PlayerRenderHud Addon

This is an addon which adds a 3D render of your character to the in-game screen. It will display anything that is visually related to your character. For example, the armor you are wearing and the weapon you’ve got in hand. It should work without problem for both iOS and Android. However, on Windows 10 I noticed that it didn’t look as nice.

Creators: SirZeus (Twitter), Kakuga
Updated: 26 April, 2017 (removed excess files, updated for 1.1)

How does it work?

As soon as you enter a world you will notice that your player character is rendered in the top left corner of the screen. It works with any kind of skins, custom ones included.


It will respond to any of your actions. For example, when I hit a pig with my sword I could see that the 3D render did that as well.


One of the main advantages I found while testing this addon is that it will show the type of gear you are wearing. It won’t display the durability though.


Windows 10 users, I am sorry to disappoint you, but this addon won’t work great on computers. It’s positioned in a bad position on the screen and it behaves quite weird as well.


This resource pack works both for 0.16 and 1.0. If you are using it for 1.0 it does support elytra wings, including custom elytra wings.



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Go to SettingsGlobal Resources > Activate pack pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE

Zip files:

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Installation Guides

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53 Responses

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  1. Karen says:

    I’m trying it on my IOS device and it does not work

  2. MrRandomGUY says:

    Wow just wondering can you make a mini map addon (that’s also compadable with this because I want both in a world0 if so that would be great thanks.

  3. Fastjds says:

    Alright, so it doesn’t work… I need help finding out how to make it work. Help??

  4. BuggyPig says:


  5. NFCorp2016 says:

    Can you make it smaller. And further up in the Left Corner. Other thank that it is a great add-on

  6. Rodi says:

    Can you make it compatible with pc gui?

  7. OwO says:

    This is the best addon ever and honestly i just want two things that’ll make this very awesome, please put an option that lets us to change the size of the render + movement of head and finally make it 60% transparent

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. FloBoi says:

    Going in 3rd person front, your head starts glitching side to side.

  10. Elian A. says:

    You can make a special version for the screen of pc (windows 10)

  11. PandaDustin says:

    Works pretty well!

  12. Miles Bland says:

    For my iOS device(iPhone SE), the player is not at the top corner but like in the middle of my screen so that gets in the way a lot. I love that player though, and I think it should be smaller as well.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Thanks this is amazing!!!! I hope you have more great ideas!!

  14. JY GamingMC says:

    This feature was in my addon first! Check my addon (Secret Developer Edition) and you will see. This creator is not giving me credits.

  15. DanTDM the 618th says:

    Nice! I even made a house in the world of testing!

  16. VinZo says:

    Its Work for iOS?

  17. Jurassic world fan 6778 says:

    Can make a Giant zombie Addon that adds giant zombies that have a rare chance to spawn at night and zombie spawn eggs and make skeletons have a rare chance to spawn as babys and make them and giant zombies not burning in daylight and make baby skeletons run fast and show there bows and name it Giant Zombies and Baby Skeletons Addon

  18. Son Goku says:

    Can make that character a little less okay ?

  19. What's my name says:

    this is like Xbox I LOVE it!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a rideable players addon

  21. Kaysan says:

    Can you make a rideable players addon

  22. XxDerpySquadxX says:


  23. suhdudemlg says:

    It didn’t work, i’m using android ver. 5- (means below ver 5) and my game ver. is 0.16.0

  24. jeioislife says:

    Woah what if I use it for the baby player addon!☺️

  25. jeioislife says:


  26. J35690 says:

    Does this I work on the most recent version or will is break the game (iOS)?

  27. Cosmin 36 says:

    Well no problem. It works very well. Yey!!! 🙂

  28. Andrew says:

    sadly this does not work with the seus shaders

  29. JJimGrade says:

    Plz make the movement to when we walk forward and the face moving to left and right and stuff like that! Add more than hitting, breaking, flying, armor, and eating/drinking

  30. CowGaming says:

    Love this add-on. Works perfectly even on servers. 🙂

  31. IOS_Life says:

    Please make this able to be used with PC Gui and Coordinates Unlocker. Thanks!

  32. Clarky says:

    nice 👍 addon 🙂 keep it up! 🙂

  33. Gabe says:

    We need a button that can change your view without having to go into settings.

  34. AliDaWhale says:

    Impressive work! Keep it up! 🙂

  35. Tessa says:

    WhenI Go Third Person My Head Spams Out….. Do U Kno Y And Can It Be Fixed???

  36. Shadow X says:

    Can u make a health indicator addon pls

  37. Dynamo says:

    Can you please make work on MC Win 10

  38. MyoHtet says:

    Wow, awesome! 👍👏👏

  39. UndeadMiner99 says:

    Download – Document 5
    PC GUI-
    Step 1. Download the zip files of this addon/resource pack and export to document 5
    Step 2. Unzip and remove every file in ui except hud_screen
    Step 3. Zip it back up and rename zip to mcpack
    Step 4. Put into mcpe and make sure it’s on top of global resources/world resources
    Step 5. ENJOY

    This is a little more complicated
    Step 1. Download zip file and unzip BOTH addons/resources in document 5
    Step 2. Go onto PC hotbar and go into ui and open up hud_screen
    Step 3. Scroll down to close to bottom and find heart/armor/hunger/bubble renderers
    Step 4. Take photo or write down their offset and where their positioned
    Step 5. Go to this addons and remove every file in ui except hud_screen and open it up
    Step 6. Find the heart/armor/hunger/bubble renderers again
    Step 7. Replace the offsets and their position with the ones from PC hotbar
    Step 8. Zip it up, rename the zip to mcpack and upload to mcpe
    Step 9. ENJOY

    This worked for me on my iPad Air 2 so hopefully will work for u guys, I made the PC GUI, PC hotbar and this addons one big file, so if you would like to know how, just reply! If you found this helpful, plz subscribe to my YouTube channel – UndeadMiner99. Thx✌🏻

  40. pom6universe says:

    I have a suggestion for this texture pack owner. if it is or isn’t possible to make a minimap texture pack then tell me. I would love to see this as an actual texture or if not then can you make a mod. I know there are others but they don’t work due to being out of date.

  41. Han says:

    Anyway, is there any possibility to have show player render when you flying, running, attacking, and other actions like minecraft console version ? that would be awesome.

  42. pom6universe says:

    YES this player model actually dose show all of that. running looks like walking but it is and like he said anything the player does ( any movement ) will be displayed. make sure your using this as a texture pack

  43. pom6universe says:

    you would have known this if you have tryed it! >:( !

  44. Cooldude says:

    Awesome addon btw 🙂

  45. DrMongoooooose says:

    i used it on windows 10 and it works fine, you just need it on fullscrean

  46. The Blazing Rod says:

    Uhh…Editor you spelled in the Installation I see in the mod or addon it says pack pack

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