Peaceland Origins – Quinquennium Edition [Creation]

New Liberty City was the first city in the Republic of Peaceland. It was founded back in 8th November, 2012 which makes it almost half a decade old by now. The creators behind this city are the same ones who are building the State of Democratia (which soon is going to be rebranded as the Republic of Peaceland).

This map is not meant to showcase the incredible building skills, but instead how bad it was, compared to their creations today (according to the creators themselves). It’s amazing to see how their building style has changed over time and it’s a reminder to all of us that persistence is one of the keys to making us do great things. Let’s check back in another five years and see how their builds have evolved then!

Creators: PeacelandGovTwitter AccountFacebook


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15 Responses

3.55 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Ethan Llamas says:

    It was the city i have then. Peaceland Broadcasting had a taller building.

  2. DelTaco24 says:

    This map is bs only one building in the ENTIRE town uses stained glass and that is the only good looking building the rest are cartoonishly abominations and takes way too long to download

  3. Anna Rizza Armiza says:

    How long does it take for me download? 🙁

  4. Sbraswell says:

    I love this world!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whoops accidentally blew up boats not really I totally meant to but I took the good loot

  6. Isabellaangel74 says:

    Half a decade?

  7. shadow says:

    I like this map. It reminds me of the world of colors update. ‘W’

  8. LemonNada says:

    I cant really download mine but its worth nice map.

  9. MCGamer says:

    I don’t understand why you think your build is horrible.Your build is AMAZING I’m serious.Great job!.

  10. EnderGardian28 says:

    Amazing I’m using for my realm

  11. Dermnacklyth guntyerjr xyavker says:

    It doesn’t even work, and instead of peace, I have anger because I can’t get the map to download to Minecraft. I haven’t played the game in a long time, so I might be missing something.

  12. king of pvp says:

    peace? oh I made this a pvp / fight to live game using the fallout addon I gave full credit to you

  13. Boihart says:

    Absolutely cr*p!! JK Love it!

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