More Chairs Add-on

This is the first furniture add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It adds 9 chairs and all of them can be used to sit on. It should be mentioned that this mod some of the current mobs in-game but the great benefit is that you’ll get 9 awesome chairs which you can use to decorate your worlds!

Creator: GentaMCPE, Twitter Account
Updated: 24 November, 2016 (5 new chairs, supports 0.16)

How to use the chairs?

Each chair replaces a mob. To spawn a chair you will need to use one of the following spawn eggs.

(Make sure your difficulty in-game is set to max! Otherwise you might not be able to spawn them.)

  • Log = Pig
  • Birch Chair = Skeleton
  • Office Chair = Wither Skeleton
  • Acacia Chair = Stray
  • Red Chair = Creeper
  • Bar Stool = Zombie Pigman
  • Wooden Bar Stool = Husk
  • Purple Pillow = Villager
  • Beach Chair =  Witch


If you want to rotate the chair then you can use a cookie. Approach a chair with a cookie in your hand and then long-tap on the chair and press Mount.


You will now be riding the chair. Position the chair as you want it and then press the jump button to get off. If you want to move it to another location you can push the chair by walking into it.


You can sit on any of the 9 different chairs. Simply long-tap on the chair and then press Mount to have a seat. To get off the chair press the jump button. (If you are using Windows 10 then all you need to do is to right-click the objects.)


The bar stools are the easiest to use as you don’t need to rotate them.


Here is an example of how the wooden chairs looks like in-game.


The wooden bar stool is quite similar to the other bar stool except that it looks a bit more basic and inexpensive.


Spend a (Minecraft) day at the beach and relax in this comfortable blue chair!


Spend the afternoon seated on a log doing some fishing. It can’t get any more relaxing than this!


Install Guide

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Apply packs for a world

Click here if you rather download a .ZIP file!

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Installation Guides

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238 Responses

3.87 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Radcliff says:

    Does this work for 0.15.10?

  2. Navarro says:

    How to rotate the chair
    Pls fix it

  3. NicoLets says:

    Nice addon man. I like this! Hope more of you got this thing! 😀

  4. Jemi says:

    Are this is work for

    • Editor says:

      I tested it on the latest build for 0.16.0. My guess is that it will work for your version too. If not, let us know.

  5. Navarro says:

    Thanks i like genta ?

  6. Speakable1 says:

    Can you please make a dinosaurs add ons. The dinosaur are retuxered with normal mobs and their behavior pack is changed. Some is the dinosaur s can be tamed and some can fly.

  7. Daniel says:

    Hey can you please add these:
    2.Animated TV
    3.animated computer
    Use Hostile mobs as them ps. Great Add-on keep up the good work make another one A Dinosour Add-on I will rate it 5stars

  8. VcT says:

    Can you add more Addons that work? like the Llhamo addon?

  9. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work I extract the two files and I copied it on the right file and the I open the mcpe then I press the texture pack then I click the Minecraft the I press the behavior pack then nothing is in there then nothing happen

  10. gavin says:

    hey genta can you port all of your mob human addons

  11. Ray says:

    This add-ons work for 0.16.0 official

  12. Alli says:

    I can’t seem to place the chair. It shows up in my creative inventory, but I can’t place it. I followed the directions, what happened?

    • Editor says:

      Try setting your difficulty in-game to max. Otherwise it won’t probably work to spawn them. I added the same info to the text. 🙂

  13. Rich says:

    I added chairs but they runs around is anyone else having this problem? Creative or Survival and the chairs chase me around etc…

  14. Sweet Kyle says:

    I hope the chair wont kill me bacause its mob hahaha. Joke im so corny -_-

    • Editor says:

      You should be fine. I tested it in creative mode. Not really sure what would happen in survival. But I think you should be alright. 🙂

  15. LuigiEXE VI says:

    How to install?

  16. Weegee says:

    You seem to have made a mistake. You listed the same link for the mcpack links instead of texture and behavior you did texture and texture.

  17. bob says:

    i can not mount the chair!

  18. simzol says:

    can i use youtube video?

  19. Robert says:

    When I click the behavior pack download, it sends me to the texture pack download page. Is this a problem for anyone else?

  20. Gavin Terrell says:

    Hey genta both of the Mc.packs are textures. can you fix it?

  21. Romi109 says:

    The only chair that works its the creeper can you help me?

  22. JR says:

    Hey can there be a toilet addon plz everyone and famous youtubers want them on minecraft pe

  23. GIGICAKE says:

    Ummm mine when I spawn it is a creeper and it says I can sit on it but what do I do to make it look like a chair

  24. KeithIqiq says:

    how can i install it on ios ?

  25. Melinda says:

    My chair comes out as a actual creeper but works like a chair. How do I fix it so that it’s actually a chair?

  26. Kaylee says:

    Help I can’t sleep near the chairs

  27. JadeWolf says:

    Ok yes I’m am Rylie Plays just changed my name

  28. Summer_Katie03 says:

    Omg u need to add in a furniture add on because for us IOS users it’s real hard to download mods !

  29. Rowena says:

    Can you somehow off the volume? Cuz I hate it when the chairs make noisesًً…

  30. CutePanda says:

    It works amazingly the only problem is you can actually kill the chair and that it moves but other than that it’s awesome

  31. superman says:

    A chair in s mode walks up to me blow me up

  32. McPerson says:

    Will this work on iOS, I can’t download it

  33. Celestia says:

    I can’t place a chair and I did it when it was in 0.16.0 but does it still works for 0.16.1? BUT HOW DO I PLACE THE CHAIR IT WONT WORK PLZ Tell

  34. Kai 👅👑 says:

    WHen I place my chair my chairs move please fix this problem

  35. Jkmadd says:

    How do u Make it Stay in Place

  36. Redstonerobot says:

    Sweet stuff

  37. Ari_ says:

    These are epic plz just add furniture add on for IOS users who find mod installing hard

  38. Shikko says:

    Hello ! Everything is okay just that the chair moves whenever I place it. I have downloaded the behavior and resource pack. I would just be pleased if the chair would stay still and not wonder around

  39. Pete says:

    I love this! You know what would be great for this? WHEELCHAIRS! Please at least try to add them in the next update.

  40. DitDitGamingDL says:

    Can you fix the husk glitch on multiplayer where it looks like a zombie?

  41. IvanMaulana06 says:

    Nice addon but… why this addon replaces default mobs, survival will be unchallenging if mobs replaced with chairs

  42. Brutalomnivor3 says:

    dude best addon yet ypu should try to make a couch that 2 ppl can sit on that would be amazing

  43. Lolz says:

    Umm the download is working accept when I extract the file it says bad zip file pls help.

  44. coco says:

    The girl skin is really nice…. is there a download link to the skin? XD

  45. Iron says:

    Um… I already have this add on but I can’t get the new version PLEASE HELP ME

  46. captainfour4 says:

    Just a quick question. Have the .mcpack links updated to the newest update?

  47. Nyan says:

    I had the addon that was only the first 4 chairs. I downloaded the behaviour pack successfully, but the texture pack one, I downloaded .mcpack 4 other times and it says import failed. I don’t have a pc/Mac to remove files, what should I do?

    • Editor says:

      I have contacted the addon creator regarding this issue and suggested a possible fix for this. It’s up to him to do these fixes as it is his addon.

  48. Hello says:

    Very cool! But the problem is that when you rotate it it moves on different locations and when I exit my world and go back again it goes back from the original side where it’s facing plss. Help!!!

  49. Francois van Kempen says:

    This is an awful addon. It’s just the retextured mobs. This sucks.

  50. Banggai King says:

    This is work for 0.17.0 build 2

  51. Otto says:

    The cookie doesn’t work, why

  52. Minecraft Master says:

    On the previous version of this addon I made it so the chairs drop there spawn eggs BC what if someone wanted to move it to another location that’s far away and the chairs when you move them with a cookie it’s extreamly slow so I made it have 1 HP which that’s like half a hart so all you would have too do is punch it with you fist and it dies and drops it’s spawn egg like with the red chair (creeper) I made it have 1 HP and drops it’s spawn egg although I noticed a bug with this addon when you rotate the chairs not the bar stools when you leave the game the chairs reset BC I had the red chair facing a fence and another chair on the other side of the fence and there’s a stone wall behind the first red chair and I left the game then I came back the first chair was facing the wall and nothing happend to the second chair BC it was facing that way in the first place so can the creator of this addon fix this bug plz

  53. Jemi444 says:

    If you use villager, my world is not fun, because all is pillows
    And my world is a ‘Pillow’ land 😀 if like this
    Why don’t replace the another mobs except villager?

  54. DanTDM the 618th says:

    When I downloaded the resource pack it says “Import Failed” so I downloaded a different add-on and it worked. Please help!

  55. Jazzlyn says:

    For some reason some of my chairs spawn with swords and they keep running around. HELP!

  56. batboy128 says:

    Can u craft the chairs in survival?

  57. Anonymus says:

    Nice addon! Really like the log cause it’s used for fishing 😀

  58. LlamaLoveLife42 says:

    I think the behaviors for the lawn chair/wich are messed up. I was messing around with it, and I kept drinking a potion of healing. I don’t think your typical lawn chair does that.

  59. xeshtoxx says:

    Please respond quickly, I had downloaded the old version of the add on the one with only 4 types of chairs, I’ve downloaded the newer version behavior pack and it worked but when I tried downloading the newer textures, it keeps saying import failed.. please help thanks! I love this add on and I’m hoping you can find a solution.

  60. Hbomb876 says:

    I can’t seem to ride the chair. When I use a cookie and press on the chair, it doesn’t do AYNYTHING. Please let me know how to fix this. Thanks!

  61. XxSAM_COOKIExX says:

    Do you need a computer for this? If not, how can I do it?

  62. batboy128 says:

    Hey! What iteams do u need to craft the chairs?

  63. Dobby6.0 says:

    How do you get the addons

  64. Farlander670 says:

    Wow thanks this was exactly what I needed

  65. ne 💜👸🏽 says:

    Love all your addon somewon should give you a metal can you add more furniture like a fridge or a bathtub shower would be nice to thanks

  66. Wolvec says:

    Aswome addon !

  67. Snas says:

    Very nice, I’ll be using this a lot!! 😀 only, the iron golems keep attacking the chairs, lol. Hopefully that’ll be fixed :3

  68. Maddy says:

    Can you craft these? I kniw this is a silly question but I’m just wondering 😊

  69. Maddy says:

    What items do you need to craft this aswell

  70. batboy128 says:

    Yea what iteams do u need to craft the chairs ?

  71. nick says:

    pls do if you kill the chair you get the spawn egg for in survival

  72. Kathryn Ryan says:

    What does it mean when the chairs move on their own? Like they move and drop creeper items when they die?

    • Editor says:

      Make sure you’ve installed the behavior pack also. You will need both the resource pack and behavior pack enabled for a world.

  73. Sadie says:

    When I downloaded it it was successful, but when I tried to get the resorce pack it says import faied. PLZ HELP!!

  74. Annie says:

    I don’t know how to spawn a chair

  75. Neo says:

    How do I stop the chairs from moving?

  76. Abigail says:

    How do you delet the addons. I am keeping this one but I did something wrong in another addon.

  77. Geonic says:

    Hot to rotate tell me please 😭

  78. ???? says:

    How do I make appear like a chair ? Every time I spawn a mob the shape is not a chair but it is still the normal shape of the mob

  79. Brayden says:

    What does long click mean

  80. Shrimp says:

    When I spawn it it moves around and whenever I spawn one that was a monster it doesn’t work.

  81. DerpCraft says:

    Can u not put the chairs villagers?

  82. DerpCraft says:

    Chairs.. It’s awesome but 2 reasons I have to discuss. 1) Ur putting the wrong mobs:Villager and Pigs 2)I HAVE BOTH RESOURCE AND BEHAVIOR BUT IT KEEPS GIVING ME THE REAL MOB SHAPE! Plz fix

  83. TacoLord888 says:

    I dont get it,i put my difficulty to hard and it still doesnt work

  84. Abigail says:

    Can you please make a morphing addon I real would like it. I am on ios

  85. Someone says:

    It is not working for me because I downloaded it before update. Does anyone know how to delete a addon from minecraft

  86. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    while i was playing around with this addon, i noticed a bug. when you spawn them in, they are always facing one direction (lets call it north). When you tweak its direction, it stays like that, but the second you leave the world and reenter, it faces north again! i cant get my beach chairs to face the ocean. PLZ FIX THIS

  87. frizzy eye says:

    nice mod, really cool, i love it!

  88. KallamanzoX says:

    Since some of the chairs are retextured monsters, I have a question.
    In night time, would chairs just spawn everywhere? That would be scary! XD

  89. Abigail says:

    Please reply🙂

  90. Kaeden Dahl says:

    It turns are real mods into. Hairs now when I am building in my lab I’m test chairs

  91. Adam says:

    Not good still textured but still mobs 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  92. Sky fire boy says:

    This is cool and unique addon.improve it ok

  93. Tillece says:

    Hey, I’m a big fan of this addon, but I see so many proper furniture addons with computers, chairs, tv’s and tables and I was wondering if u could edit this and make every mob a piece of furniture? Please get back to me ASAP as I’ve been wanting this since 0.10.0 and would also like to help 🙂

    • Editor says:

      Hey there. Please don’t type your full name when posting comments online. I have removed it for you. But please keep this in mind for the future!

  94. XxAngeltyxX says:

    Oh right ok btw I’m the girl u just replied to, but please may you tell the creator of the addon? Also, I’m a big fan of addons and I’d love to make my own! I just don’t know how, do you know any apps or anything I could use??

  95. XxAngeltyxX says:

    Hey I’ve taken a BIG liking to this add-on, but ever since I’ve been on Minecraft I’ve wanted a full Furniture add-on, so, what if you change all the mobs to things such as computers, tables, chairs, sofas, baths, sinks, cookers, fridges ect ?

  96. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    I had a problem when running this addon. Everytime i rotate the chair, i then leave the world to find that all the chairs suddenly changed direction

  97. Aystreem says:

    How do u sit on them

  98. Liza says:

    Hey the chairs wont stop moving pls help

  99. Lauren says:

    What does difficulty set to Max mean please someone help me because every time I spawn a mob it just has the Mob and not the chair

  100. Im a banana says:

    How do u install?… Im so confused?!?!?! :<

  101. Joshua says:

    I like this

  102. Paul says:

    Lol that the beach Chair (the Witch) still drinkes potions please fix that

  103. Someone says:

    Can you make it so the chairs spin when you move them with the cookie instead of the chairs walking around, and when you bump into the chairs they dont move?

  104. - says:

    I love this plz add toilets

  105. Mmm says:

    Uhh… im using everything, the behavior pack and resource pack… but the chairs dont work. I can sit in them, but they dont look like chairs, they look like the mob it replaces help!cpe version 1.0.1 is the version im using.

  106. Link says:

    I got the mod but it glitched out and now there exists killer chairs in my world!XD

  107. Groovy Craft says:

    It worked I could sit on the Chair if u want to sit on just download the both

  108. Some dude says:

    Hey editor, can you ask the creator to remove the mob sounds?

  109. Voicemail says:

    I only put on the resource pack then I went to nether and turned it to survival then I realized that An office chair was chasing me 😂

  110. -TwentyOne-Crybabys- says:

    Would you be able make them none hostile mobs like only a pig,sheep ect but not a wolf because I really don’t wanna have to put difficulty on other wise it ruins my roleplays pls just make them none hostile

  111. NinjaMatthew says:

    This add-on seems a bit glitch. When I leave the world after positioning a chair, I come back on to see it facing in the default direction. I hope this can be fixed soon

  112. Acrolox says:

    Can I at least set it to easy?

  113. Alex says:

    I want it on my minecraft pc📦😍

  114. NimNim says:

    Could you make them into non hostile mobs like pig cow ect because I am doing a roleplay and I hate having difficulty on

  115. Hank says:

    The kids move around?

  116. Blade_the_builder says:

    Editor u should make a table for the chairs. Please do it

  117. Blade_the_builder says:

    Oh and everyone who is angry that they move I’m easy or peaceful just do it on
    Creative mode ok it’s that easy.

  118. Blade_the_builder says:

    Sorry It changed to DANG AUTO Correct it should say in not I’m!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Martha says:

    Can you make a map that goes with this addon? Its only because i really like it but i cant use it in many situations as i dont have any houses and i hate building!

  120. pictoloid108 says:

    I sat on a stool and it started groaning and walking around 😱😱😱

  121. MINEBOY241 says:

    Can’t fix this it doesn’t work for me

  122. the legendary rocke (tlr) says:

    Does it work on 1.0.15?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Why are the chairs zombies?

  124. Anonymous says:

    When I try to remove the pack of the game it says it needs the dependencies of another pack that is active. PLS HELP.What can I do?

  125. Austin says:

    Love this mod so much

  126. Princess yamada says:

    Hey I love your add on and my version is but I take a cookie and I hold the Moving chair and no Mount bar I can’t sit. 🙁

  127. Simone says:

    This is the best add on ever my life is going to be so much better in the minecraft world yay

  128. ShinobiStar says:

    I only have 4 chairs.
    Is that normal?

  129. CoolAwesomeGamergirl says:

    How Do i keep Them From moving?

  130. Jop says:

    That looks nice but no pigs and villagers is a deal-breaker for me 😟 Can I somehow “leave out” the log and the pillow and keep the rest?

  131. Anonymous says:


  132. Stikman312 Stikit says:

    Very cool but now I see logs everywhere and it’s annoying please fix this.

  133. Meow says:

    The chairs move and make animal sounds

  134. MeriPlays says:

    This add-on works great for 0.16.0+, and it is HYSTERICAL. I find wild chairs-yes, take it in, WILD CHAIRS, all over the world. Good for a map, but probably not a normal world. Still really cool though!!!

  135. Mia_the_inkling says:

    It never worked I checked minecraft and i looked in creative inventory i saw all the normal things to texture packs on no nothing just normal this is a download rip off and scam

  136. This girl is awsome says:

    It was terrible they had their weapons they kept moving and guys don’t download this. U wanna know y welp find out but I’m warning u it’s really bad don’t do it

  137. QueenFoxie764 says:

    I like the addon, but there is a problem with the Husk seat because it appears as a zombie.

  138. GooBurger says:

    Cool! Can you make the same just with the classic chair theyre then replaced with the witch? please

  139. Abby says:

    Does it work on 1.0.8 version of minecraft?

  140. Carson says:

    What versions does it work on

  141. REX13RIFLE says:

    Its interesting but it should replace more out of the way mobs like bats instead of villagers for the purple chair I would only use this for a looks build it replaces too many iconic mobs like the creeper

  142. Daniah Dogillo says:

    Mine always moves! Tell Genta to fix the mod.

  143. AutumnGem08 says:

    Okay, all the furniture moves and I cant get them to stay on 90 degrees so its pretty much useless

  144. The_Yeest_Yee says:

    Hey, it keeps closing my tab, and I have both downloaded. Help!

  145. Mackencheese355 says:

    Hi! I love this addon, but for an odd reason when I rejoin my world the chairs they face a different direction. Then what they where facing, could you please fix this?

  146. Mackencheese355 says:

    I love this addon, but when I rejoin my world all the chairs face in one direction. And not the direction they were facing, so could you please fix this?

  147. 0180 says:

    Help missing dependencies in behavior pack pls fix

  148. winsonlu says:

    why is it not working?

  149. Anonymous says:

    Why does the chair move

  150. BlazingSniperCat says:

    Because everyone needs more chairs

  151. Ryo Stonewell says:

    will this conflict with the modern furniture mod? i desperately need something like this for better fishing aesthetics, but it can’t replace villagers.

  152. Jess says:

    I tried it and it did not go very well. The chairs still act as the mobs they were. They move around and the red chair blows up. I was not able to mount the chairs and almost died trying to. Pleas fix it

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