Planet Ten (Impossible!) [Parkour]

Planet Ten is one of the most difficult parkour maps you will ever play and the expected gameplay is somewhere around 7 days. I haven’t played it through yet so I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it sure seemed quite difficult. One thing which doesn’t make it easier is the fact that it’s set in a very dark environment. If you like yourself a tough challenge then give it a try!

Creator: KNobleBoy

Storyline: The Earth was coming to an end. Xenomorphs destroyed mankind and the cycle of life was obliterated. We had to escape and settle on another planet. We called it Planet Ten. It’s not like Earth. Noises disturb us all of the time and for some reason we have to complete an obstacle course to prove that we aren’t one of those horrific creatures. Only the strong ones will survive.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Set brightness to 100%
  • Use the included texture pack (it’s included in the map download)

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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26 Responses

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  1. ParkourScientist says:

    I’m on Windows 10, and I haven’t been able to play the map. It keeps on crashing, and I don’t know why. I also turned off any extra resource packs like Faithful but kept the resources that come with the map on. So, if there is a fix to this, please reply to me because I love parkour and I have an urge to play this map dearly.

    • KNobleBoy says:

      Then if you feel like playing this map, then Remove the included Texture pack 🙂

      Or turn off Fancy Graphics, Beautiful skies off, Set render Distance to exactly all the way down.

    • The Minecraft Renegade says:

      It’s because on your Win10 phone. And it sucks. I’ve been there.

  2. The Redstone Miner says:

    The title isn’t ture, nothing is impossible…

  3. Jake says:

    I went into creative and one of the jumps is not even possible. So no this is not ‘100% possible’. Next time, make sure to actually test it rather than saying you did but not actually doing it.

    • KNobleBoy says:

      Well stage 2 and 3 are extremely overpowered. The amount of jumps and time I spent on those stages are Impossible to bealive. You just have to keep trying and the timing must be EXACTLY perfect 👌

      • DJN says:

        I have done the stage 2. It is REALLY easy. It just tricks your mind.

        Or maybe i found an exploit?

        Stage 3 is what i’m dealing it and lemme say: I MADE THE JUMP A FEW TIMES!!!

  4. Zeraus says:

    100% Possible??? I doubt it… I’m still on the 3rd stage XD

  5. johnathan says:

    its been an hour now, and i give the F**k up. you defeated me

    awesome map tho, also, can i have a separate download to the texture pack plz 🙂

  6. Sailesh says:

    Sounds exciting

  7. Enderman PE Official says:

    Nice, black image. Yay

  8. ImJustIron says:

    This killed me xD

  9. HollyWoodSlayzz says:

    i almost completed it just have to pass the quad jump but its tooooooooooooo hard

  10. DJN says:

    I should quit? I don’t. When i saw that “I pity you.”, i want to beat the whole map.
    Stage 3 is kinda insane but i think i found an exploit in stage 2. It is REALLY easy to get past it once you figure it out.

    And i’m not spoiling it to you guys XD, look around a bit, and you’ll find it.

    Also how many stages are there?

  11. Rp says:

    KNNobleBoy or editor, what texture pack is used?

  12. Afart says:

    I cant get past the rule page

  13. Voicemail says:

    This is 100% impossible I am still on the first jump

  14. EXIMIOUS says:

    hey there
    a video has been made
    have a nice day

  15. haha says:

    i ”finished” the map in 15 minuites. everything is destroyed

  16. Althea says:

    Im In level 5

  17. Nacho cheese cake says:

    The map is awesome

  18. MusicGamer367 says:

    The map deserves the title. If some one was to do this legit it would take a long time. I had to fly through some levels because how hard it was! Amazing map .

  19. Matthew Thams says:

    I finished it in 5 hours

  20. Killerfox says:

    Im on stage 7 atm this map isnt that bad

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