Nature Border [Survival]

Nature Border includes one big tree house, lots of supplies, a mine and a lot of building space. The map is based on a beautiful old seed which for some reason can’t be generated anymore. It’s a quite useful map in case you’re looking to start a new survival adventure but don’t necessary want to go through all the trouble of building your first base.

Updated: 19 March, 2018


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31 Responses

4.21 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Random Guy says:

    They both are zip files

  2. GamerPanda600 says:

    Yeh, I agree

  3. Hi says:

    They are both zip files and even if try to convert them into mcworld it won’t work

  4. UpstreamComet11 says:

    Both zip :(.

  5. Cant Think of A better name! says:

    So for sure the dev wont Reply to Theyre bot zip!

  6. Jeeeff says:

    I know how to turn zip into mcpack or mcworld for this one. Get a file manager app like files (Apple) and get the zip. Then delete the .zip ending for example,, turn it into Hello.mcworld and also if it’s a texture or behaviour pack, do the latter way I told you. Rename this into Faithful.mcpack . Also, you can edit the textures if you unzip the texture pack. Then repeat it by turn it back into a zip. Then turn it into Faithful.mcpack. Hope you understand

  7. gio1135 says:

    How earth do you get to the treehouse?

  8. LallyBear says:

    This looks so awesome I’m gonna download it and just by looking at it you get 5 stars! this is awesome (downloading it)

  9. Dev says:

    Is there cheats?

  10. The_Yeest_Yee says:

    Can you make it so that it’s not a Zip. file? Please?

  11. John says:

    They are both zip so I can’t download map. 🙁

  12. GameFanatic says:

    just rename the .zip to .mcworld and it will work.

  13. Sloan says:

    Are you supposed to start with a whole bunch of stuff in your inventory?

  14. Dev Patel says:

    Can someone please tell me the texture pack used in this world thanks

  15. BEN PLAYZ says:

    Just go to your es file explorer and rename the file to “mcworld”
    Example nature border.mcworld
    So you can play now without importing it manually

  16. AnInfinite_Tale says:

    This map is amazing!!🗺😍 btw it’s not a zip probably somebody fixed it └(^O^)┘└(^O^)┐┌(^O^)┘┌(^O^)┐┌(^O^)┘└(^O^)┐└(^O^)┘

  17. Michael says:

    I cant download this map! It’s really frustrating because the map looks so cool! Please make more maps like this one because I am sure they will look really cool! :p

  18. Sarah Lindsey says:

    It wouldn’t download but the map was soooo cool in the photo if I could download it I would probley give it a 5/5 stars but it won’t let me so it’s gonna be a 3/5

  19. Dragon Girl says:

    It just says ‘import started’ then “import failed” on Minecraft on my iPad 🙁

    • Ryo Stonewell says:

      same for pc for me. and it is now 3/7/2018, and still no improvement. such a shame, since it seems like a good map…

  20. Fariduddin.Ar says:

    im still curently fixing on it

  21. Anonymous says:

    What is the seed?

  22. KupaKar says:

    Woah, the terrain is flipping beautiful

  23. Jacobraphaelclamor says:

    Pls fix its not a zip file but in McPe it keeps on saying it failed or something like that

  24. Anonymous says:

    Editor, please post the seed for this world, as I would much appreciate it. Thanks.

  25. Ryo Stonewell says:

    anything good is NEVER usable to people who either are poor or don’t know what they’re doing!!!!!

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