Pikachu and Raichu Add-on

If you like Pokémon then this is the perfect addon for you as it adds Pikachu and Raichu to the game. Catch (or rather tame) Pikachu and keep it as as as your loyal companion. You can even evolve it to Raichu by feeding it an emerald. Let it fight for your and it will unleash unleash powerful thunder shocks at your enemies in Minecraft.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 February, 2017

Taming Pikachu

Pikachu replaces the pig and can be found spawning naturally in the Overworld. It can be tamed with carrots, beetroots or potatoes. (Tame chance: 33%)

If you find a baby Pikachu then you need to feed it until it’s an adult before you can tame it.


A tamed Pikachu (or multiple tamed ones) will follow you around and protect you if needed.


General Pikachu Information

  • Adult
    • Wild
      • Neutral (attacks only if attacked)
      • Melee attack: 4 attack damage
      • Health: 8 hearts
    • Tamed
      • Hostile towards monsters
      • Attacks anything which the player attacks
      • Melee attack: 5 attack damage
      • Health: 20 hearts
  • Baby
    • Wild
      • Passive
      • Health: 4 hearts
    • Tamed
      • Passive
      • Health: 6 hearts


Once you’ve tamed a Pikachu you can help it evolve into Raichu by feeding it an Thunder Stone (emerald).

General Raichu Information

  • Health: 30 hearts
  • Attack damage: 8


Pikachu and Raichu are naturally hostile towards hostile mobs. But it will also help you to kill friendly mobs if you attack one.


  • Pikachu
    • Thunder Shock: Requires the enemy to be more than 4 blocks away from Pikachu.
    • Quick attack (tail whip): A melee attack which is taken in action if the mob is somewhere in its close proximity. Attack damage: 8
  • Raichu
    • Thunderbolt: Sequence of three thunderbolts in a row


Raichu is more powerful and this comes clear when it’s time for battle. Its main attack is the thunderbolt. Basically it will fire off an attack of three thunderbolts in a row.

The Pokémon are friendly towards their own species. The only time they will attack another each other is if it’s accidentally hit by one.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate packs for a world in-game

Do you want the Ash Ketchum skin? Get it here!

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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78 Responses

4.13 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. NoName says:

    Plz update addon and add charmander, squirtle and bulbasaur!!

  2. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    Wow amazing!! I love Pokémon! And can you make three starter pokémon from Kanto Region?

  3. Enes Pikachu says:

    Skin download link 😇

  4. BuggyPig says:

    Stop making non dinosaur Addons until u make Spinosaurus addon

  5. Tiger tiger 🐯 says:

    We’re is more dinosaurs

  6. Minecrafers says:

    Hey!! Where’s the other dinosaurs??

  7. Endergon says:

    Gona, Can you make the Monster Hunter Add-ons or another Monster Add-ons and make it into a New Boss?? I really like a Monster boss like another mods on Minecraft PC 😀

  8. Daniel says:

    I love Dino’s but gona where are the Dino’s please make more like spino triceratops Stegosaurus parasour carnitorus and more please gona please we are all begging you please gona (and don’t stop making random Add-on ) I like it

  9. Daniel says:

    BTW gona I love your addonsa there all awesome specialy Dino’s and Pokemons please make more

  10. Daniel says:

    Gona there’s 2 bugs in this add-on 1 when you have 2pikachus when the other pikachu is structh by thunder bolt they fight each other 2 when you tell your pakichu to sit even when they are sit they will move randomly why fix it gona editor tell gona please

  11. Poke_fan says:

    Pls can you make more of these like charizard addon and more? Cause im a big fan of pokemon and minecraft!

  12. KelvinCs says:

    Lol the pikachu cant sit if u sit pikachu he will wonderkng arround

  13. Irfan says:

    Hey editor it works for ios to.i try it already

  14. Max mcallister says:

    I wanted charizard

  15. dls2024 says:

    Why are you guys commenting on a PIKACHU addon about DINO addons? Comment on the DINO addons; it would make more logical sense.
    Not trying to be a hater but you need to get organized and start commenting about Dino’s on Dino addons.
    And yes I know that Gona, the creator of this addon, creates Dino addons.

  16. Entity303 says:

    Guys you can use snowballs to summon lightning

  17. Space_Duck147 says:

    The addon makes snowballs use thunderbolt. So maybe make it so pikachu spawns the lightning instead of throwing invisible snowballs.

  18. Brianaplayz169 says:

    THE PIKACHU BABY AND ADULT LOOKS SO CUTE! 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😄😄😄😁😁😁😍😍😍😘😘😘

  19. Rachel says:

    May u plzzzz make an addon were you can hatch and tame and ride the endear dragon I’ve been looking ever sence I saw my friend do it on his Xbox plsssss may u plzzzzz try that would make it the best Christmas ever? 😊

  20. Rachel says:

    May u plz make a tameable enter dragon that would make my Christmas

  21. TimeForRick says:

    When is the new models for the Pokéaddon gonna come?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Coolest thing I’ve ever seen in minecraft

  23. NightSwift says:

    Plz update it and add eevee in it with the ability to use shadow ball which gives the wither effect that would be nice the addon is great though but plz make a eevee addon plz.

  24. NightSwift says:

    Plz update it and add eevee to the addon if not make a eevee addon and give the ability to use shadow ball which gives the wither effect when it by it but the addon is great though.

  25. Mari says:

    Does anyone know how to get back to Minecraft version 1.0?. My app updated my game to version 1.0.1 and now I can’t use this add on. I really like Pokémon and I want to use this add on but now I can’t. So does anyone know how to change your Minecraft version?

  26. ToxxikGamingHQ says:

    Dude you should make the carrots into poke balls and add charmander as a rabbit and squirt all as a black rabbit and bulbasar as a white rabbit?? But do what ever you want

  27. BuggyPig says:

    Can u make the ender dragon to charizard and make The pig to charmander plz

  28. Darquezze306 says:

    I find it strange that both Pikachu and raichu are their but not Pichu, Pichu should atleast be the baby form if possible some how

  29. NFGamerMC says:

    Editor, i kind of deleted doctor husk can you give me your media fire plz

  30. Bob says:

    …or your and it will unleash unleash powerful th…

    There are 2 unleashes and it’s supposed to be you not your.

  31. Daniel says:

    I wish u add Frokie I love Him Hoope u do and make more Dino’s Frokie’s attacks Bubble Watergun And also Add an Evolution to Frokie From Frokie To Frogadier To Greninja Greninja Attacks Water Shuriken Water Gun Gona Please Add Them!!!!

  32. Sebbysoccer says:

    Wow I love this add on but I love it even more if you added charmander bulbasaur squirtke etc
    If you could this would be the best ADDON ever!!!

  33. Minecraftguytnt says:

    These r so cute!

  34. NainaKun096 says:

    Plz update, and add charmender, bulbasour, and squirtle!

  35. Javier nicholas says:

    Gona can you make batmobile addon

  36. Big Boy says:

    Hey can you release Jurassic Craft to this website again. I had to reset my IPad and I don’t have it anymore and I can’t find it on this website.Thx so much.

  37. Ethan says:

    Can you please update addon squritle

  38. DankDanielo says:

    GONA YOU DA BEST I thought the mod was perfect but now with this new update EVOLVING IS POSSIBLE all you have to do now is add the kanto starters And make other packs for each region with their respective starters

  39. nich says:

    Hey i have a great idea and i would really love it if you add more dragons make dragon addons
    and all dragons are tamabla turn the blaze into a fire dragon turn cows to earth dragons and other dragons that would be really great if u could make dinosaurs why not make dragons

  40. Supergamerman12 says:

    Nice addon I really enjoy it

  41. Minecraftguytnt says:

    I love this mod can u pls make a pokecraft one

  42. Bongbong says:

    Hey I Dont Need To Tame A Thunder Storm Only Using A Saddle In Recourses And Ios

  43. Toryn says:

    Thil looks awesome

  44. Vamp says:

    I found something in creative inventory menu there was an empty slot i tapped on it and it was an invisible snowball and i threw it it made a thunder bolt so maybe pikachu and raichu throw snowbolls to summon thunderbolts (this happened while i was using the add-on)

  45. Vamp says:

    and also my pikachu wouldnt attack the zombie i found while mining

  46. GMO says:

    Plz fix this addon. My game crashes every time pikachu and raichu try to use the lighting thing. It also happens when I try to throw the snowballs. Plz fix this immediately! I really love this addon but I really want pikachu and raichu to shoot thunder!

  47. AI says:

    plz update for minecraft 1.1

  48. Thegamer creeperyt says:

    Este muy chulo

  49. GamerJokerGuy12 says:

    I’m new to this website

  50. GamerJokerGuy12 says:

    make it for computer

  51. Alan Tomathy says:

    Can someone please make an add-on with the whole pokemon series or just one game please?

  52. oskdavey says:

    hey how do you ride the riachu

  53. Bebop says:


  54. Poke gamer says:

    They should add starter pokemon from pokemon sun and moon

  55. Minecraftmas106 says:

    Make it so u can tell it 2 use thunderbolt and thundershock instead of it using them by itself

  56. Thegamer creeperyt says:


  57. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if the player evolves Pikachu on an island, it could evolve into an Allan form? Just a little suggestion.

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