Nether Portal Mod

A Nether Portal mod Minecraft Pocket Edition that works almost the same way as the original feature on PC.

How does it work?

  1. Start off by generate or download a world which is called nether. Make sure the directory for the world also is called nether.
  2. Get in-game and start building the portal. To create it you need 14 Obsidian. Form a rectangular standing portal as seen in the image below (ignore the glass in the middle for now this should be air).
  3. Get a Flint and Steel and tap on the two blocks in the bottom center of the portal. As soon you do this the glass panes will appear and these will act as the magic Minecraft blocks which will take you to other worlds.
  4. Go back to the title screen and then you will be teleported to the world nether which you created earlier. In this world another portal will automatically appear which you can use to get back to another world.

This is a mod for iOS.



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34 Responses

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  1. eduardo says:

    How do u put it in your block louncher.
    How do u download it and patch it in your blocklouncher to play it.

    • superman says:

      It says the mod is specifically for iOS. Not sure if you can use it for Android or not.

    • derpydude says:

      First u need es file explorer and then u go to the download folder and find the nether mod and then u click on manage modpe scripts and then click import then go to blocklauncher and then click the wrench and it will be there then click enable then follow instructions for portal

    • Alicia says:

      You gonna download Nether Portal Mod, and if they installed, go to file explorer and then click Download, and you see a file called NetherPortal.js and then tap it… And import it, and then you gi to the blocklauncher, and you see a key on the top of blocklauncher, tap it and tap Manage ModScript and just tap import, and you see download, and tap it, as you see the NetherPortal.js and tap it, so you can enable it!

  2. Skylar says:

    I have a problem downloading it out of my browsers it open a new window saying “browser cannot open the page because the sever could not be found” what does this mean

  3. Wolfz says:

    Why is it a .zip?

  4. dxilenzer777 says:

    Why does mine generate some kind of purple wool instead of glass when I light it with flint and steel?

  5. Jordan Tuite says:

    It just cought on fire

  6. Hannah Devine says:

    Does it work for Android?

  7. Swan says:

    I have dowload this mod.but when i click that mod it said “cannot open the file”

    • Editor says:

      Maybe it’s because it’s a .zip file and you need to extract the .zip file contents first?

      There are many different softwares/apps which you can use to extract the .zip file contents. In the .zip file you’ll find the actual .js file you need to load the mod with BlockLauncher.

  8. Triston says:

    How do you install on ios

  9. Anthony says:

    It keeps crashing

  10. Triston says:

    I dont know how to install this on ios any help?
    I have watched the videos on this webpage but they dont show how to install this mod please help me.

  11. cordell says:

    When ever I start to travel to the nether my game crashes and I go back to the overworld

  12. ? says:

    Can it be in any world?

  13. hope says:

    The glass panes are not showing up!!!?!? can anyone help me!?!?!

  14. ashley garcia says:

    i installed the mod i ignited it but when it says teleporting to nether. it hangs then crash then i go back to world but i am still at the overworld. pls fix it.

  15. superspider3500 says:

    I have a theory about why the Nether was created. It used to be two worlds similar to the Overworld, but the two almost collided, and the smart pigs on either of the two worlds are the zombie pigmen in which they are today.

  16. Dont ask says:

    Well something bas has happen and the mod no longer works for android

  17. Alesscreeper says:

    I’ve never seen such an old mod xd

  18. MCPE 1.6 User says:

    There are already nether portals whats this one for?

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