NoBlox Resource Pack

This resource pack is aimed to make the world in Minecraft seem more realistic. Most of the terrain blocks, e.g. grass blocks, dirt blocks, leaves and so on are sloped and this is supposed to give the overall game design a more realistic appearance. At this point it contains quite a few bugs but it’s still a really cool concept which I hope will be improved on in the future!

Creator: AlphaModern, Twitter Account


Important: It might crash for low-end devices! I tested it on Windows 10, iPad 4 mini and a Nexus 9 with no problems. Set render distance to minimum if you think you’ll have issues.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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33 Responses

  1. AlphaModern says:

    Also, please report any textures that mess up (Turn the wrong color, crash the game, or just look incorrect) by messaging me on twitter

  2. Seasickdrip22 says:

    Wow nice

  3. ok says:

    even stairs

  4. CMAN says:

    I do not recommend this pack. The pictures make it look good, but you get hideous icons in the creative mod inventory. It also causes extreme lag even on my high-end device, and it makes the game unplayable. Do NOT use this pack, please.

    • Editor says:

      There are certainly some bugs and I would recommend to report them here or via Twitter to make sure they can be fixed in a future update.

      I didn’t experience any lag whatsoever and I tried it on three separate devices.

    • NFGamerMC says:

      Devices that run iOS 9 and below or Android 4.4 and below will experience lag. My recommendation is an iPad Air 2 or a Nivea Sheild

    • AlphaModern says:

      Sorry, the blocks in the inventory is a downside which currently cannot be fixed, lag, please specify so I can create an optimized pack for that, I want to know the devices that lag so I can create the pack using them.

    • Jack Atrax says:

      I’m playing on an iPad mini 2 and have zero lag. Also, as the creator of this page has stated, report glitches you find to the addons creators Twitter

    • superspider3500 says:

      I thought those icons look brilliant! I likely would choose to use it because of the icons. They look really nice in my opinion.

  5. samueric says:

    This is really cool! But could you (the creator) make that wool and stained clay aren’t effected? The leaves, stone and others look cool! And underwater all the sloped blocks are being glitchy. Thanks for the addon!

    • samueric says:

      And stone paths just look amazing!

    • samueric says:

      Fixed it myself😁 You gave me so much inspiration how to do stuff and differnt stuff I can do! Wouldn’t have ever thought I would be able to do Texture packs like this on my iOS device! (Yes you can do addons and Texture Packs on your iOS device!)

  6. Therix says:

    I cant use mcpacks anymore it just wont open! Help me plz

  7. Indo craft says:

    Please reduce high lag

  8. Xbow003 says:

    CMAN chill geez this is why we can comment and tell the creator what’s wrong so u don’t need to complain before u even give the maker time to fix

  9. bonin888 says:

    Um…. the pack doesn’t show up at all in my resource packs list…

  10. ZayyozGaming says:

    Ummm, I think the blocks are nice but… the tree leaves is so weird

  11. Banner says:

    Tis,s so ugly 😠😠😠😠

  12. TheVotor says:

    Just amazing just amazing my mind is blown…

  13. CassiePlayzYT says:

    Omg idk
    It looks weird to me
    Please upgrade this weird recourse pack

  14. GameKJacoby says:

    Can you make this work for the iPod pleeeeease

  15. TheAmazingGamer says:

    Epic job I tested it on my basic device and it worked like a blast I’m playing on an iPad Air 2
    And I would like to say there are some bugs and one I want you to fix is the one with wool going weird I don’t know why but it does go weird in my device

  16. Anonymous says:

    Lily pads are gray

  17. TheEndermanKing343 says:

    Phenomenal. Really it was good it felt like I was in another game.

  18. Typical Lana says:

    This is the Resource Pack that Dan aka DanTDM used in one of his vids :3

  19. Alesscreeper says:


  20. Syafi Indo says:

    Thit’s cool! its look the java edition mod “NO CUBES” it’s no mood!
    please update To fixes

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