Pamplemousse PE [16×16]

The goal of the Pamplemousse texture pack is to resemble the look and feel of a HD texture pack but within a resolution of 16×16. Its simplistic and smooth style works perfect for modern as well as more traditional builds.

Ported by: DHROXX
Creator: MrFruitTree
Updated: 10 December, 2016

pamplemousse-2pamplemousse1 pamplemousse2 pamplemousse4 pamplemousse5

iOS Warning: I have tested this on iPad 4 mini and it crashed the game. Install on your own risk.

It works fine for Windows 10 and Android systems. Tested on both.

Download .McPack (0.16 – 1.0)
Download .ZIP (0.16 – 1.0)

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29 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a awesome and smooth texture pack. Thats you should download

  2. FazriWigrama says:

    Editor,this is for 16.0 ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m on an amazon tablet, how do I get it to MCPE?

  4. S4/\/\ says:

    I love this texture pack and played a few minutes with it. Then I wanted to play in my friend’s world and it crashed. Now I can’t open Minecraft PE anymore! Please somebody help. I can’t deinstall the texture packs/addons I have and I don’t want to delet my worlds which I worked for long, because I have also all my Redstone Creations and my beautiful designed buildings which I needed to work on partly hours and for a few days. I don’t want it wasted and I haven’t got a resent backup!?

    • Editor says:

      Don’t worry, I am sure we are going to able to solve this for you.

      Please provide some more information:

      1. What kind of device are you using? Operating system? iOS / Android / Other?
      2. What happens when you open Minecraft Pocket Edition?
      3. Do you have access to a computer?

      Be as specific as possible.

      • SirJackDaReaper says:

        I’d iOS:Download Iexplorer use your iOS charger cord(make sure it’s plugged into data port) download iTunes, and your all set!
        Go into a tutorial on IE web and they’ll show you where the games would show up Minecraft shows up there.

        If Android: don’t use it but I think it’s the same concept but probably different programs.

        • SirJackDaReaper says:

          Cont.: after finding the Minecraft there should be folders, a inbox(which is where you must delete where the mcpack went if you plan to redownload it) then further in the other folder beside inbox should be the main folder go in there find “resource packs” and delete it from the lineup folder there.
          Then there should be a folder containing worlds, depending on if names have spaces it can be stuff like TGEUBEG1256-578 or just “World” delete the texture/resource pack from the resource pack areas in each world.

          Problem solved!
          (Again not sure if it works for android)

          • SirJackDaReaper says:

            If that doesn’t work simply copy all worlds folders to your laptop using “export files to folder” on Iexplorer and voila you have backup worlds so you can delete and reinstall Minecraft and re add them!

    • Austin_gamers says:

      Dude i can help you

  5. guest92518 says:

    pls add a mediafire link. links don’t work for me.

  6. S4/\/\ says:

    Can you please make the old download available, because now it crashes the game. 😭The old one didn’t!

  7. Beacarl223pogi says:

    That’s why i hate texture packs!!! They crashed my game

  8. Julie says:

    I need help.
    I download the .Mcpack (0.16.0- 1.0)
    and I went to my minecraft windows 10 beta and it showed an notification it has been imported and I went to click on a new world and it keeps showing building terrain and I don’t know what to do now.
    I was so hyped up that this texture pack came out because I also have this texture pack on my Phone.
    Can you help me and figure what causes this?
    By the way this is a new windows 10 computer and I had gotten Windows Minecraft a week ago.

  9. daffa says:

    Its work for beta ??

  10. Fluffi_Unicorn7 says:

    Help! I downloaded this texture pack and now I can’t open Minecraft! What should I do?

  11. Morgan says:

    Does this work with iPods editor?? Because it keeps on crashing

  12. Miles Bland says:

    Most texture packs always crash on iOS so no need to warn :/

  13. NFCorp2016 says:

    Editor, take down all of the warnings for crashes, 1.0.0 fixed all of them. The ones that used to crash don’t anymore, also you don’t have to restart MCPE

  14. Vr Epicist says:

    I can’t see some of the text in the menu and pause menu, recommend it to change the text to black colour. Other than that it was a great texture pack

  15. MrEmeraldz says:

    Does this work for iOS without crashing?

  16. S4/\/\ says:

    Works now on iOS!
    Btw I just LOVE this texture pack! But the gravel, oven and hay bale are messed up. (You can see either water or lava on them)

  17. Gibranmr15 says:

    This is a very good texture packs, Editor. I’ve tried it and I love it.

  18. Emmy22 says:

    This is a very good texture pack I recomend it (it maybe works for me because I have a powerful iPad) But it’s a very good texture pack well done developer!

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