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NextLevel is a great upgrade for the user interface in Minecraft PE. It adds a better looking pause menu and automatically updated coordinates. It also fixes a bug in the End for iOS. As this is the first release it does include some bugs, mainly for Windows 10. I think it could be improved if the coordinates were placed somewhere less intrusive for the user experience.

Creator: RyFol, Twitter Account
Updated: 24 December, 2016 (fixed the Windows 10 bug and the experience bar bug)


Coordinates are displayed above the hotbar. These are useful if you want to more easily (than let’s say a map) understand your current position. The numbers update any time you move.


The Pause Screen looks much cleaner. The Minecraft PE logo has been removed. In the top right corner you will see your player rendered. Down below you will find a list of players who are online in your world. There is also a new button, “More Add-Ons” which will redirect you to instantly.

Click here to see an image of the default pause screen.


iOS users will notice a bug fix in the End. The health bar for the Ender Dragon has been repositioned to be placed below the chat and pause buttons.



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open SettingsGlobal resources > Activate pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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43 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. A3re Ghi Joj says:

    Please fix the end portal bung in ios

  2. Jamon720 says:


  3. bob says:

    isnt there already a cordinates add on

  4. Earthray04 says:

    Hi editor

  5. Drake says:

    did you literally took the location unlocker addon and just moved the ui abit and call it your addon? wow just wow

    • ThePvPGuyFTW says:

      He didn’t copy it, you just need to add one little sentence and remove 4/8 sentences (sentences is what we coders call code) , and it is easy to get the color in it!

  6. Squid_man53 says:

    The pack is great,it’s just can you add the name of the boss to the boss health?

  7. BoiTastic says:

    What world is it that you are in?

  8. Ldgregory says:

    Love the real-time coordinates.

  9. Enderman PE Official says:

    Wow! That is fast update right there but the only thing it was missing (for me) is that the player HUD on the left corner, I know there is a addon for that but I want it to be packed with this so it much cleaner looking

  10. AlphaModern says:

    The pause screen still needs some work, remove the player list, center the buttons, and add back invite player, player HUD on top left, Third/First person buttons on top right

  11. question says:

    hello, what was the map you used?

  12. Games says:

    Please fix the invite things I cann’t invite my friends while I use this texture pack!!!!!!!!

  13. Games says:

    Please fix the invite things I cann’t invite my friends while I use this texture pack!!!!!

  14. Radja says:

    It’s looks like an feeling of deja-vu … Personnally I prefer the Unlocker Coordinates Addons, it doesn’t modify the pause screen expect a link to Twitter

  15. RoboBro2002 says:

    I want one without the pause menu though. Just the automatic updating coordinates and dragon boss bar fix. Please!

    • KingJeff314 says:

      Go into the resource folder and remove the pause screen.json file.

      • RoboBro2002 says:

        I ended up making my own without that. Also without a computer(or the proper knowledge) that could be hard for someone. That’s why I wanted it without the pause screen.

  16. Liam says:

    Very useful thank you!

  17. RedTubeHQ says:

    Hey I was playing on the win 10 ver. then when I tried importing this it said it failed the I went to the behaveir pack file and made it a zip file and that still didint work so please help me and this is the error message if you need it
    Provided ‘/header/pack_id’ element is not a valid UUID.

    Provided ‘/header/modules/uuid’ element is not a valid UUID.

  18. zStrikerSlash says:

    Does this resource pack affect FPS?

  19. VincentGaming3 says:

    Can you make a third person button in game when your in a world and you press the button you will be able to change from first person to third easily like in the PC

  20. InnocentHaloMC says:


  21. Epic_gamer says:

    It’s amazing

  22. CokePopLabs says:

    Can you move the coords just a bit up so that on win 10 the armor bar doesnt interfere with it PLEASE

  23. DitDitGamingDL says:

    Hi Editor, can you ask RyFol to update this add-on to 1.0.6 because at the moment when people do /title with this add-on, the text doesn’t show. Thanks! 😄

  24. John Doe says:


  25. PixelDelta says:

    I also like on how the 1.1 update hotbar cam be compatible woth this addon

  26. B3AST says:

    Hi editor could you please fix the problem where when you wear armor the armor icons block some of the coordinates? Thanks! 🙂

  27. Notch says:

    The Have Join Pepole!!! Right Editor

  28. Lou says:

    Doesn’t seem to work with minecraft 1.2 on an iPad running IOS 11

  29. Br Killer says:

    No meu minecraft pe não pego por que minha versão e a 1.2.3 oficial.

  30. Jeffrayy says:

    So I got the pause menu add-on and it changed, but the coordinates don’t show up. I’ve tried 3 other resource packs and none of them show the coordinates. Help, anyone?

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