NostalgyConceptPack Resource Pack

This pack takes some of the designs which existed in earlier versions of Minecraft and implements them (as a resource pack) in the latest version for Minecraft PE. After testing it for some time you will most likely notice that some things are much more accessible and easier to find. Even though all of the features exist they are structured a bit different in the user interface design.

Creator: SirZeusTwitter Account

What’s changed?

The world and servers screen is (in my opinion) the one screen which has improved the most. You can easily add new servers, add a new friend or create a world just by using one of the buttons in the top right.

Here are some other examples for other screens which also have been modified.

All Features

  • New screens
    • Start screen
    • Play screen
    • Skin picker
    • World create/edit
    • Settings
    • Add external server
    • World templates
  • HUD Screen Modified (couldn’t get any of these to work in-game personally)
    • Inventory open button
    • Hotbar opacity
    • XP bar classic
    • Hotbar offset
  • Clouds look like PC


Important: This pack is optimized for version 1.1.x for Minecraft Pocket Edition. But it will also work to some degree on older Minecraft PE versions.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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29 Responses

4.9 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Brutalomnivor3 says:

    When I click on the world I want to play it won’t let me

  2. OPOLO says:

    Why when I install the mod there’s no photos on the world?

  3. MusicRainMo says:

    umm……This addons is good and practical!😃
    Can I share it?😊😊

  4. Faisal Lalu says:

    its like a old version

  5. FuriousGamerAdvance says:

    Does It Work In MCPE

  6. The Stupidest Guy says:

    I liked this pack very much!!!😁

  7. The Stupidest Guy says:

    6.3.1? It the same of PC GUI Pack without buttons!😅

    • Editor says:

      Nope, this one is different from the PC GUI.

      • superspider3500 says:

        Can the creator (or whoever does it) add at least the global resources button so I can add and remove resource packs again? It’s a little annoying because resource packs could only be applied to worlds, and not global resources.

  8. Monkey says:


  9. AlexCreeper says:

    OMG i was waiting this from so much time!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  10. Nachito Z. says:

    Nice concept

  11. Enderman PE Official says:

    Slightly buggy like bit off but that is fine

  12. John Doe says:

    This resource pack is cool but it crashes my game a lot

  13. BATIM_AliceAngel says:


  14. cs127 says:

    Great resource pack! Reminds me of old MCPE versions!

  15. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    You should deffinitly add the old MCPE logo

    Ho and, can you make a video or something on “How to change the game interface with a texture pack”, cause in my own texture pack, I want to change the interface like I want, but I don’t know how to do…


    • XAndersonX says:

      For some reason I can only change settings that are set upon my screen I can’t do much with the settings it’s bad enough with all the glitches this 1.1 update has caused I’ve even complained to pigraid in the comments to put their servers to the 1.1 /:

  16. Best pro minecraft player says:

    Omg I love it so pretty its working in and this is less lag

  17. ProWatermelon25 says:

    Looks so great like the old school xD

  18. ElectroNelek says:


  19. HTV04 says:

    This really cool! Brings back memories from when I first started playing Minecraft PE! I just have one suggestion. I think the old UI is better for touch devices, and I like how this brings the old UI back, but could you release a version that makes the buttons look up-to-date and but keep the same layout? I feel that the old buttons don’t fit the rest of MCPE. Also, if you do release a version like that, could you remove any HUD changes too? I just like the old layout because it’s easier to tap things, but not the old buttons. Other than that, this is really amazing and nostalgic! I rate it five stars 😀!

  20. sjk210 says:

    Awsome!! I love this pack 😀 one thing tho, there is no brightness option xD plz fix this (you dont have too)

  21. LukePlayz132 YT says:

    I’ve played MCPE ever since it came out and, in my opinion, this is better than the menus they have nowadays. Most people I know haven’t played Minecraft this long, and the other half haven’t even seen these old menus before. I can’t wait to show them what we old mcpe players used to have as a menu!

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