Murder Mystery Village [Minigame]

This is a fully automatic murder mystery set in a medieval town which requires at least 3 players (and maximum 6 players). All players will randomly be assigned a role with different objectives. One thing is for sure and that is that one of you will be the murderer and it’s the sheriff’s job to kill him before it’s too late.

Creator: Luis6234, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 April, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

Once everyone have entered the world then it’s time to press the Start button to begin the gameplay. As soon as that’s done everyone will at random be assigned different roles with different objectives.

  • Murderer: Kill all innocents before the timer runs out
  • Sheriff: Kill the murderer and make sure the innocents are safe
  • Innocents: Survive for as long as possible

A more detailed guide can be found in-game. It’s very easy to get started!

Note from the creator: This game was an old map posted a year ago… I decided to update it and make it better for everyone who loves this type of game. I have added new features that were not present in he first release of my map


  • Added bow crafting for innocents
  • Added a new map (Mine)
  • Added a new spectator mode
  • Added a new lobby
  • New detection system
  • Added a special addon made by Traswen (SG owner)


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30 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Brock says:

    Its cool

  2. KirbyPlayzPE says:

    Nooooo I Was Waiting For The Command Blocks To Come On iOS To Make A Murder Mystery Game Using It And Now I Dont Have To ! Oh Wait…. I Have To Wait For 1.0.5 COME ON!!! Good Job Creator!!!

  3. Voicemail says:

    This looks SO cool but I’m on IOS 😭

  4. maisong says:

    As soon as that’s done, everyone will at random be assigned different roles with different objectives. (Needed a comma)

  5. Asriel says:

    Is it me or does this look like the Medival Town?

  6. MLGJackGamer says:

    Awesome minigame

  7. Ifeanyi says:

    Cool map

  8. TheOrangeCystal says:

    Why its not working it said i am thw murderer but i cant get out that stupid red box stucked!!!!!

  9. BlueTrueMU says:

    I love Murder Mystery games.
    Since it came to the prototype lobby of Hypixel I’m trying to play it every day.
    Now the command blocks have arrived at mcpe, I’ll definitely try this map.
    Good Job Creator.

  10. Skyla says:

    This was created on my birthday but the thing is……… I STILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR 1.0.5 TO COME OUT!

  11. Swagjeff says:

    VOICEMAIL you can use it to iOS

  12. Jack says:

    Guys how do I hide my chat? It says i have to do that to start but i don’t understand how to do that.

  13. Mr_Videos says:

    It’s cool

  14. xxxAMIROVxxx says:

    Creator can u fix it? It dosent work, after the game started when everyone is in a box then nothing happens

  15. EmmaPlayzMCPE says:

    Plz fix it creator when I kill the murder with the bow we just stay there and if I’m the murder and I kill everyone nothing happens! Please respond if you fix it or know what’s going on!


  16. Ijrome says:

    The red stone is broke

  17. Alex says:

    This map always seems to break. Sometime the sheriff doesn’t even get a bow or even the murdder dosnt get a sword or even some of the people don’t get teleported into the map.

  18. DreamX1 says:

    Fix The Game Please

  19. Chasky says:

    Taking it for a spin during a birthday party challenge… with 10-year-old kids…. it looks promising from my testing…. a few more people will be better, for my group at least 🙂

  20. VexingBitGamer says:

    Great map! It would be better if I had more ppl to play with! >_< if anyone is just as lonely as me add me… :]
    Xbox GTag: VexingBitGam3r

  21. Karamomg210iscool says:

    Let’s play I guess

  22. Karamomg210iscool says:

    Yeah I guess 😀

  23. Karamomg210iscool says:

    Hope we enjoyed I guess I’m so shy

  24. 61_Awesome says:

    …otherwise known as Clue….



    I did the testing for this map and when i played it, there were no bugs or anything…

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