Patriotville & Freedom County [Creation]

This is a ported version of Patriotville which was originally created for Minecraft: Java Edition. Patriotville is a huge world with many different cities and interesting landscapes. The main city is called Patriotville and the surrounding countryside is called Freedom County. You can literally spend hours walking around exploring it and even then you’ll have lots more to explore. The attention to detail is overwhelming and it’s just pure joy to play it!

Creator: Poison__Ivy (Original Java Edition Map)
Ported by: MrMvBPETwitter Account (Porting permission in PlanetMinecraft comments)

Patriotville is the largest city and it has plenty of different districts to explore with amazing skyscrapers and other structures all around.

Welcome to Las Vegas! It sure can’t be anything else, right?

A huge part of the map is the countryside and it’s really cleverly designed with lots of fun details. I really like the tractors and scarecrows. It really makes it seem so much more alive.


Even the ocean surrounding the creation includes some creations such as this huge ship.

There are plenty more areas to explore. Make sure to check it out for yourself!


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84 Responses

4.34 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. KILLERd7r says:

    Dang it’s huge I am going to use this in a city roleplay and yes I will give credit amazing job from the pictures Thanks

  2. Blanche Ducarre says:

    So coool love it (the best)

  3. FlowerCat says:

    Could you please make it work with Mediafire?
    Thanks to you <3

  4. Tawqir says:


  5. Diamondprogaming56 says:

    Oh my fu**ing god this is amazing

  6. EinAphmau says:

    Love it just i can’t find the city! XD

  7. Verena says:

    Where is the neighborhood can someone tell me the coordinates?

  8. YusufTMG says:

    I love this Map,it’s Huuuuuuuuuge

  9. OrinthianYT says:

    Nice! Im gonna make a World War 3 Adventure with this city going to give credits to you!

  10. Akira says:

    Download links for everything on are broken. I can’t seem to download anything at this moment.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How in the world am I gonna download this map? If i go to i click on the box and then I went to Bing! Please have another download link, if not then have a tutorial!

  12. Dipper says:


  13. Angel335 says:

    What the heck I keep trying to download this on but it keeps taking me to adds what the heck 🤯😠😫😩😭😢☹️😖😣

  14. Anonymous says:

    Best creation!

  15. RaffyGamer1170 says:

    Thank you Mcpedl

  16. Creeper person says:


    good job though

  17. PLEASE READ EDITOR?! says:

    I WANT?!!!!! REDIRECT?!!!!!

  18. Taylor says:

    Ummmm…….I got Lost FAASSST
    Can You Please Tell What Spawn Number Thingy Where The First Picture Or The Thumbnail In ThisWebsite Was? Thank You

  19. PREPS4lyfe says:

    Oops meant to give it 5 stars

  20. Rayyan says:

    Amazing I haven’t even tried it yet

  21. Diamondprogaming56 says:

    ALl the things that are broken and weird first the strange Steve heads everywhere which I think in pc should be custom heads and the weird trap doors always up in a weird way sometimes lag and most of the elevators the command blocks don’t work and sometimes the buttons on the vending machines are weird too and the camp where all the trees are where it looks like the trees fell down it’s all on fire

  22. David Hudson says:

    A’im like this maps but why a’im can’t play this maps on Minecraft Pocket edition v1.1.4??? A’im just can play on v1.1.5???
    but THANKS a’im like it….

  23. MCPE GEEK says:

    Can you import next itsfozzy/ San fozisco map to pe edition thank you

  24. Anonymous says:

    This map is the worst it won’t let me download it so this is the worst nap ever

  25. Jimmybagodonuts says:

    Why is the forest and houses on fire!

  26. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    Can’t find city huge map lol so much pollution though and why are there heads everywhere lol

  27. Joe says:

    Can you please port the new version of los dangeles

  28. Braulioss says: no work

  29. Sofia says:

    I can’t download it! It keeps going to this weird scamming website please change the link to media fire

  30. Li323 says:

    OH YEAH!

  31. Jlan123 says:

    Also is no longer secure enough to visit on safari. Please fix this problem

  32. strongman says:

    It’s not working 😥

  33. YTGAMER19 says:

    I have a question? Why doesn’t shulker boxes work? Or is it just me?

  34. Kristizzzgaming says:

    After Months I will open Minecraft just to play this freakin Awesome map!!!

    Best map ive ever seen!

  35. GabiiJaykii_tzs says:

    This one is absolutely going to take ONE YEAR for me to discover the whole map. This is INSANITY. I think the creator had worked on this map for 8 years. Holly @@@@ brb. Littest map I’ve ever seen. But I Can’t Find My Way To The City. 1000000 stars👏🏼😲 👌🏽😵 😲👍🏼

  36. Jonathan says:

    Why are the adds not letting me do anything. This makes me quite angry

  37. MithoMage says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to get around the ad.1ink page or how I can not encounter it at all? I cannot get to the download link because of this page.

  38. Will Chambers says:

    Remove ads I really want to download this map. It looks awesome. I need a mcworld link to media fire. Thank You

  39. MarySays says:

    This is the by far most detailed map I’ve ever played. The amount of time, work and dedication that have gone into this, it’s absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this. Every single building has been decorated, down to the last detail. This is VERY impressive, it’s a great map for roleplaying, just exploring, even survival mode! It’s an absolutely wonderful map and I’m definitely going to enjoy playing in it.

  40. Anomeenoos says:

    I kept finding steve heads all around the map and trapdoors & buttons are glitched.

  41. Ryan Souak says:

    Plz cancel the current link for MCWORLD, it is a scam. Also I can’t get out of it

  42. Ryan Souak says:

    Scratch that, there is a way. Press the stuff about catcha and it will take you to minecraft plus, find zip or mcworld, which ever one you want to use, and download it. Simple!

  43. Ryan Souak says:

    But how to get to the main city

  44. Anonymous says:

    How the hell can you get this map when I try to download it it takes me to a ad and then I get chosen as a winner someone pleas help me

  45. Mystery says:

    Do you think that someone can make all the buildings furnished with decorations?

  46. MushyGazelle says:

    Why dont you use adfly a cant download the map with the current redirect seriously mad

  47. Conor says:

    Took forever to actually get to the download

  48. lightningrod says:

    it’s redirecting me to the wrong place. it me be on ad1 but it’s not redirecting me to media fire

  49. Bone says:


  50. Anonymous says:

    I originally got this off a different website 2 years ago and I was an noob back then and since then Minecraft has been my fav game

  51. Anonymous says:

    Yo this is not a .McWorld file take that tag off

  52. Cheech says:

    K so…
    don’t try to get this world cuz I’m on an iPad and it takes me to an adult site and apparently I have I virus from looking at too many adult sites so I guess I have a virus now😩😡

  53. Josef Stalin says:

    Please make this work with mediafire or I will send my comrades to hunt you down…

  54. ModernMallBuilder769 says:

    Where is Wallenburg Parkway, Crossington, D.C., USA in your map
    And are you related to IMAN or IAMA

  55. 12345 says:

    It will not download

  56. Mike says:

    Honestly I can’t download it I tried to many times but it takes me into inappropriate websites, fix this problem! Hurry up I want to download the map so bad!!

  57. Martinwang9 says:

    Some reason I can’t get to the actual download link, I always first get porn for the first time, then I see that your adfly link has been suspended. Please make it work with Mediafire

  58. Steel says:

    5 Star! THIS IS INSANE AND INCREDIBLE. I see Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco all bundled up together like it’s one City alone. The WTC’s design is the best one I’ve seen so far out of all the other cities containing a replica of it.

  59. Litty titty says:

    This map is absolutely amazing!! I love all the detail and the humor in this map, it took me a long time to find the big city so the coordinates for the city are -4116, 144, -2601

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