3D Weapons Pack Addon (Beta Only)

This add-on includes 7 different packs which replaces the existing Trident with new 3D weapons which you can use to cause some serious damage. To enable a specific weapon you need to enable the resource and behavior packs for a world in-game. The packs included include cool weapons such as Throwable TNTs and Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir) and each weapon has different behaviors.

Creator: TheEnderfaceTwitter Account
Updated: 31 March, 2018 (read changelog)

How to obtain the 3D weapons?

The easiest way is to create a new world and toggle on the Use Experimental Gameplay option in the game options. This is required or else you will not be able to find the weapon in-game.

Each new weapon has new behaviors based on the intention of the weapon. A great example of that is the Throwable TNT weapon.

As all other 3D weapons it replaces the Trident once its resource and behavior packs have been enabled for a world. Throw the block and then wait a few seconds for the explosion.

3D Weapon Features

  • Enderface Sword: Spawns an Endermite which helps the player
  • Magma Sword: Spawns lava particles which cause brutal damage (100 attack damage)
  • Thor’s Hammer: Spawns lightning
  • Throwable TNT: Throws an primed TNT block
  • Lightsaber: Increases your speed by 20-30% when holding it
  • Kunai: Increases your attack damage when holding it
  • Shuriken: Reduces gravity when throwing it




  • Added Thor Hammer (Mjolnir)
  • Added Throwable TNT
  • Added behaviors for each weapon
  • Added item names
  • Added skill names


Important: This pack requires the latest Minecraft beta. It’s available for Windows 10, Xbox and Android users. Scroll down to the bottom on this page to read more about how to join the latest beta. Also remember that both the resource pack and the behavior pack have to be enabled for a world in-game for it to work

  1. Download one of the following packs:
    1. Enderface Sword
      1. Behaviors .McPack
      2. Resources .McPack
    2. Lava Sword
      1. Behaviors .McPack
      2. Resources .McPack
    3. Light Saber
      1. Behaviors .McPack
      2. Resources .McPack
    4. Kunai
      1. Behaviors .McPack
      2. Resources .McPack
    5. Shuriken
      1. Behaviors .McPack
      2. Resources .McPack
    6. Throwable TNT
      1. Behaviors .McPack
      2. Resources .McPack
    7. Thor Hammer (Mjolnir)
      1. Behaviors .McPack
      2. Resources. McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources .McPack
  4. Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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183 Responses

4.72 / 5 (106 votes)
  1. Zwxy says:

    I love the idea, only one problem, Tablets NEED the aquatic update

  2. MemeOverload says:

    Phoenix Sword would be cool

  3. Nubiezz says:

    can you make new model that looks like a dirt yes a dirt.

  4. OChinChinDaisuki says:

    Katanas or that staff used by the monkey king in journey to the west would be awesome, cuz similar to the staff the trident would come back to u.

  5. Sandía kun says:

    Wow!! So fast…. Pls make a spear of bone!!! I Think that can look cool

  6. SonGoku says:

    I want trident of Aquaman in Justice League

  7. TK-6606 says:

    This is so cool

  8. Kazuto Kirigaya says:

    Elucidator or Dark Repulser from Sword Art Online.

  9. Danial says:

    I think you should make a recource pack of captain america’s shield
    Thor’s hammer

  10. GamEpic says:

    Very nicee! Can you make Alucard or Argus’s sword? Or Zilong’s spear?! That would be AWESOME!

  11. Sasha says:

    A throwable bone. (I love undertale disbelief)

  12. Kawaiichic says:

    Dagger, long sword, broadsword, épéé, estoc and more probably.

  13. DevildDog says:

    A sphere (not the shape but the weapon)

  14. Saotonomika says:

    Add the Ixa from tokyo ghoul

  15. BlueProtonGaming says:

    Nevermind, I got it.

  16. Sargeantpotatoo says:


  17. Bob says:

    Boomerang, please. (For use with loyalty).

  18. Dark says:

    Pitchfork would have been a thought.

  19. Just_Dan says:

    Can you make a Water Sword called “Sword of the Depths”

  20. Sovuthereach says:


  21. Wizword173 says:

    Awsome! Maybe you could add a magical staff model or something similar? It looks neat anyways great job!!

    • Wizword173 says:

      & maybe if you wanted to add a behavior to it it could give mobs a levitation effect? It’z just an idea tho

      • SmileEverytime says:

        I’m not even going to reply to this sad comment. As it is plain stupidity.

        • Wizword173 says:

          Something is only stupid if you perceive it to be, honestly I’m amused that you think what I suggest is stupid cause it is entirely plauseable to add a levitation effect to entities and why not? A trident is already Similar to a staff so it wouldint be that difficult to do, honestly though I think your comment is more Idiotic than mine because it contributes to nothing, literally your stating your opinion with no reason why my comment is stupid and you say that your not going to reply to it, but your comment existing shows that you have replied to it so in summary your commet contributes to nothing, and makes no sense, good day to you sir, maybe think about something productive to say next time you comment. Peace!

          • SmileEverytime says:

            Reply to your comment. Isn’t commenting for telling the truth, or your opinions like yours? Isn’t it my right on this comment section to reply and state my opinions? And isn’t something annoying you if you feeling like it’s annoying? Firstly, blame the editor or the people who
            manages comments. Wait- wait a freaking minute, di- did you just type that you want me to contribute positively and productively? Doesn’t that apply to yours as well? Certainly it does not contribute to this page but only me did it not? And I did state a reason, the only reason was that your comment was stupid because there is 1 percent to none for people to comment about crazy descriptive things and have people post it on here. So, there is like a death wand Addon, a magical weapons Addon, why don’t you use that instead? Because being able to throw a staff isn’t really- is it creative? Unless the staff is able to return to you that is. Well, a staff that is able to actually able to do more damag than it’s magic it creates is actually stupid if I think so, so- if this comment of yours comes true, then make it so that the hit damage isn’t high, as it’s a magic staff, a catalyst for mahou (magic).

          • Werewolf_37 says:

            I agree.

          • Werewolf_37 says:

            Ugh his reply caused my reply to go under his

          • Wizword173 says:

            The staff was never meant to do straight up attack damage, the idea was that whenever you hit a mob with it it would levitate and the fall damage would hurt it lol why are you so invested in trying to shame me? Even if your not that’s the impression your giving off

  22. jose says:

    I love it

  23. Dragon The wanderer here says:

    That white sword in crazycraft minevraft mod java edition its called like berta like that i dunno

    • SmileEverytime says:

      The Big Bertha is a red black blade. The white gold sword you are talking about is the royal guardian sword. Dropped by the King.

  24. DiamondGamerAsh says:

    Bro try creating a diamond ish shuriken.plz..thanks

    • SmileEverytime says:

      So a light bluish Shuriken?

      • Werewolf_37 says:

        Why where you being mean to Wizword173?

        • SmileEverytime says:

          Werewolf, it’s because I can state what I want in the comment section if I get pissed of by a wordy comment as I have at first only have done a small comment, then he just made a fricking huge comment which was half against me. So, if he could do that to me, couldn’t I do it to him?

  25. JigenxD says:

    Can you make Undyne’s Spear?

  26. Toby E. Rogers0 says:

    Can you add a nightmare sword?

  27. a random guy :3 says:

    wow, you can change the model of items in this update/beta now?

    • JosephGaming135 says:

      Nope, the trident goes off of the same model the entity does, and the entity model can be changed just like any other.

  28. Leeam says:

    I dont know whats the item thats magma sword

  29. Leeam says:

    Idont know whats magma sword item in minecraft

  30. Joshua says:

    add Thor’s hammer

  31. UpstreamComet11 says:

    Make it huge so it looks like a sword that can only be carried by the best warriors.

  32. Bob smith says:

    You could add a trident that makes you fly

    • ChadPH says:

      Its Impossible To Make It As An Addon 😂

    • Wizword173 says:

      Actually, you could change the player behaviors to make it so that when you hold a trident, your gravity is set to 0 this allowing you to technically fly, that’s actually a really neat idea! The only problem is that once you threw it you wouldint fly anymore so you’d have to be careful but it’s entirely possible to fly with addons

      • SmileEverytime says:

        You can make it return with the loyalty enchantment can it not?

        • Wizword173 says:

          Yes, but you have to enchant it to do that, when you first obtain it you won’t have it enchanted right away, plus loyalty doesint teleport the trident towards you, it flies back slowly meaning you’d be falling while it’s coming back to you, sense you must be activly Holding the trident to fly

        • Wizword173 says:

          Yes, but you have to enchant it to do that, when you first obtain it you won’t have it enchanted right away, plus loyalty doesint teleport the trident towards you, it flies back slowly meaning you’d be falling while it’s coming back to you

  33. PJ says:

    very good job

  34. Andreas says:

    How i use it? Is the trdent replaced by sords?
    How can i get it?

    PS: email dont work

  35. TheAvPman says:

    Could you do a sonic screwdriver from dr who?

  36. Blank says:

    Can you add Kirto’s Black sword Plz if you don’t know what it is can you search it up

    • SmileEverytime says:

      Do YOU know what that is? No, you don’t, in fact, it’s the Eludicator. YOU should search up its name. Have you even watched the first season?

      • Werewolf_37 says:

        See what I mean?

        • SmileEverytime says:

          I’m just stating the facts, and, due to the fact that even a guy like me who switched from anime to manga knows what that is, and to me, not knowing a name from a well known anime really triggered me. Is that not a reason?

  37. NightmareGamerD says:


  38. DankMemes says:

    Add the Monkey Kings staff as one it would be sick

    • Wizword173 says:

      Yeah, and staffs are cool, have you ever learned to use a bowstaff? Their really fun to use it you can do it right plus you can pole vault with staffs if you know what your doing really staffs can be as leathal as almost any weapon when used correctly, I don’t really understand why your so angered at the concept of a staff being used as a weapon why should it even anger you at all?

      • SmileEverytime says:

        Do you think that 50 percent of the human population even knows how to use one? A bowstaff that is? Actually, I went commented almost all of this comment section. That’s where I got this anger from. Oh yeah, second sentence, spelling error, change “their” to they’re. “As lethal as any weapon,” you say? Can it be as harmful as a nuke? A atomic bomb/nuclear bomb is also a weapon, but you probably meant that for handheld items like bow or sword. The leathal in your second sentence is also supposed to be “lethal”. As in, all grammar and spelling mistakes are lethal to me.

  39. ChadPH says:

    This is Great But Can You Add The Spear?

  40. Daniel says:

    You should make a scythe
    Or bombs

  41. Searmr cool says:

    Maybe some kind of flying mob, or maybe a super trident like the trident but with 5,6,7,8,9 white bits at the top, or just make a elemntal trident…. Out of breath now

  42. JigenxD says:

    Or Create Ash Greninja Water Shuriken

  43. EnderTurtle says:

    Can you make an Ender Sword please

  44. Dd says:

    wait.. Update aquatic has alredy arrived?!

  45. Leowell Daguit says:

    Can you make Super saiyan heads in mcpe its in DBS pls ender face

  46. Leowell Daguit says:

    Batmans batarang pls

  47. Add this says:

    Make a Diamond sword trident so diamond swords looks throwable….

  48. Add this says:

    Add a models of Minecraft swords that will be awsome…

  49. Anderas says:

    Plz can u made a Rescoure pack, that the diamondsword look like a magma sword?
    I play on ios so i dont get the aquatik update.

    • SmileEverytime says:

      Since the diamond sword is a 2d it m, it can ever be a 3d item.

      • Werewolf_37 says:

        I’m tired of replying to your comments.

        • SmileEverytime says:

          Then why don’t you stop? I put effort and some thinking into some of my comments. The fact that the shape of a magma sword and a diamond sword is completely different is a fact.

          • SmileEverytime says:

            However, if he is thinking of making a diamond sword into a magma sword, then, it cannot happen, as, if the normal tools in MC have already have a 3D texture pack- you know what? I’m not going to reply to this very comment section right now.

  50. PPGaming says:

    Sup this mod is awesome ☺

  51. MagicalIce19293 says:

    All I need in my (minecraft) life is any item but in an ice version so if you make an ice trident model it will make my day

  52. RickGames says:

    The royal sword please

  53. SpiritFox says:

    Is there a way to have a dragon or bat type model to sit on your shoulder when holding the trident, but flying when thrown?

  54. Leowell Daguit says:

    How a about you make the diamond sword some 3d models like java edition that would be cool

    • SmileEverytime says:

      Well, the original diamond sword is in MC, but all tools are flat. So, the diamond sword has no 3d models.

  55. EnderChief 507 says:

    I hope u add Mobile Legends Argus Sword that will be cool

  56. mlg_doge_pro says:

    can you add wepons from mhw (monster huntet world) that be awsome thx

  57. Andrew says:

    Add Thor hammer

  58. SeaniOS says:

    id like to see a spear from the medieval times

  59. SunBurstMVP says:

    I Have A Amazing Idea!!! What If You Add A Diamond Sword

    • SmileEverytime says:

      Bro, seriously? What kind of diamond sword? A diamond sword? Well, if that, it’s already in the game. JK, I already kinda know that ur joking.

  60. Golden Freddy says:

    I can’t do it because mobile needs update Aquatic

  61. SmileEverytime says:

    Add a katana or a curved sword. The Kunai looks derpy though.

  62. nightmare fredbear says:

    I have an idea that will blow your mind a NUCLEAR SWORD

  63. Yamete! says:

    This is so good better if there was a boomerang. Also is there anyone who can make a final fantasy addon? Like a the tridents riptide but teleports you to where it lands like a enderpearl lile oud if im correct.

  64. Mr. HOY says:

    I want you to make me a sword.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Could you at least make a cybernetic sword for the Trident’s texture? I would really appreciate it.

  66. Fred_MC says:

    Thor’s hammer, the Mjonir would be a great addition. I just came to a thought of it because of the couple enchantments like channeling, loyalty so yeah…..

  67. 12345 says:

    Master sword from Zelda pls

  68. Weapon says:

    Captain Americas Shield pls?????

  69. Thatboi797 says:

    How about a gun model that has a bullet model for the thrown trident entity

  70. Dustierblade says:

    Can you captain America Shield

  71. Dark says:

    Is it possible to make items poison on hit? Cause if so a poison tipped spear could be a good addition to this addon

  72. Ahsan says:

    I have some idea: bamboo spear, kujang and kris

  73. OKI_rito1!1! says:

    Can you make Zeus Sword from God Of War, Alucard Fiery Inferno Sword from Mobile Legend. Thx.

    • SmileEverytime says:

      Since other stuff are from other games, please refrain from telling them to make these copyrighted stuff, as they are most likely copyrighted.

  74. ??? says:

    Wow the shrukin magma sword and Thor hammer I am blowned up💣💥

  75. ??? says:

    Forgot rate

  76. Anonymous says:

    I can’t use hammer Resources pack.

  77. Golden Freddy says:


  78. Ahsan says:

    Oh, yeah 3 more things: throwable creeper, shield and spear for stone age texture pack

  79. StyleVillager says:

    Make an Emerald sword.Just a suggestion.

  80. JigenxD says:

    Pls make Undyne’s Soear of Justice from Undertala

  81. YTDashie says:

    Pls add Undyne Spears.behavior:mob piercing pls

    • SmileEverytime says:

      Although you can add in some behaviors to some weapons, I’m sure you cannot make it so that the spear pierces a mob.

  82. Mlg prankster gangster says:

    You should make a diamond sword sounds lame but imagine pranking your friends to fight you and they think you have just a normal sword but when you throw it at them they die instantly because the sword does 1000 damage!

    • SmileEverytime says:

      To be honest, I don’t think that anyone would make a diamond sword that does 1000 dmg.

      • Mlg prankster gangster says:

        Lol it was late April fools

        I got 2 questions 1 please make infinity gauntlet i know that’s not a question.
        2. What program do you use to make Addons? I want to make my own.

  83. RCP says:

    Can You Make An Energy Sword? If You Dont Know What Is It (Most Of You Do Know What It Looks) You Can Search At The Internet How It Works And What It Looks. BTW Nice Addon

  84. minecraft says:

    I cant import model for mjolnir it says failed to import trident model see output log for more datails pls teach me how to fix it

  85. P1X3LMAST3R says:

    Great addon(s) you should add a cluster that when its thrown it explodes a little and shoots arrows in every direction

  86. Yamete! says:

    Would be great if you add the Endersword where it acts like a enderpearl and yet a sword

  87. The Pocketwho says:

    It won’t import properly…
    Something about no valid zip archive?
    Please fix this issue…

    -Sincerely, TPW.

  88. MYRONAWESOME says:

    Can you make a battarang one? Or possibly a spear? And like add a element or some type of… material

  89. Silver says:

    Plz make a trowable diamond sword

  90. PufferGamer363 says:

    There is a glitch where the enderface sword constantly spawns endermites and cause a endermite fountain . Could u fix that

  91. Archie_0n_Yt says:

    Add captain americas shield becaus me viewers want that

  92. Bonaventura Dominico says:

    Can it be used on ios with experimental mode?

    • Bonaventura Dominico says:

      Nvm it can
      Also can you add in Zeus’ thunderbolt, a batarang(or a boomerang in general), a giant sword(like big bertha from orespawn mod in pc, it wold just have lots of damage in mele) or even a chicken sword y’know like a rubber chicken lol

  93. LazyMan says:

    Your addons& model are perfect! Also, can you teach me how to build a 3D model like you did with those weapons? Can’t wait to try to make one :3

  94. Thanos says:

    Omg pls infinity gauntlet; )

  95. Night says:

    Can you make a terra blade ???? (Terraria)

  96. Bendy The Dancing Demon says:


  97. WhatsupKurt says:

    Rainimator’s sword that can put some ice blocks thank you <3

  98. Unknown says:

    Add some burning effect plz

  99. Imarsuper100 says:

    I have the beta i installed all the packs i put them in the world…
    And i just get throwable tnt

  100. Ryland Macam says:

    Thes are so powerful but the problems is that’s it’s only on trident because it s the only thing that can throw

  101. Peter says:

    Two things I think could be amazing, 1. I think there should be like a realistic shovel like in far cry 5 (if you do not know what far cry 5 is simply look it up) you should make the shovel summon friendly zombies if you hit the floor.

  102. Lol says:

    Can you please make them replace different things though??

  103. Anonymous says:

    Can you add herobrine sword and throwable axe?

  104. TheTomPredator says:

    Can you please add guns ? That would be awesome having 3D Guns in minecraft 🙂 .

  105. Rhys misa says:

    i WOULD rate 5 ~ if only the resource pack wouldnt work… it says it isnt a valid zip archive

  106. Anonymous says:

    The enderface is way too laggy when I throw it at someone and it kind of freezes

  107. Jack says:

    Thor hAmmer rescource doesn’t work

  108. Anonymous says:

    A sound sword would be cool

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