NameYourMobs Mod

This mod lets you name the mobs which you come across in-game. There are several ways how this can be used to your advantage. One way is to name the mobs which you keep at your house to keep track of each animal’s purpose and another good reason to name them can simply just to give them some more personal worth than ordinary animals.


  • Give a mob a name
  • Mobs with names got a nametag
  • Health indicator when hitting a mob


  • /pet <name> – (hit the mob you want to give that name to)

Type the /pet <name> command and then hit the mob which you want to name.

screenshot-2015-03-01-17-53 screenshot-2015-03-01-17-53_2 screenshot-2015-03-01-17-54_2

The health indicator will show for which ever mob you hit.


Note: Currently you need to rename the mob as soon as you exit the game but this will be fixed in the next update.

Direct Download (.js file)
Download Mod (Dropbox)

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11 Responses


    Is this mod also named zombies

  2. Robocop113344 says:


  3. Patrick says:

    Does this mean my pet can respawn

  4. Rawr.its.Ylvia says:

    its a great Mod Well Done ●u●

  5. Jordyn Retardation Minecraft Lover17 says:

    This is so cool I have been waiting for the update for this

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wats the point 0.15.0 is out nametags people

  7. MCPE Gaming says:

    You can just use name tag its useless addon

  8. J coolj says:

    This did not age well.

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