No Griefers for Realms Addon

This is an addon which is really useful if you have a Realms server and don’t want griefers to destroy your creations. The wither boss has been disabled and so have TNTs and other things which griefers usually find useful when destroying other people’s creations. This is really a must-have for anyone who have had problems with griefers!

Creator: StarkTMA, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 March, 2017 (updated for 1.0.4, disabled end crystals)

What has been changed?

Here is a list of behaviors which have been changed to make things harder for possible griefers on your Realms server.

  • Wither boss can’t be spawned
  • TNTs (minecarts included) don’t explode
  • Creepers don’t explode
  • Fireballs no longer causes fire. They will still hurt players though.
  • Wither skulls no longer explosive
  • End crystals are disabled

Griefers are out of business! TNTs will no longer work as intended..

The Wither boss is probably the favorite tool for a griefer. But no more. It will no longer spawn!



  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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45 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    Well.. this prevent griefers but..
    You can’t fight wither boss now
    You can’t explode other player base now (Attacking)
    Fireballs Defense will be useless without fire.
    And wither skull for the wither boss
    Without the skull for the boss
    Wither is easy to defeat as hell..
    Creepers the most dangerous Mob
    Now Won’t explode which makes Minecraft easier
    They’ll be like a clumsy tiny zombie that you hit em with a few hit

  2. SolidMoney25979 says:

    Thanks so much StarkTMA! I am a realms owner myself and this will alow me to invite more people to my realm!

  3. Bozoboi says:

    Can’t people still kill you with lava?

  4. Wert929 says:

    Can you add the “gamerule doFirerTick false” to this to make shure they can’t burn anything plz it would be awsome!

  5. Brutalomnivor3 says:

    Thank you for making this addon this will help my realm very much! 🙂

  6. CrEePySAUCE says:

    Can you make it so fire and lava dont effect things also?

  7. S03war says:

    That sounds amazing for other players that have realms I wish I have realms 🙁

    • Editor says:

      Works for local multiplayer too.

      • Jack says:

        Yes but when the Creator goes off the griefer get trolls as soon as he is about to Grief someone And when they log back on then get spotted rip off Its impossible to troll in local Mutiplayer besides 5 limit of Player it won’t be easy to spot anyone

  8. IceFireBear says:

    Dude but lava anyways can make my building awful

  9. Joe says:

    They can Enderman can still pick up boLcks

  10. Rytmit says:

    Can you make an addon which the tnt can’t destroy blocks but still damaging you

  11. EliteVidz says:

    Bro can u Plz add a feature that fire can’t spread in woods or in other flammable blocks cause I installed this add-on in my realms and briefer can’t explode it anymore but its burned! Plz

  12. Stormfives says:

    i like it 🙂 its good and useful

  13. Fallen Gotham says:

    People will still try to kill you using redstone traps, lava, burning houses, making you stuck in a nether portal, suffocaters

  14. Chazy says:

    What about the fire..? & most of all Lava? This is cool I’ll admit but lava is the most common griefing material, b cuz it’s silent & don’t know when it’s coming until literally ur whole world is destroyed by a stupid troll. Plz can u take away lava and the fire (flint and steel) that would be cool

    • StarkTMA says:

      Unfortunately We have no control over this yet

    • Jack says:

      That.. would not be cool. Now you find diamond easy as hell OH MY GOD THERES LAVA UNDERNEATH ME AH AH AH wait I’m not dying it’s just my imagination I HAVE THE MERA MERA NO MI AHAHAHAHAHA
      (Fire-Fire Fruit From One piece)

  15. Awesomerad534 says:

    will this make it so when perhaps if i use jimbos weapons addon the grenade for example it will still do damage to mobs but not destroy blocks

  16. Awesomerad534 says:

    will this make it so if i use the jimbos weapons addon which make snow balls act like greenades will it still do damage to mobs and players but not destroy blocks around it?

  17. ItsDatCrusher says:

    End Crystals can still kill and destroy…

  18. Keyyard2234 says:

    luv it! but we can’t fight wither boss, our defense are useless now!

  19. A1narchy says:

    Thank you…need this.I will try this add-on later.

  20. Steve says:

    This add-on looks useful!

  21. James says:

    Does this disable fire spread? If not please edit it to

  22. EricTheMaster says:

    Snowballs explode. Please fix this.

  23. iSnazzyGhast104 says:

    Well, this doesn’t stop players from placing lava or water so rip

    • Jack says:

      Well let’s take a look. If you don’t place You’ll Have like 10000 Of lava bucket in your inventory Some people like me takes Lava To our base
      And without water farm Is taking 5 Generation

  24. TheGamingPro17 says:

    How do you put addons in realms

  25. T.. says:

    How about lava???It can be threatening when your world contain wooden items

    • Claygaming49 says:

      If you have cheats enabled get a command block, place it down, set it to repeat and always active, do this command around the realm because it only works in certain ranges: /clear @a bucket 10

  26. Supermaster2005 says:

    This is good because nobody bad people put bad stuff like exploding. So that good for realms

  27. flotie says:

    Good News: Will not be destroyed by grievers

    Bad News: Nether star is unobtainable because Wither can’t be spawn AND Lava and Fire will still burn flammable blocks.

    • flotie says:

      I think here’s a better nerf. You can summon the wither BUT. No explodsions. Making Nether stars becoming possible to get.

  28. The only smart one here says:

    Simple solution: Kick them off the Realm. This is why you make backups of your worlds, kids.

  29. Oliver Riley says:


  30. Cole Taylor says:

    This makes the game suck! Now you can’t fight the wither!

  31. FreddieZ says:

    Guys! /gamerule dofiretick false came out in 1.1

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