too?

  88. The Ageek theory says:

    Just to make sure before I use it can it be used for 1.0.4 and over?

  89. Hugo says:

    Can you please add the option to rotate the modern tools?

  90. Foxy101s says:

    Can you make the forges rotatable? They all face one way

  91. Cubesmaster says:

    You can’t sleep because beds detect the furniture as monsters

  92. :( says:

    Its not work

  93. Survival says:

    Umm….I can’t place down the items .-.

  94. vadertime137 says:

    how do you get read of ad-fly

  95. vadertime137 says:

    my comment is awaiting moderation.

  96. Jem.k says:

    I cant place it down or sleep

  97. Kyat2kyt says:

    I could only place fridge

  98. Kyat2kyt says:

    I could only place a fridge

  99. Silvia says:

    Yeah I tried in every thing but it won’t be paced

  100. Mae Lesley says:

    Please reply ASAP well i downloaded this but when i tried placing it it wont work i got a sheep and it just dyed it… it wont place they only look like furniture in the inventory well my mcpe is 1.0.6 will it work for that if it doesnt can you please work on it im ios please i really like this mod and hopefully it will work for 1.0.6

  101. Jean 2C says:

    Please update this addon, is great but i can’t changue the direction of the things

  102. superpowerzombie says:

    Its not Working in downloaded everyfing and turnd it on but Its not Working

  103. Anonymous says:

    How do you place it?

  104. Ethan says:

    Why i can’t place the furniture when i have it

  105. byo1532 says:

    Update the addon plz

  106. AlexxxxNubbb says:

    Does it work for minecraft windows 10 edition

  107. Froilanz says:

    When I place the computer and the others it does not work. I tried to place them but it’s not working.

  108. MangaCat says:

    Please remove the shulker sounds, it sounds hilarious but strange… fridge makes shulker noises at night….

  109. Sushi says:

    I does not work for me

  110. Mc fan says:

    This is really fun and cool mod for minecraft

    Can you make some more modern items so then it will really be modern👍🏻

  111. DarkEnderKnight says:

    I think they live in Spain. That’s where I live

  112. DarkEnderKnight says:

    This is very impressive! 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😎😎😎🙃🙃🙃😎😎😎😎

  113. EnderBrineYT says:

    Please fix this bug:The items are switched

  114. FriskUndertaleDaCool says:

    Can this be used in the newest update (on 18th June 2017)

  115. SpringirlMinecart354 says:

    I tried throwing the item and it didn’t work.

  116. Ruby Sama says:

    I was waiting for the moment but guess what? It’s broken!! It doesn’t work! But I do appriciate that you done this

  117. MunchingSkittles says:

    I love this add-on, however please update it! It doesn’t work well with the new shulker boxes added in. Thank you!

  118. The red dragon says:


  119. maisong says:

    Is there any way that MineBay could be on a computer like in the old version. Either way I am glad to see the update.

  120. Maticraft says:

    I love this addon

  121. Dragelsnow says:

    Love it!

  122. Gokuchucho says:

    It’s great but could they add something like computers or bathrooms?

  123. Tim says:

    I love this addon, but the only problem is the rotation of the shulker boxes. You’d have to have the fridge and oven on the same wall, and it might not oven be the right wall, like next to the door.

  124. kathy10lol says:

    I tried the mod but it does not work and there is a lot of bug with the item(i play on window10 edition) (and sorry for my english )

  125. Anonymous says:

    Why did you replace the computer with the trash bin 🙁

  126. Gitgudbro1230 says:

    Love the addon but how do you make a table? I can only make a chair can someone please help.

  127. CoolCatsDude67 says:

    I like it man

  128. Keyyard2234 says:

    please add these things :
    1. Computer ( input iron ingot to hear opening windows/mac os sound
    2. Radio ( input redstone and it will play a song, turn off it and receive redstone back )
    3. Huge Vase ( use to decorate)

  129. Julissa says:

    Can u do furniture just by adding it not replacement it bc in survival u can’t sleep so plz add the furniture

  130. Hillbilly says:

    Awsome i love it

  131. CodeeWalter says:

    It is great!

  132. Lllll says:

    How to place things down?

  133. Rex_man says:

    This Add-on is one of the best I’ve ever seen! I only have one update suggestion, there is no way to remove/kill the items! 😀

  134. Wolfy says:

    how do you put down the fridge and the stove please help love the add on

  135. Xunes says:

    I love this but how do you place items?

  136. Miguel says:

    Add-on creator just letting you now you can turn the two files and put them together to make a .addon file which downloads textures and behaviors.

  137. IEM_Red says:

    HELLO CREATOR! :3 How u doing?
    You don t have to reply BUT…could you maybe remove the Shulker sound files cuz…I go into my house and I just hear a bunch of “BWAH!” sooo yeah… XD sounds like someone had too much birthday cake…

  138. Anonymous says:

    i like it, but i hate that it can only be placed in one direction..

  139. Anonymous says:

    It’s just dye not a f

  140. Xavi says:

    Can u Get this on mediafire

  141. Ashley says:

    BEST ONE EVER! I have never found this one, I think it was just put up but It is my favorite!

  142. Anonymous says:

    This did not work. I am very disappointed.

  143. Coltbreaker74 says:

    Guys why r u posting about the stupid stuff like “oh it wont work when I tryed to download it” or “when did u post it March 3rd or 2nd” srsly dOOds why don’t u make an addon. All in all great addon, laggy when I used elytra but apart from that and no rotation, It was Super Great (suggestion for an update make the furniture solid and make a spanner to rotate the first upgrade. 👍🏻🎉

  144. Armyranger1285 says:

    Messed up err what to do to fix it…. textures aren’t working… 🤔

  145. Guizhen says:

    Do you add the computer please?

  146. thebluepro99 says:

    how do you get computer

  147. GrimTheFireLord says:

    This is awesome full stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  148. Baelwulf says:

    Great additions to the game!!

  149. QueenFoxie764 says:

    I wannna get this addon but i have a custom terrain map downloading so i cant. I am going to have them on pause until the custom terrain finishes downloading. Otherwise it looks cool! Im giving it 4/5 stars because you cant rotate the furniture (read in comments). I am getting very impatient for me to get it. I JUST WANNA CANCEL THE CUSTOM TERRAIN RN!

  150. Noah says:

    Ad a mailbox to the addon that could be good. And make it so you set the coordinates of your house so the mine-Bay villager goes to your house.

  151. Kelly says:

    How do you get the forge down?

  152. PANDA_FTW2001 says:

    It’s not letting me use the add-on! It says this!

    Unable to find manifest in pack. 《
    please help!

  153. Crafty Bee says:

    Could you please make it for version 1.1.5 on iOS. I am really hoping to try this out but it’s not for that version yet could you please make it if that’s possible? 🙂

  154. Kiesha says:

    Is there backpacks in this add on if not plz add them

  155. Henry says:

    Guys I’ll tell u how to spawn it if it’s not working put the hammer thingy first then take the furniture and go close to it and something called update should appear then click it , it will spawn I’m playing on iOS and it works for me

  156. CherryCraftCat says:

    It’s a great addon but it made a glitch to the shuckler box it made it look really weird and you please fix it. Thanks

  157. Reece Bradshaw says:

    Guys if for some of you cant make any chairs/tables/oven/frige/trash can with an egg. Try using a shulker egg. Plus, can you make a rotate tool?

  158. Galaxycat2 says:

    Who’s seeing this in 2024?

  159. Galaxycat2 says:

    And don’t even say its not 2024. I want this to be 4 the future or someone from a time machine

  160. Taylor says:

    Imjust Wanna Say that When I Want To Sit On The Chairs I dont know how to i will give this 5 if you could tell me

  161. Anonymous says:

    You just got the Idea of PC by MicoLets isn’t? Just tell me if its true. Im talking about to the Creator of this Add-On.

  162. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it. It just takes me to a website where I can’t skip ad to mediafire or something.

  163. ParasyteHD says:

    Really good for decoration

  164. NightmareGamerD says:

    You should add a toilet and bathtub

  165. EnderGardian28 says:

    Please make it so the furniture does not take damage

  166. Yahifajel says:

    What is a forge ??

  167. Anonymous says:

    The links are broken, whenever I try to download the resource pack it sends me to a private browser website 🙁 pls make it a media fire or adfly link

  168. Rurau says:

    The link gets me to this quiz site

  169. Cats says:

    It would be good if it brought me to adfly not cutpop!

  170. CreeperGamerGirl says:

    I can’t get it it takes me to cut win and when I leave it takes me to a page that says it needs my URL but I don’t know what that is.

  171. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the resource pack?

  172. Jawdon says:

    can you please not use the cutwin downloader, it takes FOREVER to load where i am from

  173. Hi says:

    You cant make it face other directions

  174. Anonymous says:

    How i download itu?

  175. EricCraft474 says:

    Good mod!! And i make a Minecraft Comes Alive… 😆

  176. AutumnGem08 says:

    Please don’t use the cutwin downloader, you can use or mediafire

  177. Menalyn Dela Trinidad says:

    Its not working!It’s just sent me to a another website.Please fix this

  178. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t it working for me

  179. Kahna says:

    Hey,I am confused,how exactly do we place the refrigerator and stuff

  180. Crashy!! says:

    Everytime i use the bed it crashes

  181. Logan says:

    Umm I Don’t Think This Is Intentional But If You Punch The Furniture Enough It Will Teleport

  182. Josh says:

    please tell my how to place tables and chairs it is not letting me place them

  183. Hina_XOX says:

    Very difficult to use.

  184. Justin says:

    Was trying to use this today with 1.2.8 MCPE and I can’t place any of the items. Does this need an update or am I missing something. Son was really looking forward to using. Anyone have another addon/mod for deco they can recommend that is working?

    • Justin says:

      Had to go back to the change log to find the directions on how to actually use this. Seems to mostly be working except we haven’t figured out the beds. Can use the forge on them and normal placement shows the vanilla style beds. Having to throw the forge (egg) and then place an item on top of it kinda wonky. Nice concept but execution could be better for ease of play.

  185. Sub says:


  186. Terrific says:

    There is a bug in my server, it doesn’t face the way I want it to be in! (the forge)

  187. Cj says:

    Beds make the game bug out.
    My character and hotbar disappeared

  188. ? says:

    Please add a TV

  189. Marta Moreno says:

    Can you make it to where it works on IOS 1.2.9 please

  190. ALEX VILLA THE PRO says:


  191. Lachlan Skilbeck says:

    Why the heck make a addon that doesn’t work
    Waste of time.

  192. Cj says:

    Are the Beds Fixed yet?

  193. Ga!We pro says:

    I like this add-on this is the best for survival but how to get shulker egg

  194. Jimy630 says:

    Thank you so much I love this i’m on an iPhone I have no complaints if I could I would rate it 100 stars

  195. Lunawolfe says:

    This is so cool and fun he he lol

  196. iiOmqAsh My Content Is Magical (A Youtuber) says:

    Hello! What version is this & how do your get a f9rge? I got the requirements of the behavior & resource pack, yet I don’t see the 3d+ for the beds or anyth8ng else but more trades for the villager named Minebay. Help me :

  197. Pippa says:

    How do u save it again???

  198. Dave says:

    Kiritocris55 hi I’m Dave I have a problem to modern tools update because I place normal bed/3d bed it not works and its so log.please Kiritocris55 fix the 3d bed to have no log and its works please.

  199. Poo says:

    I can’t place blocks

  200. Maliaa Bailey 😘 says:

    Please add more furnitures

  201. Anastasia says:

    I accidently placed a forge on the wrong block. How do I destroy it?

  202. Blablabla says:

    So how do we really place things

  203. Anonymous says:

    Wow cool mod i love it i can place the things just search spawn and theres something near if you found it spawn it and if your holding an item press and hold

  204. Hi? says:

    It’s wonderful! but the issue with mine is that I can’t place dye. I’m on windows 10

  205. Cutie123456789 says:

    Looked so cool but can not place any blocks.

  206. :D says:

    I cant move the object they always turning to one way

  207. Gamer TamerYT says:

    How do you make models and replace the game models with them?
    Someone Answer PLZ!

  208. FireFox1 says:

    I can’t make forges into PCs. Do you know why? Trash bins and stoves don’t work either.

  209. CalenderPuppy says:

    Editor, How do I place the stuff I’m stuck

  210. Anonymous says:


  211. Anonymous says:

    How you place it

  212. Anonymous says:

    Oh I got it now srry

  213. Anonymous says:

    When I spawn a bed the whole world glitches out please fix it

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