Parkour Islands [Parkour] [Puzzle]

What is Parkour Islands? Parkour Islands is one of the biggest parkour maps currently available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. As it includes a great amount of challenges it will take quite a long time to ultimately complete it. Nothing ever gets boring as there is a good variety of jumps and obstacles. New content is also being worked on and are released as new updates on a regular basis. Have fun in Parkour Islands!

Creator: Examinedcat669, Twitter Account
Updated: 1 November, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

Parkour is a Minecraft minigame played by jumping from block to block. But there is more to it as some jumps require strategy and planning. Some blocks or their placement can affect how you must jump.

Notes from the creator: 

– Report any bugs to me on Twitter: @Examinedcat669
Friend me on Xbox Live: Examinedcat669
– Discord name and tag: Examinedcat669#7252
– Remember to be patient! More updates coming soon!

Available Levels

  • Tutorial
  • Level 1: Dirtland
  • Level 2: Stood
  • Level 3: Slime Mania
  • Level 4: Redstonia
  • Level 5: The End?
  • Level 6: Into The Nether
  • Level 7: Rainbow
  • (New) Level 8: MADNESS

Update Plan

  • v0.1.5: Level 9 plus additions, changes and tweaks.
  • v0.1.6: Level 10 plus additions, changes and tweaks.
  • v0.1.7: Final additions, changes and tweaks to prepare for full release.
  • v0.1.8: This update will only be released if there is a bug or I need to change something that was not changed in V01.7.
  • v1.0: Full release!


v0.1.4.1 (Halloween version):

  • Added Halloween decorations everywhere.
  • Tweaks to the Tutorial.
  • Tweaks to signs.


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69 Responses

3.82 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. pom6universe says:

    hi Examinedcat669……. its be pom6universe… I’m gonna download it to complete it

  2. Robo1611 says:

    It’s a bit hard I am a getting good

  3. AKid93 says:

    Do I have to make my Minecraft to beta

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      Nope, its called BETA because of the fact thats its like a BETA, you know how the game has BETAS? And BETAS arent complete? Well the map aint complete, but you know what, so people dont get confused Ill remove the BETA thing, ok?

  4. theashortnose says:


  5. Roman Reigns says:

    Very good

  6. Chrissygaming17 says:

    LOL very hard I had to rage quit but very well built!

  7. Jolie13 says:

    Very hard!! I raged so hard and i quit LMAO, but nice map 🗺

  8. 🐶🐹🐯🐷🐱🐰🐼 says:


  9. Examinedcat669 says:

    Hello, I would like to point out that the download link was not changed I clicked on both download .mcworld and download .zip and they took me into the 1.2 download could you please change it to:

    Thank you!

  10. Meri says:

    This map is terribly made. Extremely unprofessional and low quality.

  11. Zachary Given says:

    It’s kinda annoying that no matter how hard you try, you can’t get the snowball out of your hand.

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      In the next update I will add a setting to disable it… Really sorry…

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      I’m really sorry… In the next update I’ll address this properly like I said, but for now here is a solution:

      1. Enable cheats and make sure you are op

      2. In chat type: /setblock -4 36 2 air

      3. Then type: /clear and the snowballs will all be gone!

      I hope you can enjoy the map now! Thank for your feedback… And sorry for causing problems…

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      Don’t worry it has now been fixed! The snowball can now be found in your inventory instead of your hotbar.

  12. Supplydisc282 says:

    how can you complete it if that snowball thing won’t stop teleporting you back to the lobby?

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      I make sure to add a setting to remove disable it

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      I will* make sure to add a setting or something to remove it

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      I’m really sorry… In the next update I’ll address this properly like I said, but for now here is a solution:

      1. Enable cheats and make sure you are op

      2. In chat type: /setblock -4 36 2 air

      3. Then type: /clear and the snowballs will all be gone!

      I hope you can enjoy the map now! Thank for your feedback… And sorry for causing problems…

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      That has now been fixed, you can find the snowball in your inventory now instead of your hotbar

  13. Maddie_my2007 says:

    I absolutely love this bravo creator. Bravo. 👏🏻

  14. Examinedcat669 says:

    Hey in the changelog the part that says:

    -Fix for level 6 sign displaying level 5 in the level selection.

    Its actually meant to say:

    -Fix for level 7 sign displaying level 5 in the level selection.

    I’m not sure if I mispelled it or not, but could you please change it? Sorry… Thanks

  15. Melany says:

    Is cooll i love you

  16. NathanPlayzPH says:

    Hey! The snowball in your inventory is so annoying. Please fix it!

  17. ScellyCraft_YT says:

    I love it it’s just great

  18. Sheepking says:

    I have a video of me doing the map! This is for whoever wants to click on it but mostly the creator! It took a long time to do

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      I will make sure to watch it 😀

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      Wow… I’m impressed, not only did you do it without failing but you also showed me a few exploits I should fix, like how the levitation effect can be used to skip some of the map. Anyway thx for taking your time to do the video, I want you to know I appreciate your efforts 😀

  19. PhobiaGamingYT says:

    Omg I cant get past level 2 Stoak

  20. RealChocoGamez says:

    Laggy, a huge lack of detail and clearly rushed

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      What type of lag are you experiencing? Also what type of detail do you think it needs? Also keep in mind this is version 0 of the map. It clearly isn’t finished, updates are on their way, but could you please be more specific on your feedback? Thx.

  21. Allieee says:

    Can I just say that it is so annoying every time I see, “You beated the level”? Other than that, this map was pretty well done

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      Yes I have taken that into consideration. In the next update the notification will only display once (when you first beat a level). After that update I plan on adding a way of disabling it completely.

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      I just realized! You can just mute the chat so that the messages no longer appear. Hopefully this helps.

  22. XXXXX says:


  23. DeepDaHeapz says:

    This map is horrible it crashed my whole devise and im using windows 10 and have a great pc

  24. ItzMrRaXGYT says:

    I cant download it And My Connection Is Speed

  25. Xx_Jivar_xX says:

    This map doesn’t work for me. When I load up the world I suffocate then my Minecraft crashes

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      Maybe try updating the 1.5.1 and redownloading the map, 1.5.1 fixes some crashes. By 1.5.1 I mean the latest Minecraft update.

  26. Danny_24680 says:

    What are the snowballs for?

  27. Sheepking says:

    My name is JamesCarlsonJr and also yours map was amazing! I like playing parkour on mcpedl and yours was the most fun one! It’s just it doesn’t take me 3 tries to finish the map! Yours actually took me a lot of practice to finish in 1 try from the beginning!

  28. SuperSlayer285 says:

    cool and all but why is the end before the nether?

    • Examinedcat669 says:

      Because in the first version of the map there were only 5 levels, but I wanted to add a Nether themed level, and since the fifth level was already built and named The End? I couldn’t change it, so Level 5 ended up being The End? and Level 6 Into The Nether, but The End still technically goes after the Nether, because Level 10 is The End. Basically Level 5 is like a halfway point to the end which is why it’s called The End? and Level 10 is The End. Because it’s the real end. Tho Level 9 and Level 10 haven’t been added yet, but in the level selection you can see their names. They’re coming in the upcoming updates.

  29. Examinedcat669 says:

    Please remove the part of the description that says:

    With this update there’s a few things that need to be changed in the description. The version number that’s below the word changelog, which right now is v0.1.4 should be changed to v0.1.4.1 (Halloween version) as this update is v0.1.4.1 (Halloween version) after a while I might release a non Halloween version of v0.1.4.1 which is why it should include the (Halloween version) text, and the changelog itself should be changed to:

    That isn’t intended to be part of the changelog.

    Also please make it so that the thumbnail is not just present as the thumbnail, but also present above the 3 pictures in this page.


  30. Jason12345Voorhees says:

    Cool Ok

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