Oceanic Redstone [Redstone]

This is an ocean themed redstone house located on an island village with multiple custom houses surrounding it. The house is packed with 50+ redstone machines. It’s very well designed with the average player in mind, meaning it’s small enough to be easy to memorize, but big enough to make it fun to explore. Enjoy!

Creator: XProfessorX

Note from the creator: This is my first upload so don’t beat me too hard, but please, enjoy!


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19 Responses

4.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. JustTqmZbhj says:

    I have some tips for the creation:
    1. Make a spawn where players spawn in.
    2. Make it daytime when you send the map to mcpedl
    3. Add command blocks for titles/info
    4. Add social media buttons in the spawn
    5. Make a clearer start

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great map

  3. CheersBigEars says:

    This Map Is So Bad!!!!!! JK I Loved It! JK Hate It.

  4. Michael McFadden says:

    So Good

  5. No Help pls says:

    FINALLY! Something underwater that (acts?) looks like a house!

  6. Codysaur2004 says:

    Why is there glass everywhere if most redstone is waterproof as of 1.4?

  7. EnderPro303 says:

    Can u plz make it .mcworld(media fire) so that I can download.looks like a great map

  8. Jeff02 says:

    First comment and dis is so 😎 cool must have 5 stars love it

  9. Ethan says:

    can u make this a mc.world file instead of a google drive folder

  10. HolyDefender says:

    Please make a MediaFire link.

  11. Spencer Ritchie says:

    I can’t download it

  12. Loyald says:

    how do I download this can you make it a media fire mcworld download

  13. Akise says:

    It’s not letting me download. It says that “to many people have viewed this file.”

  14. DArKTRooPEr says:

    I like it

  15. KuxingCraft says:

    Cool map!

  16. KuxingCraft says:

    Amazing map!

  17. SpiderLegion says:

    Nice map

  18. Totaku says:

    Since it’s in google drive, you can’t download it instantly you gotta wait a day. Smh. Should have used media fire.

  19. Ocean Explorer says:

    Sounds really good but I can’t download it!

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