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This add-on adds tents, campfires, fireflies, and more. A direct inspiration from the anime show Yuru Camp. Featuring a new cooking system into the game thanks to the bonfire.

Creator: CodanRaigen21Twitter Account


6 variants, long press with the following wool colors to change their colors and use a tripwire hook to zip them up and vice versa.

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Silver

Log Bench

Log bench – These are horizontally placed logs which can be used for sitting down. There are 2 seats for each player, it has 6 variants for all log types. You can change their textures wtih the following items:

  • Oak log
  • Spruce log
  • Birch log
  • Jungle log
  • Acacia log
  • Dark oak log

Sleeping Bags

You can basically sit on them while being decorative. It also has 6 variants, same colors as the tent. color them with the following wool

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Silver


To add the fire, light up the block with fire before spawning it on top. Build the campfire using sticks, it has 8 levels. You can cook raw porkchops and beef after you build the last 3 sticks or the final level. This is where the fun part begins, long-press with either raw beef or porkchop to watch your item cook. You have 4 stages:

This event goes randomly between 5-10 seconds so be alert.

Raw> Mid-raw> Cooked> Burnt

You can use a stick to take your items.

Bonfire Video Tutorial:

  • Mid-raw beef and porkchops: inedible items added for the bonfire minigame
  • Burnt beef and porkchops: inedible items added for the bonfire minigame


Although being decorative on its own, it’s also a skin for the torch. Place the torch first then spawn the lamp. Note that this only works on the ground and cannot hang like how a torch would.


These won’t naturally spawn, they’re peaceful and only for decorative purposes.


Note: Aesthetical PE was used for the photos to add effects. That resource pack is downloaded separately. (I’m the creator too)

  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world

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30 Responses

4.2 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. DANIEL says:

    Que pro es muy epico

  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this add-on, best camping items I’ve seen yet 😃, would you think of adding an RV or trailer soon? In my opinion, I think it would make the add-on better.

  3. Anonymous says:

    trash addon, made me crash

  4. TheDanyFazbear says:

    Hay algun tutorial o algo para aprender a hacer este tipo de modelaje en 3D?,me serviria mucho en mis mapas

  5. Creepypotato says:

    I LOVE this add-on, this is the best camping add-on I’ve seen, can you think about adding an RV or trailer? You don’t have to, but in my opinion, I think it would make the add-on better.

  6. Gregorio says:

    Cómo consigo los materiales, se pueden craftear o solo se puede sacar del creativo

  7. YaGurl says:

    Does these items replace items in our inventory?

  8. hans says:

    Omg!I really like it!I’m not installed yet, but i want to know, is those leaves is in the pack?

  9. LordMinecraft says:

    I’m on iOS I keep crashing

  10. JOSH says:

    This is the best! I m waiting for new update!😁😍😍

  11. idk1019101910 says:

    how does it work?

  12. 222 says:

    I can use it, but I can’t see it

  13. Zara says:

    Gees, i cant start it up!
    The crashes!!
    looked great but i want to camp!

  14. Lemondie says:

    I can’t even get into my world with these packs on my Windows 10!

  15. Hilal Limo says:


  16. troy says:

    yea this just crashed minecraft every time

  17. jeff says:

    it crashes

  18. Minecraft player says:

    Cant download it says unsafe website

  19. dxTreemGamingMC says:

    I noticed that if you used multiple addons in one world that does the same thing(adding brand new entities to the game) The textures of some other items from the other addon changed, into the textures of this addon. Pls fix it, thanks!😊btw, great addon!

  20. Aussie_Gamer says:


  21. CoolTuber29 says:

    It’s cool,it didn’t replace any item

  22. CrozzyPlayGames says:

    Can I use it for my map plz? And nice add-on

  23. Tyler says:

    It’s not downloading is there another addon like this that works (ios)

  24. Dragon Girl says:

    Yeah like everyone is saying, it keeps crashing! I’m on iOS too. Plz fix this because it looks amazing!!

  25. Sighsigh says:

    I try to load the world with it on it and it just sends me to my phone home screen.

  26. LIGHTINGWOLF16 says:

    Omg! It keeps crashing plz fix so IOS players can use it

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