New Metaron [Creation]

New Metaron is a fictional modern city with probable inspiration from larger cities in the United States. The current development features a harbor, skyscrapers and an electric factory of some sort. The streets are narrow and most buildings in the city are tightly combined.

All of the buildings in the city got interiors and the possibility to enter them. It is still a quite small city in terms of horizontal size but there are some many things to explore in the city itself making it definitely worth a download.

new1 new2ScreenShot035 ScreenShot036 download

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8 Responses

  1. J9nKidz says:

    How do I know if it’s creative or survival? ( I cannot switch it, i can only download maps BCUZ I can’t do computer stuff, completely impatient & comp illiterate)… How do I know if it’s safe to break blocks in this map? It’s not mentioned? Is there a system to it? Maybe u cud email me?

    • Editor says:

      To switch between survival and creative mode I recommend using a mod like Too Many Items or CommandCraft.

      CommandCraft: /gamemode 0 = survival, /gamemode 1 = creative.

      Too Many Items: Self-explanatory within the mod itself.

      How to install mods:

      If you don’t want to install mods then you can use this tutorial but it’s harder in my opinion:

      It’s a quite old video so I don’t know how good it is, but try searching on youtube and you will find it.

      • J9nKidz says:

        You are soo amazing for responding !!! Thank you… I won’t bother you with anymore questions but, I wanted to say we use iPads only so iOS system. I’ll assume this is compatible with the tuts you shared here! 😀
        Again, You’re a gem for answering !

        • Editor says:

          No problems. I enjoy helping!

          I assumed you used Android (basically the opposite of iOS).

          For that the mods won’t work for you. Instead you will have to do the little bit more tricky solution but a very detailed guide can be found here:

          The tutorial is aimed for Android users but should work almost the same as for iOS users as yourself.

          • J9nKidz says:

            I just wanted to stop by and tell you what I found out! For iOS you can do this change, however, apparently you cannot open chests or use crafting table but, u can fly? I mean, what’s the point really? At least this is what happens on my device IPAD 2nd gen

          • Editor says:

            That’s because you are in creative mode. In your inventory you will have an infinitive amount of items so there is no need for chests.

            To see what’s inside a chest in creative mode you can simply punch the chest to destroy it and it will show you what it included.

            There’s no need for crafting tables either while you are in creative mode as everything can be gotten for free from your inventory.

            So what’s the point of creative mode? Well, basically it’s a god mode which is very to neat to have if you want to really big structures and not wanting to have to mine everything from scratch.

  2. Gage Williamson says:

    The Dropbox Link doesn’t work pls can you fix it?

  3. Riayan says:

    Wait how you do put that on iOS

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