OttieCraftPE [32×32] [16×16]

OttieCraftPE combines cartoon with simplicity. The colors are bright which cause the entire world in Minecraft to turn into an even happier place. A current theme through the entire pack is the symmetrical and obsessive patterns. In that way it’s quite similar to the oCd Texture Pack, but a lot brighter in colors.

We did notice that some of the blocks hasn’t yet been redesigned, but perhaps that will happen in later updates.

Originally creator: ottiemans
Ported by: Johan99, EnderPlay

ottiecraft ottiecraft1 ottiecraft2 ottiecraft3 ottiecraft4

Download (Normal)
Download (Shaders)

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12 Responses

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  1. Jordy says:

    why can’t I ever download MODS???

  2. Emma Helms says:


  3. Amir says:

    I try to download the texture pack but nothing appears

  4. Adolys says:

    the normal download just sends me to a giant ad and there is no ‘skip ad’ or’download’ button at all could you please fix this?

  5. Raiyan says:

    Nice texture pack

  6. Raiyan says:

    And put this anti spam quiz away

  7. Raiyan says:

    Everybody knows this

  8. Grizzly Bear says:


  9. Leo says:

    Is this for 1.2?

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