New Dungeon-Craft [Adventure] [Parkour]

Dungeon-Craft is one of the oldest adventure map series. It has been one year since the latest release and today we are presenting one of the largest adventure map ever created for Minecraft Pocket Edition and it really lives up its expectations.

To start to finish it should take hours as you are put through several challenges of different difficulty and length. The primary challenge include parkour but it’s really an adventure map with a consistent story.

Creator: Furminator


A mad scientist. That’s what they called you and that’s why you ended up in a jail cell in some dungeon. For the last couple of weeks, previous to your imprisonment, had you been experimenting with block manipulation. Your latest discovery included the possibility to make blocks float and appear out of nowhere. The government didn’t like what you did so they sent you to a jail cell.

The odd thing about this is that your were good friend with the king but by your understanding the king had nothing to do with the order to put you in jail nor was he at the trial. Where is he?

Anyways, the guards who had been your only friends to talk with for the last couple of days have disappeared. They had to go up and see what’s going on after hearing some explosions. What could have happened?

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5 Responses

  1. steve smith says:

    Got a lot of respect for the one that made this.
    It would take me decades to make this
    Good Job?

  2. LBSG_Uly says:

    Wow this map is awesome

  3. Miguel says:

    Cool map

  4. Alyson Law says:

    Cool map

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