More Blocks Addon

This add-on introduces 52 new blocks which include blocks such as carved wooden blocks and other decorative blocks. The best part is that it doesn’t replace any of the existing blocks. It’s really a wonderful add-on if you are tired of the existing blocks and want some new decorations to use in your worlds. Some of the included blocks are diamonds, emeralds and beautifully carved wood blocks.

Creator: solvedDev, Twitter Account
Updated: 13 August, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

There are four new villager types.

  • Woodworker – sells new types of planks (can be placed on any block a plank can be placed on)
  • Carpenter – sells decorative item blocks (can only be placed on grass, dirt or flower pot)
  • Engineer – sells decorative blocks (can be placed on any block)
  • Chiseler – sells decorative stone blocks and carved concrete blocks (can be placed on any block)

Trading works much similar as to trading with any of the other villagers. For example, you can trade ordinary wood blocks for carved wood blocks.

There are in total 56 new blocks and they are perfect to use for decorative purposes.

Here are the blocks sold by the Engineer and the Chiseler.

Carved concrete blocks are sold by the Chiseler.

How did you make this possible?

Minecraft has some blocks with more data values than used by the game. You can assign custom textures to these unused blocks without affecting any of the blocks already in the game.

Besides getting the blocks from villagers you can also obtain them by using commands. You won’t be able to find them in the creative inventory.

  • /give @p planks 1 [6-15]
  • /give @p red_flower 1 [9-15]
  • /give @p sapling 1 [6-7]
  • /give @p sandstone 1 [3-15]
  • /give @p red_sandstone 1 [3-15]


  • Added 16 carved concrete blocks, sold by the Chiseler
  • Fixed missing texture for a technical block


  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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192 Responses

4.88 / 5 (91 vote)
  1. TheEnderface says:

    Wow it so cool. This will inspiring many people to make same think like this 😁😁😁

  2. Frozcar says:

    1.2 only?
    Please reply

  3. Stupidly expensive mango says:

    Awesome, this is a very useful feature and I wonder what it could be used for in the long shot.

    • Stupidly expensive mango says:

      Forgot to rate

    • bonin888 2 says:

      In the future these blocks should become a mod, as the textures seem a little professional for an addon…. also, I added glowing obsidian to MCPC in a mod as well. Can someone tell the creator they should try making a mod for these blocks? There too good to be wasted. Possibly, could you add extra textures for glowing obsidian just for fun? Blue or purple GLOWING obsidian? That would be cool. 🙂 I know how to obtain glowing obsidian without android. You know, PlugPE. 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing!

  5. 許嘉鋅 says:


  6. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    Why Don’t you add stained glass in while your at it 😃! Great addon BTW Your the first generation of Mods for iOS!

  7. EnderTEC says:

    I can’t trade with the villagers with this addon, nor can I access the items out of the command

    • solvedDev says:

      You can’t trade with villagers while holding their spawnegg! Please double check whether you’ve enabled both: Behavior & Resource Pack!

    • DanTGM_YT says:

      have you got both the resource pack and the addon installed??

    • Lachlan says:

      I couldn’t find the right villager, but the commands should work. Make sure your doing this( /give @e planks 1 6 ) and keep make the 6 go to 7 then 8 then 9 all the way to 15. Do that to the rest

  8. Zev20x says:

    Hey the command for getting the oak sapling IDs isn’t working just made sure you knew

  9. maisong says:

    The carpenter’s decorative items can be placed in a flower pot and Not just grass and dirt.

  10. Mhamad15 says:

    How did you created this

    • solvedDev says:

      Please take a look at my twitter or in the description of this addon. There are short explanations on why this works.

  11. ??? says:

    Woah. This is really cool!

  12. cookiebuild3r says:

    This addon is truly an addon, because it ADDS something new! I can’t believe this is possible! You have defied the laws of minecraft!

    • Redpowerranger001 says:

      Ikr?! This is like a mod that IOS users can use without having to worry about anything. They can just activate the behavior pack and resource pack, and just experiment and play with new things! And this one adds something new instead of replacing something! (Is this the new version of add-ons? I hope so…)

  13. Anonymous II says:

    Wow… This is one of the coolest add-ons I’ve seen 😀
    Just one question, though. How do you assign textures to unused objects?

  14. I Hate Adfly says:

    I have noticed this a while ago but never tried to do it. Very good job! Wonder if u can do this to items too…

    • Akira Fenix says:

      no, but some are exceptions. around it because : items like potions or others, cannot have more ID data than their limited defaults BUT other items like Bread, can be up to 256 in their ID data vaulves so yes, around items like bread, redstone and others there is way on it.
      and the best part is, unlike MC Stacker for the Optifine mod in normal Minecraft, we have the right awnsers. also, WE ALL HATE ADFLY AND I APRECIATE YOU SHOWING THIS MESSAGE

  15. Sefferdoodle says:

    Upgrade this in the Future as Addon packs become more complicated, this is an AWESOME Mod early in the Life-span of Bedrock- Addons

  16. Night Fury 1307 says:

    WOW. That’s so decorative!!!!!!

  17. NatsuAndGalaxy says:

    You could do this with tools and weapons and have a bunch of awesome stuff

  18. Lil fishy says:

    Hmmm quite cool people can use this I wonder if people can make weapons with this 🤔

  19. Darckwim says:

    Finally a addon that doesn’t replace items or blocks that kinda bothered me when addon should first came out hoping it would be closer to mods so this is neat and hopefully inspires the rest of the community

  20. DanTGM_YT says:

    I cant Get the sapling ones???

  21. Ends330 says:

    It Works But The Command /give @p oak_sapling 1 [6-7] Doesn’t Work For Me I Think BTW Nice Work.

  22. Yuichiro says:

    It’s awesome but the saplings grow into trees.

  23. \____ says:

    Wow that is weird the hidden values of the item blocks must replace a type flower that is not in Minecraft

  24. Sultan says:

    That way i very love this map

  25. Zev20x says:

    There’s a glitch for multiplayer that makes webs into portals, walls into command blocks, and vines into lava. Please fix this, or add it to the addon.

  26. superspider3500 says:

    Can you also add fence, stair and slab variants along with the planks?

  27. Saileeich says:

    Nice work!

  28. AtomoRaigenCDN21 says:

    I showcased your addon on my YT channel, tell me if you want me to delete it if you don’t like it.

    Channel name: CodanRaigen21

    • solvedDev says:

      I am happy about every review as long as you give the link to this addon and don’t claim that you’ve created the addon.

  29. 何子敬 says:

    Why dont add stained glass?And fake structures blocks?

  30. Theashortnose says:

    Can Someone make a McDonald’s addon? Or a fast-food addon at least??

    • solvedDev says:

      Custom Food was possible for a short amount in v0.13.0 or something like that. It’s not possible add the moment, it would purely serve decorative purposes

  31. Storm says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!! Please make one for a kichen or something please!!!!! Like you grade with the villagers and you can give them a furnace and you get a stove. Give a Chest you get a fridge. Kinda like that. If you can Andy do make one like that please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!’

    • solvedDev says:

      I am planning a few more updates for this addon and who knows what comes after that. I definitely want to do a “Steampunk Blocks Addon”. There’s no reason why there couldn’t be a “Modern Decoration Addon”.

      • CodanRaigen21 says:

        Can those addons be compatible with your previous ones? It would be immensely satisfying to see a comparison towards different blocks in the game and the hidden DECORATIVE block textures you’ve made 🙂

        • solvedDev says:

          No, they can’t be compatible. The amount of blocks I can add is finite, so I need to replace the same ones to create new addons. 😕

      • Wesler j. D. says:

        Yass! Steam punk!

  32. Deez nuts says:

    Make a Nerf mod or a halo mod btw amazing mod!

    Ok I’ll stop saying mod.
    Mod mod mod.

    • solvedDev says:

      There’s currently no way to edit item game mechanics through addons, so a Nerf or Halo addon wouldn’t be what you expect it to.

  33. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    Guys It takes a lot of work to make these I’ve been trying to make addon like this for a LONG time. It takes a lot of work and effort [Like I Said before] So go easy on him he’s done probably done TONS of coding and re-texturing. His addon is great the way it is and I think if he wants to make this then he can. So lay off him he’s done a lot for you guys and minecraft. Keep making Addons,


    • solvedDev says:

      Thank you! You’re right, it takes a lot of time to create the textures but I spent a lot of time on testing as well. There are still some bugs in every release but I give my best to fix them as soon as possible.

  34. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    Ok, So I loaded up my world and the chiseler sold sandstone? I had the resource pack and the behavior pack… I’m very curious of to what the problem is?

    • solvedDev says:

      Please double check whether you’ve enabled the Resource Pack in your world. If you have, try restarting Minecraft. If this doesn’t help, reinstall the addon.

    • solvedDev says:

      Please make sure that the More Blocks Resource Pack is applied on top of any other Resource Pack!

  35. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    Sorry I fixed It 😐…

  36. Woofywuffwuff says:

    Wow i love it!

  37. lyca499 says:

    Very cool,but can you make a easier way to get it such as fishing,loot chest or mobdrop?

  38. The red dragon says:

    😂 Thank you for listening to my request.

  39. Alex says:

    Wow this is SUPER COOL! I’m wondering if this could work with items… if yes, you should be able to add something like gems (block and item) and use them for many stuffs including trading

  40. Sisime63110 says:

    Wow but the possibility of textures is infinity ?

  41. DannyBoy says:

    I love this add on but I can’t find the chiseler or the engineer. How do you find it???

  42. CorruptSkeleton says:

    Thank You, I can make custom blocks now

  43. Andres says:

    I just want to say that I LOVE This addon. It’s vanilla, and it gives more options to builders. What I think would be cool is if some of these had more purpose. Bookshelves are nice, but the new ones you added don’t function like normal bookshelves. Maybe you could change it so that it is just a re-textured book shelve so we can use it to add levels to enchantment tables. And more crafting tables would be cool to.

    • solvedDev says:

      I thought about the crafting tables, but they wouldn’t be functional because it’s not possible. (Same for bookshelves) The only functionality I could add is to speed up zombie villager healing like real bookshelves do.

  44. Alex says:

    Keep this up dude! IT’S SUPER COOL, the best decorative addon ever seen!
    Please add more blocks like basalt, more poanks, colored planks, more stained glass variants (in 1.2) with diferent patterns… Anyway keep this project up

    • solvedDev says:

      I doubt that more stained glass variants are possible but I haven’t looked at the 1.2 files yet. I am going to continue updating this addon until I’m running out of data values.

    • superspider3500 says:

      More planks won’t work unless it replaced something other than actual planks. If you want it to sound like planks, try replacing the unused textures of a mushroom block, but not the regular mushrooms.

  45. riester12121 says:

    I love this add-on but can you combine this add-on with mob trophies add-on and more fences add-on!! That would so cool and can make more blocks like furniture and more items like swords plz!!!

  46. UtmDgr c|:{v says:

    Wow! Is amazing this add-on i liked this idea of not replace blocks :).

    Pdtee: no entiendo por que lo dije en ingles :v

  47. RishiGamingPE says:

    Can I get the blocks if I use toolbox?BTW great addon

  48. Samuel says:

    Wait a minute, in mcpe in the files they have the blocks and npc’s from education edition, is there any way too add these back to the game and retexture them?

    • solvedDev says:

      Since they removed them from commands, probably not. On the other hand, they just opened the win10 version for the code connector of edu and the camera entity is available in the addons files. Maybe it’s possible, but I haven’t tried yet

  49. LokNes says:

    Love it!! Amazing!

  50. NinjaX3 says:

    Hey,I have go into this add-on file.There is so many beautiful block texture.I wonder how do you make the texture? Can you tell me?

  51. superspider3500 says:

    I think you forgot to add the command for concrete.

  52. Sisime63110 says:

    It’s incredible but I would like to know if the possibilities are endless ?

  53. Kevin_playz_Yt11 says:

    Can you make i change the item names?

  54. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    O my word your literally the god a creating blocks!

  55. AtomoRaigenCDN21 says:

    Can I make a request?
    If yes then,
    Tall plants = corn stalks, Rye stalks, Tomato plant, Flax bush, rice stalks, Pineapple bush
    Vines = Flower vines, grape vine
    More ores = brass blocks, brass ore,etc.
    Can you change the double slab textures too? That would be amazing?

  56. Anonymous II says:

    I have one question…

    Is there any commands for the carved concrete?

    By the way, this, by far, is the best add-on I’ve seen 😀

  57. cookiebuild3r says:

    Best Addon of 2017!!! 🙂

  58. CaptainRex says:

    Amazing. In the future will you keep updating this with more blocks?🤔

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is such an amazing addon! I knew about how to do this a few months ago, but you took it to a whole new level! Btw can you add new plants?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Hey can you add new plants? I really love this addon! Please reply

  61. excelsiorkelvin says:

    WOW! I like how you need to trade or use commands to get it and you get the factor it doesn’t even change preexisting blocks! Great addon, 5/5 star rating 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  62. NatsuAndGalaxy says:

    Amazing! But when I trade a chisler colored concrete for a different colored block it just gives me a white one

  63. riester12121 says:

    Can you add fence to your add-on plz!!! Like emerald fence and quartz fence!!! That would be so cool

    • solvedDev says:

      Emerald and quartz fences aren’t possible. (#blameMCPE) To get them, install the More Fences Addon

      • 5tr4 says:

        Wouldn’t they be able to be added , but using unused nether brick fence data values instead of regular fence data values?? Actually , that would make the fences require a pickaxe instead of an axe , which makes since because they are ore blocks…

  64. GamerA435 says:

    Can you please change the sapling into web because when I put the totem block 3 minute after it change into tree. Please fix..😖

  65. Mr. Meeno says:

    Wowww amazing addon!! This introduces so many new blocks!! 5/5 definitely one of the best addons out there!

    At the top it says there are 52 new blocks. But further down it says 43… I think you might need to fix that, Editor.

  66. MCHurt12 says:

    typo in “There are two new villager types called Woodworkers and Carpenters. …

  67. JJ loves banners says:

    I cannot find an engineer and chiseler and I have looked at every villager trade. Other than that, really great addon for iOS.

  68. AlexCreeper says:

    Please add basalt and marble from RedPower, they would be great for building! And if possibile, add more rails, stones, etc…. hope you will read it

  69. Noah Foster says:

    Great addon but I have a question What villager sells the bookshelves I am having trouble getting them

  70. KILLERd7r says:

    Really neat addon. But will it work with the more fences I want to use them both, however when I opened the world I could only spawn the villager from the more fences and the command for the flower didn’t work please reply anyone it would help a lot because I want to make a server using the two addons I will give credit like always. Thanks 😀

  71. I Hate Adfly says:

    SO MANY 5 STAR REVIEWS!!! Nice work looks like lots of people love this addon!

  72. GrimMetal says:

    Hmm… Creator, this is a great add on for those builders out there. Also I got a question, can you replace texture like a furnace without replacing the real one?

  73. JJ loves banners says:

    Can you add diamond and gold doors?

  74. Ahmad999Gamer says:

    can you make custom crafting tables and furnaces by using their data value

  75. JJ loves banners says:

    Can you add dyed stone bricks and gray granite? You are doing a great job!

  76. Cookie man! says:

    Is ther a command for the new concrete blocks?

  77. Cookie man! says:

    Wait sorry fogot to rait this is an amazing addon.

  78. kurtis says:

    hey i have a few ideas for a update maybe adding black and white tiles like in five nights at freddys, make a moss stone texture but red vines on it instead, and maybe new wood types? ie white planks, black planks? if you could do this that would be great thx

  79. marcus jackson says:

    thank you you are the best person to create this addon

  80. KittyLikeme says:

    Can you put this new blocks in menu items?

  81. krisztian08 says:

    i’ can’t find the carpenter 🙁 but good work d00d

  82. Fawfuls TNT says:

    This mod is great! It adds blocks without replacing them! 😃 Next update, would you please add more types of magma blocks, bone blocks, and nether wart blocks? For the custom Magma Blocks, would you please use the unused id’s of that specific block, so they have the same behavior as the origanal block. (Hurting mobs that step on it)

  83. The Punny Skeleton says:

    I love the addon onr thing that i want to know how do you get the other bookshelves?

  84. Wesler j. D. says:

    When newer implications of mods come, you might be able to add these into crafting, and skip trading all together! 😄

  85. JJ loves banners says:

    Is this a bug because I see the texture of white carved concrete on farmland??

  86. Andrew says:

    Can other players without the texture pack see the Blocks with the texture?

  87. 5tr4 says:

    Hey aren’t there oak wood double slab blocks with their own block id that basically behave like planks? Couldn’t you use nether brick fences , since they are a seperate block ID?

  88. JJ loves banners says:

    Oh come on. This does not work for 1.2. Plz update it for 1.2😢

  89. Neo says:

    finally quark for pe 😉

  90. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Request: Would you please add custom mob heads to this addon? (The default ones from Minecraft PC?[See Player Skins on:

  91. Bob says:

    This is amazing! I love it and I added it to my World resources so every world could have these blocks! I was wondering if all of the next add one you make like this could all work together and not replace each other. If you could make one that adds new mobs using name tags, for instance you name a Llama BlackLlama it becomes a black llama(It’s something I want in Minecraft) or make an entire addon dedicated to prismarine so it adds 52 new prismarine blocks.(I have a weird obsession) My last request is to tell me what program you used to make your addon s that add new things to them plz. PLEASE REPLY

  92. Bob says:

    This is amazing! So inspiring, I would love to see one using name tags to add new mobs like for instance you name a llama black llama and it turns into a black llama. Also if you made one that adds a ton of new prismarine that would be amazing. For future references if you make anymore make it so you can use your other add-ons that add new things so we can have this add-on and more fences at the same time. My last request is for you to tell me what program you used to make these plz. PLEASE REPLY

    • Bob says:

      One more thing, plz add dodo birds if you make the name tag thing. The only reason I know this works is because I’ve seen another add-on do it, but they didn’t add textures they just changed sizes, so I don’t know if this works, also more food plz.

  93. Bob says:

    Sorry for the somewhat double comment, my phone messed up.

  94. Bob says:

    Also if you do tell me what platform you used also tell me how to use it plz

  95. Kennethjohn1406 says:

    There should be a More Trees should add more logs and leaves so we could make more types of trees such as a evergreen

  96. BIRDSAREWESOME!!! says:

    Can you add a stack of books that you can place? Thanks. Awesome Addon btw.

  97. Maya is lazy says:

    It’s a really great mod however I do think you should make the blocks available in the creative inventory because the commands don’t work and to find them with the villagers is SUCH a pain, so I can’t give it a full 5 stars. Nice blocks though!

  98. Spyro says:

    Theres a command to get the carved concrete blocks? BTW thank you for doing this addon 🙂

  99. Katy says:

    I Spend Forever And I’m Still Trying To Get A Chiseler Villager

  100. Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

    Can I go to creative and search them?

  101. Radocto says:

    some of the commands work for me but not all, /give @p planks 1 6-7 works, but another numbers after that doesn’t, and the sandstone ones dont work too, what did i do wrong? its all installed correctly

  102. ThatOneStupidChicken says:

    Aww man.. I really liked this one. But now its gone.

  103. UnknownSirWhoDoesNotWantToBeKnown says:

    Works great, but doesn’t. most blocks don’t work, as in I cant get them by commands or trade. please fix!!!

  104. Jack says:

    I came back to this and now it doesn’t work with the more recent updates. Can this be fixed, please?

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