One Night At Frankies (Horror!) [Minigame]

One Night At Frankie’s is a fangame which takes some of the game elements which exist in the Five Nights At Freddie’s video games and brings them to Minecraft as a map. It’s not something for the fainthearted since there are multiple jumpscares which might freak you out. The combination of custom sounds, command blocks and redstone create an exciting and well worth playing map.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZTwitter AccountYouTube Channel
Updated: 26 July, 2017 (fixes Endoskeleton, added 3 new textures for Frankie, Golden Frankie and Endoskeleton)

How to play?

The game mechanics are kind of similar to Five Nights At Freddie’s which is a popular horror video game. But since it’s Minecraft, there are obviously some differences.

  • Wooden button = Camera
  • Stone button behind you = Generator
  • Stone button in front of you is the hall lights
  • Levers = Door locks

You must avoid Golden Frankie by using the camera (wooden button).


Important: Make sure that you’ve set brightness to 50%, field of view is set to 109 and that the texture pack is enabled for the world.

  1. Download World .McTemplate
  2. Open Minecraft PE and create a new world
  3. Select the One Night At Frankies World Template
  4. Create the world

You can get a .ZIP file for this world/map here.

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84 Responses

4.27 / 5 (41 vote)
  1. Laurits says:

    Wow this is a good map

  2. The one and only says:

    You should make a slender man mod cause that blur effect would fit also ad tenticals to
    Slender man

  3. PercyEngine45 says:

    First reaction when golden frankie appeared was U know what F*** U

  4. Faisal says:

    The game crashed when I tried to open the world

    • Mystery theGamer says:

      same it says failed to load update 2 pack. Im like “Wtf??” then i keep redoing it but it says i have a pack thats making it fail idk how. I have windows 10 edition but im giving this 1 star for failing

  5. -Some player says:

    Good but just one small problem.Whenever you fail you have to create another world from the templet but other than that wow.also please make failing less frustrating by just having a “try again button” also like how it test which buttons to choose.

  6. DerpyDerp says:

    Suppeerr coooll!!! Really like it!

  7. PepitDock9 says:

    Doesn’t work…

  8. GenocidalShadinq says:

    Is it 2 player?

  9. NetherExplorer78 says:

    How to win this using camera? I always got jumpscare from golden frankie XD. Means using camera to make golden frankie look at you when you look at him or hit him? Btw cool map, i never playing fnaf before but i heard that game.

    • Juuno says:

      Golden Frankie functions as much as Golden Freddy from FNaF.

      In the first FNaF game, if you manage to find Golden Freddy and put down your monitor, Golden Freddy will appear. In the second FNaF game, if you find him AFTER you put down the monitor, Golden Freddy will appear.

      I advise putting up the monitor again once Golden Frankie shows up.

  10. Belugaking says:

    Not bad but I would like it if you didn’t have to recreate the world every time you died.

  11. Johnson says:

    Cool map

  12. InnovatorGavin_3 says:

    Awesome! First comment

  13. The person stalking you says:

    Wow. And I haven’t played yet…

  14. LloydTheZorua says:

    It’s “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, not “Five Nights at Freddie’s”. Looks awesome, though.

  15. Grant Wheeler says:

    Pretty awesome!

  16. Joe says:

    Fun to play no problems for me

  17. :) says:

    I am so excited to play this!!!!

  18. Julie says:

    I don’t know what is going on in this game 😂

  19. Anonymous says:

    not very good only one camera and golden frankie is always there dont get how to win

  20. Human says:

    I’m on the latest version of Minecraft and the map isn’t displaying the “you have the right version” message

  21. Jsisjsksjwjsksjwsoqj says:

    Does it have jump scares?

  22. Darkshark says:

    Wow awsome map and add me on Xbox darkshark2134

  23. RandomScores says:

    Can u add a button to restart please?

  24. RazorBlader13579 says:

    This map is awesome!! It’s a little too hard though.

  25. Batman says:

    This is amazing… Still haven’t beat it. I’d don’t get it! Great job though!

  26. Robloxian says:

    Fnaf for life

  27. :) says:

    Got it to work nut it said one of the resource packs failed u might want to fix a few things:/

  28. Kirito says:

    This map is amazing and fun

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s scary

  30. Alyson Law says:

    Cool map

  31. M says:

    Can make something like this except it is actually a fnaf map with the same commands you did with this

  32. Rainbow001 says:


  33. Freddy_D_Fazbear says:

    Can I have the permission to modify this map into a FNaF map? With FNaF models?

    • CreeperGamerZXZ says:

      You Can use the same mechanics for the animatronics and time, But i can’t give permission to modify the game Completely.

  34. Luthfy says:

    Woow coll map i’m first download next updateone night at frankies 2 thank

  35. RobyGavy says:

    This Might Be Scary…But I Will Play It

  36. Darkshark says:

    I regret it it sucks because your supposed to die in
    The game there is no way of passing it nothing works when you starts the game and you only last for a few seconds and you can’t go farther than those few seconds

  37. TheBGBro says:

    This Game Is Awesome!

  38. Jelte says:

    Horror is super leuk

  39. Juuno says:

    It’s spelled “Freddy”, not “Freddie” 🙂

  40. Elizabeth Haddix says:

    My brother thinks this is stupid but it’s ok for a person who put some effort in it

  41. Casey Doctoroff says:

    When golden Frankie gets in your office he doesn’t leave

  42. Doge says:

    Yo I think I was the first one to download Hi love the fnaf fan made game XD 🙂

  43. Creeperz555 says:

    Can he jumpscare you?

  44. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    I haven’t been here for a very long time because I have lost interest in minecraft but I’m playing again and this was just I needed thanks creeper gamer!

  45. Supermcpeplayer says:

    This was awsome please make more but one night at frankies 2 plz i finished it and when i played the music after it jum scared me

    • CreeperGamerZXZ says:

      Haha! Thanks for the Support, But i have to say Nicely; Please have Patience, Making maps aren’t that Easy 🙂

  46. BurntToastYT / Cheeriodude says:

    Yo! so hyped to play this tomorrow 😉

  47. Minecrafter says:

    Very good and fun please make more maps!

  48. TsundereToaster says:

    I kept dying even in creative mode wtf either way its a cool map 🙂

  49. TsundereToaster says:

    Also i want the sounds in my world 😛

  50. Fighterman5 says:

    10/10 i love it

  51. Dead brain says:

    It really good

  52. Dead brain says:

    It amazing

  53. Skippe says:

    I beat it in one try and it was a really good map on bug though even though I beat it I still got jumpscared by Freddy.

  54. Mystery theGamer says:

    Sadly this will not work for my minecraft windows 10 edition. I am giving this 1 star for a reason because it says failed to upload world from duplicated packs. I don’t understand this. If you can make it available for my mc windows 10 edition instead of mc releams i’d gladly give this 5 star

    • CreeperGamerZXZ says:

      First of all. I Tested this World Multiple Times so I Didn’t Experince any Duplicated Packs and This Map is not for McRealms, i think if you have ONaF Update 1 Installed and trying to install Update 2 It won’t let you, So Try that..if else It won’t work.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I like this idea, but Where is the Wooden Button?

  56. Micah says:

    I killed the yellow man

  57. Jazzy says:

    Somehow my five year old brother got hold of my iPhone and got on this map and you could hear his scream from miles away! It was both scary and hilarious 😂

  58. Sthephen says:

    Really liked it have some request please make the map bigger and if you know redstone command really well please make customizable nights and please make more nights and add more characters if you can

    • CreeperGamerZXZ says:

      Maybe when i Finish with the ONaF Series i can make a Custom night if it’s possible.

      • Horror lover 56 says:

        CreeperGamerZXZ,This is a question/idea.If you make a custom night,could you have every animatronic from each game???

  59. ThatOneArcader says:

    Can I make a FNaF map by modifying this? BTW good map

  60. EXIMIOUS says:

    hey there a video has been made
    have a nice day

  61. JoeBill says:

    Great work! U really scared the crap out of me

  62. Horror lover 56 says:

    CreeperGamerZXZ,if you make a custom night,could you have every animatronic from each game???

  63. Horror lover 56 says:

    Sorry about duplicate copy review

  64. Brian Dickson says:

    What’s Five nights at Freddie’s? I only know a game like that call Five nights at Freddys.

  65. jerry says:

    How to know how much energy i have ? And also i kinda cant understand the both lights in the right and the left , it seems like nothing , and also i saw 2 fankie in the hallway ._.

  66. Mutsumi Asuma says:

    This is not a good map because it is risking your heart being attacked.(Meaning:a masterpiece map lol)

  67. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download the map. I tap the download button but it opens only a new tab.

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