PEWin10LookJavaPC Resource Pack

This resource pack modifies the user interface (UI) of Minecraft for mobile devices and Windows 10 in order to create a UI similar to that of Minecraft: Java Edition. Most changes are minor, but it will make your game more like Java Edition. For example, the open inventory button on the right side of the hotbar is turned invisible.

Creator: Alex-SirZeusTwitter AccountYouTube Channel


  • Hotbar with opacity similar to Java Edition
  • Virtual locomotion buttons are now invisible
  • Open inventory button is invisible
  • Pause and chat buttons are invisible


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources .McPack

You can get a .ZIP file this resource pack here.

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20 Responses

4.36 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Shengalabu11 says:

    Very cool

  2. Losmen_Yt says:

    Aded a slash sword like in java edition pls

    • The Last Knight says:

      That isn’t a visual effect it’s an actual in-game feature that swords have.. not possible to just ‘add’

  3. HDJSJ says:


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. JeremiMcPE says:

    Kewl 😀

  6. GamingGalaxyz says:

    It doesn’t make any difference to the Win10 on my though. The Chat, Virtual buttons, and inventory button.

  7. Demoncraft says:

    id is unknown 🙁

  8. Miko says:

    Notch e Is The creator

  9. AnMC143 says:

    I LOVE THIS ^^

  10. Sir Piglet says:

    How would this work you’d still have to tap the screen right?

  11. Marshall says:

    I love it its looks like pc

  12. Nikash says:


  13. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    can you make it so you can slightly see it, well another texture

  14. Clarity Diamond says:

    Wow Very Cool

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