NationsPE Shaders Texture Pack

NationsPE is a shaders pack which will drastically increase the graphics and the overall realism feeling in the game. Shadowing, lighting, water surfaces and the sky are just a few of the things which are heavily improved with better looks.

Keep the blocky feel of Minecraft but at the same time have a massive improvement of realism.

shadersCreator: DeKiller762

Will this run on my device?

To be able to run this shaders pack your device must be supporting OpenGL 3.0 or above. The creator is working on support for OpenGL 2.0 but it isn’t working at the moment.

If you don’t know if your device supports OpenGL 3.0 or above go to Google and type in the following: <insert whatever your device is called> + OpenGL 3.0 support.


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17 Responses

  1. Zetnik says:

    Link doesn’t work.. Shows a ReCaptchaat MediaFire but doesnt show the image so I cant type and authorize the download. Pls fix.

  2. Campisicat says:

    and i dont know what to do………please help me

  3. Killercell says:

    Its Buggy when you open or close Trap Doors ,Doors and When you Place or remove object
    But overall this is epic

  4. Crizz says:

    Can you tone down the brightness?

  5. The Stig says:

    When are you going to support OpenGL 2.0?

  6. Jessi says:

    What version is this for?

  7. Kanekiken says:

    Is it compatible in v0.15.0???

  8. Balloon boy says:

    It’s really lag for me

  9. HoangVNTM says:

    It’s Doesn’t Open In Minecraft PE , It’s Open in my File like iFile ! why ?

  10. jim says:

    release this an an mcpack and for windows 10

  11. Annie says:

    Go onto your file manager and go to the file Downloads. You’ll most likely see the file.
    Click and hold it and look for the Move button. Click that.Then go back and go to the file Games.
    Inside that is com.mojang (or something close to that.) Click that. Go to the Resource_packs file and paste your file, and you’re done!

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