The Nether Caster Addon

The Nether Caster Addon replaces some of the mobs in Minecraft with new mobs inspired by the Nether. It also adds some new features for the player such as fire resistance and more health. Another cool feature is the ability to turn pigs into zombie pigmen simply by touching them.

Creator: CheeteTwitter Account
Updated: 12 January, 2017 (all features except for the pig/zombie pigman are new)

How does it work?

Nether Hounds (replace wolves) are slightly more dangerous than an ordinary wolf and it cannot be tamed. It’s still neutral which means it will only attack if you attack it first.

Fire Creepers (replace creepers) cause fire explosions. The explosion is slightly more powerful than previously.

Hell Spiders (replace spiders) are friendly but a little more dangerous than a normal spider. It got more health and it’s also stronger.

The LavaBone (replaces skeletons) is basically a red skeleton with a bit more health and it also shoots fire charges. It doesn’t burn in sunlight.

Fire TNT (replaces TNT) cause a fire explosion. The fuse is a little bit longer than the ordinary TNT block.

The player is fire resistant. It will no longer hurt him or her. You will also have 20 hearts of health but it will only work on newly generated worlds. Your attack damage has also been slightly increased.

NetherDragon (replaces Ender Dragon) has more health than the Ender Dragon.

Pigs can be turned into zombie pigmen by hitting them. If you are scared of zombies then find some pigs, turn them into zombie pigmen and let them guard your house. Zombies will always try to kill zombie pigmen.

Pigs will be quite valuable actually. Find some pigs, turn them into zombie pigmen and then kill them. Sometimes they will drop gold nuggets. Gold nuggets can be used for crafting gold ingots, golden carrots or glistering melons.



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the pack for a world in-game
  4. Restart the game!

You can download a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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28 Responses

  1. I Hate Adfly says:


  2. MichaelJ5921458 says:

    A mistake: Gold Nuggets can craft GOLD INGOTS, NOT IRON INGOTS!!! Better fix that soon, I am annoyed by it.

  3. Arc1Dragon says:

    You made a typo gold nuggets make gold ingots not iron ingots

  4. player19375 says:

    Gold nuggets can be used for crafting IRON ingots, golden carrots or glistering melons.

  5. Blue_Ninja says:

    You put iron ingots instead of golden ingots for what golden nuggets can craft into

  6. Just a tip says:

    Do you have education edition or something because you changed the shulker egg to look like an NPC your not doing the secret dev edition add on why change the textures but having even more thought about it there are no textures I have tried the world twice and it glitches most stuff chickens villagers zombie villagers shulkerr spawn egg gravel furnace hardened clay and maybe other mobs or blocks please fix it

    • NFCorp2017 says:

      1. Valldu_11 made that
      2. It is just a re-model villager
      3. He just took the textures
      4. You can get Edu. Edition for free if you are -18

  7. Lolololololz says:

    Maybe you can add some more stuff like nether spells or nether weapons?

  8. Space_Duck147 says:

    Says you can make iron ingots with gold nuggets TYPO

  9. Childerboyz says:

    When I use this addon, Global Resources do not effect the world!

  10. SugaR says:

    Can you make the player non-fire resistant? So there’s a need for fire res potions. If not players can just jump in lava, it’s not challenging enough. Appreciate you taking this into consideration.

  11. Tanzil Zubair B. Zaman says:

    To the Editor- Do you know where i can find the behavior and resource pack for mcpe 1.0.0 . I have checked minecrafts official site, it is not there.

  12. Joshua Suson says:

    Wait! The nether hound says “replace pigs”. And how would you spawn pigs if you want an zombie pigman(by touching). This addon confused me alot.

  13. Solar says:

    Why does it say hut instead of hurt?

  14. Mr. Memer says:

    Before: Typos, typos EVERYWHERE!
    Now: meh.

  15. NFCorp2017 says:

    You should take out the part about H*ll Spiders because some people consider it a bad word and parents may not like that if they have young kids… Just Saying not to be rude

  16. Elite Dude_Yt says:

    Just saying, I think u made a typo on the “hell hounds.” “More dangerous than the ordinary world.” : )

  17. Gona says:

    I don’t download it but the Dragon look very like mine nether Dragon texture

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