Planetary Confinement PE [Adventure] [Survival]

This is an adventure with survival elements which takes place on an unknown sand planet. You have crash landed your spaceship and now you desperately need to scavenge for items to hopefully survive this disaster. Set off on your own or with friends to explore the mysterious structures of the planet and enjoy a unique experience with cool features and custom textures. It’s perfect for anyone who is up for a new survival challenge.

Creator: CKCastGaming

It’s a harsh environment out there so make sure to put on your spacesuit before heading outside to explore the planet.

The experience bar is replaced by a thirst bar. Immerse yourself in water to fill up and regenerate your thirst.

Complete the quests on the island and explore the surrounding areas.

Will you make it back home or are you stuck on this planet forever? One thing is certain and that is that you’re a long way from home.


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64 Responses

4.37 / 5 (46 votes)
  1. Geraldthegreat says:


  2. Earth says:

    Really good survival map!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really Cool Map!

  4. GrimMetal says:

    Ohh… like that map. I see, but will there be commands?

  5. Ethan2BNinja says:

    I love it but how do I leave
    The planet

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can you add aliens and Laser gun

  7. RandomityGuy says:

    This is awesome! Never thought it was possible to port it to pe. Try porting sky factory next.
    Great job on the command blocks used.

  8. Boi says:

    I don’t know what to do after o open the airlock pls help

  9. Boi says:

    I meant after I open the airlock

  10. Ethan says:

    I can’t get the thirst bar. Could you make that a separate add-on too?

  11. MaathFaseli says:

    It’s just a flat sand world… Which is cool, but also VERY boring. 🙁

  12. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Omg I remember someone play this map on pc years ago!

  13. VinnSauce says:

    So wait is the crafting recipie thing just some images or is it part of the game. Also first comment

  14. Anonymous says:

    Awwwwsooommeee, though could you add a book with all of the quests in it? I dont know what the quests are lol

  15. Storm says:

    Yes! I have been waiting forever for a thirst bar. Thanks!

  16. Mark says:

    Do I have to download the ZIP file to get the crafting recipes? Or does it come with the .MCWorld?

    • FallenDuelist says:

      The .MCWorld file is the world only. The .Zip file has a file with the images of the crafting recipes in it. If you have an ios device (like myself), you can unzip the file in an app called “Documents”, and view the images.

  17. Didin says:

    Very Nice Map ! 😀

  18. Lans says:

    I can’t find the paramid structure anywhere, anybody know where it is?

  19. Lans says:

    I can’t figure out how to use the fluid extractor and the deconstructer, help?

    • FallenDuelist says:

      There are two signs around the wreckage saying where to place the blocks. Break the signs, and place the block where the sign was. To use the Fluid extractor, you must make a mashed sapling using the “crafting data” books near the wreakage. Then place the mashed sappling on the fluid extractor and water will appear next to it. (Stepping in this water will reduce thirst) The deconstructer on the other hand will, when Mycelium is placed on top, drop a few mushrooms and turn the mycelium into dirt, dropping it.

  20. Dylan says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed playing this map!

  21. The Mute Troll says:

    Doesn’t work, for me it’s corrupt.

  22. Jensenia says:

    Not sure what I’m supposed to do there. The guide book makes no sense at all. I dun see any alien mob too, just normal zombie, husk, creeper, spider.

  23. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Are there aliens??

  24. Charlie 23 says:

    Soo cooooo!!!!

  25. VoidX says:

    Really Great Map!
    But, where i can see quests?

  26. VoidX says:

    Great map!
    But, where i can see quests?

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. DerpMaster11 says:

    Awesome! Downloading it now…

  29. ExoWolf says:

    Love it, sadly the recipes are .zip and not .mcworld.

    • FallenDuelist says:

      If you are on ios, then you can download the app, “Documents”. Then download the .Zip file there. You can the unzip the file and view the images for the crafting recipes.

  30. choo says:

    Just a note to everyone out there the hoe crafting is broken

  31. Andres says:

    What does it mean by crafting recipes?

  32. WhiteHawk says:

    What am I supposed to do on this map? And how do I see my Quests?

  33. Tallulah says:

    Does it matter what level this is set on?

  34. Mehcro127 says:

    The Google drive doesn’t want me to get the crafting recipes anyway good game😀

  35. Eric says:

    Se possivel me mandem pelo e-mail as quest

  36. Josh says:

    Nothing except for the space station and a few random skeletons and huts.

  37. Need Help says:

    I can’t get the workstation to work?? HELP!!!

    • FallenDuelist says:

      Hello. When using the Workstation, you have to be very precise, as it is very specific in the recipes. For instance, if you want to craft wet foliage, you must have one leaf block in every square. No more. No less. Also there are only a set number of custom recipes. To see how they work and understand them more, on the left side, underneath sand is a chamber sealed in bedrock. In this are all the commands used for the map. On the last level, you can see all the custom recipes used and why they need to be so specific. Hope this helps!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I suggest not downloading it, because not only was the actual game a bit bland, but it also crashed my device.

  39. kendrick says:

    i would say to give directions to places you need to go. but besides that great map

  40. Elephant says:

    Man how do I craft mashed peas.

  41. FallenDuelist says:

    Awesome map! I also love the custom crafting recipes! Give me a few ideas of my own. And can get a bit hard to follow because you have most of the crafting recipes in a seperate file (which I failed to look at previously. You really should too.). Very clever command block trickery as well. Bravo.

  42. Rockin'Roller2018 says:

    Great map but can you add a detailed guide/video on getting started and basics?

  43. Jack says:

    The names on the item dont change they are still vanilla names (emerald ore should be zinc ore but hassnt changed) please help

  44. Melodicminecraftpe12 says:

    How do I close the airlock? It’s a bit scary at night cos of those mobs.

  45. Ali55555 says:

    Some of the crafting recipe don’t work. Please fix it. I really love the idea

  46. Raccoon says:

    How do you find out what the quests are?

  47. The diamond king says:

    I love it but I don’t know the crafting recipes

  48. Jofire says:

    Can u please make the crafting recipes have a .mcpack too?

  49. Lol says:

    Omg so cool lol

  50. Jfalix says:

    Pretty boring. Placed an essential block down on the wrong spot and ruined the whole thing. Great game design dude. Great….

  51. Anonymous says:

    Immersing in the water doesn’t work

  52. Jr741 says:

    Hello all I need held I am on IOS and how do you put on the space helmet

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