Moonscape [Custom Terrain]

This is a custom terrain map which features a moonscape area covering 70 000 blocks (approx. 290 x 270 blocks). It is supplied only as a blank canvas with no other structures on it. You may use it for anything. Some examples include a space station or perhaps a rocket launch site. It should be noted that the boundary slopes are hollow so mining them won’t get you anywhere.

Creator: keithross39, Twitter Account
Updated: 16 January, 2018 (read changelog)



  • Added support for 1.2

The map is finished as it is now. The only improvement he will add is a texture pack in the future, but that’s not for a while!


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61 Responses

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  1. DeathCop4000 says:

    What an coincidence! I was searching for a moon map a few days ago and found this ! A great map to make space ships on!

    • keithross39 says:

      Thanks for your comments DeathCop4000. If you can think of any improvements I could make, let me know. I do plan (at some point) to make it bigger, but right now, I’ve kind of had enough of placing stone blocks 🙂

  2. AgentZach303 says:

    Hey keithross39! If you’re planning to add some structures in it, it would be awesome if there’s a rover (just like in the moon) there.

    • keithross39 says:

      Hey AgentZach303 thanks. The build is supplied as a blank canvas so others can build what they want. I don’t plan on doing anything else to this build….except maybe to make it bigger. Why not build the rover yourself and then post it for us to see.

  3. WalkerTyme says:

    I want to convert this into some hunger games map so much!

  4. Mr.Boom says:

    This is awesome great work

  5. keithross39 says:

    1054 downloads to date…..
    Hope you are all having fun with it.

  6. MrRandomGUY says:

    In a future update can you please make the walls a bit higher so you can’t look over it

  7. keithross39 says:

    I’m currently working on an update which adds 50% more playable area and yes, I will increase the height of the boundary slopes…it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Perfect! Do you mind if I make a map on it? I’ll credit your work!

  9. keithross39 says:

    You might want to wait for a bit. I’m working on an update to this build that is adding an extra 25,000 blocks of area to this build and is going to have higher boundary slopes. But yeah….This is what I created it for..
    For other builders to use as a starting point for their own builds.

  10. Anonymous says:

    when will you be done

    • keithross39 says:

      Working on it now fella. Already added nearly 30,000 blocks of terrain, just have to ‘landscape’ it (add craters) and build the slope up around the new edges.

  11. WaffleWilly says:

    Wow this is so great good job to whoever made it

  12. SKKKKK says:

    Is it fine if I make it for an adventure map? I will give you a HIGH amount of credit for it. If you say no, I understand, but thanks anyways!

    • Editor says:

      It’s OK. He has agreed to it in the past. Keith, if you changed your mind just let me know

    • keithross39 says:

      To anybody who wants to use this terrain as a base for their own builds. ..
      This is SPECIFICALLY what it was created for. Just be sure to link to some images of what you create….
      Or better yet, see if MCPE-DL will host your builds….

  13. SeptiplierFan_9 says:

    This map looks really cool!

  14. Technowolf79 says:

    Try it with this texture pack

    • keithross39 says:

      Hi Technowolf79, I’d not intended that the minecraft odyssey texture pack be uses on this build. Not sure it’d give it the right look.
      I do intend to create a texture for this build….going to give the stone and cobblestone a reddish ‘makeover’ so that when the pack is applied, the whole build will look ‘Martian’…..

  15. Sunset says:

    Wow the map is very cool 😮☺️

  16. Wahyu in my dream says:

    This map a very very really cool iam so happy

  17. Kyle says:

    Can I use this map for another map I’m making?
    I won’t forget to credit you!

    • keithross39 says:

      That’s what it’s there for….to use as a base for other creations….
      Wouldn’t mind seeing what you create though…

  18. Fire_Hunter says:


    Can you make addon to where you have natural jump boost because on the moon it’s a little umm no gravity 🙂

    • keithross39 says:

      That sounds like a cool idea fella….
      Unfortunately I have no idea how to do it.

      • TheMinecraftPlayer says:

        Use command blocks for infinite jump boost?

      • Davi says:

        Use this command: effect @a slow_falling 999999 1(Or any other number) true, so every time you jump you will fall slowly giving the impression that gravity is lowSorry if my english is bad, I’m Brazilian. I’m using Google translator

  19. Jan says:

    When will be new uptade?

  20. Raptor says:

    nice costum terrain. I used it for many things

  21. Jojowolfgang12 says:

    Hey, I have made this a template version, and I would like to know if I can send it to the Editor.

  22. MarshyEnder Productions says:

    This is great! I finally can be in the moon with spaceships!!! Thx keith!

  23. The Ageek theory says:

    I think you should do a mars part so then we have earth the moon and mars

  24. TheEmeraldGamer says:

    This is awesome i have made a space map that me and my friends play on!!! A definetly 5 stars!!!

  25. AimPlaysMC says:

    Holy cheese and unicorn rainbow crackers
    This map is amazing!

  26. Minecraftdog767 says:

    Um the latest update of the map made it so the moonscape is in the ground and bugged

    • keithross39 says:

      Not sure why that’s happened. It’s certainly not happening with my copy of the world. What version of minecraft have you upgraded to?

  27. Werewolf_37 says:

    Hi guys. I know this is unrelated but it’s about the update. I just updated Minecraft and it immediately glitched.

  28. Jeff says:

    So cool 😎

  29. Diamondc250 says:

    Really cool build! BTW, can we use this for maps?

    • keithross39 says:

      That’s what it’s there for Diamondc250. Just make sure you credit me for terrain creation if you release the map for download.
      I’d be interested to see what you create…..have fun.

  30. TheMysterisSteve says:

    Maybe my subscribers will like a fake working spaceship video….

  31. MCPESpace says:

    does the creator of this map creates now the texture pack?

  32. MCPESpace says:

    does the creator of this map creates a texture pack for this map?

    • keithross39 says:

      MCPESpace. I don’t intend to do anything else to this map. I created it for other players to use it as they wanted. What did you want to see in this texture?

  33. Yo says:

    Couldn’t you add some meteors inside some of the caters and maybe change the ground to end Stone?

    • keithross39 says:

      I placed nearly Eighty Thousand blocks by hand to create this build and it was started before End blocks were included in the game. I’m sorry but I have NO intention of re-creating this build in End Stone. Craters are created when meteors, meteorites or other space rocks impact the ground at a high speed that is high enough to destroy them on impact so it is unlikely that you’d find boulders in the craters.

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