1849614853: Ocean Monument Close to Spawn

The ocean monument is a new type of structure which was introduced in version 0.16.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. As of writing this 0.16.0 is only available for Android devices as a beta version. The official release is planned to be on the 18th October 2016. If you want to find one of these ocean monuments very fast then use this seed. You don’t have to walk a distance more than 100 blocks before finding the ocean monument.

Found by: CiferGamerZ, Twitter Account

The spawn is on a small island far out in the ocean. Ahead of you there will be another strip of island. Swim or fly straight ahead until you reach another strip of island. It’s very close.


Just a little further straight ahead of the second island you will find the ocean monument. It’s of course underwater.


Drink a night vision potion to get a better visual.


If you find this description somewhat confusing then please have a look at the image down below. Hopefully it makes sense.


Remember, it works only for 0.16.0+!

Seed: 1849614853

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18 Responses

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  1. Itzamar says:


  2. RyletXela says:

    I have 0.16.1, but I’m only having to like most of the seeds.

  3. Nurin hafiza says:


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Liz says:

    This is great!!

  6. miningpig says:

    Thank you! it worked! it is now my underwater home! (Or will be when I get inside)

  7. Gameknight107 says:

    Where are the gold blocks???

  8. megmarianne says:

    Ehm… it was nothing but a room inside. Not even an elder guardian…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I found it

  10. Cunt says:

    Yay it worked

  11. Gwapo says:

    You fool this never work I wish I never use this seed

  12. Dashie says:

    for those who are angry, just know not all versions of mine craft work with all seeds, it depends on the version. I should know this because I am a “seed hunter” I look for cool seeds online and test them and rate them out of 5 stars in 4 categories. I also list the seed and what version I am playing. Please do not hate on anyone if a seed does not work first time…

  13. Broody says:

    AMAZING I have a huge underwater mansion now

  14. Aiden says:

    for me here are 2 ocean monuments so its worth it to wait

  15. ender-fan says:


  16. ender-fan says:


  17. Camryn says:

    Wow I really love this! I cleared out all the guardians and water and made it my home!

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