Plushies! Add-on (1.8+ Only)

This add-on adds more than 80 plushies in the game and they can be used as decorations. That includes almost all passive and hostile mobs and also a number of MCPE content creators and players.

Creator: CodanRaigen21Twitter Account

How does it work?

All of the plushies are added entities and their main use is to decorate your worlds. There are loads of different variations including everything from ones based on Minecraft mobs to those based on content creators.


By TheHolyEmerald


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Enable Experimental Gameplay for the world
  4. Create the world

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Installation Guides

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44 Responses

3.69 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. TLK says:

    Do these replace anything or are they added?

  2. Cola says:

    Cola says how do you use this

  3. Hero says:

    Plz make this a zip file PLZZZZZ! I want to play it

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anzgellxo says:

    Which mob did you replaced???

  6. Ahsan says:


  7. Nut says:

    PLEASE make mobs drop the plushies!

  8. Abdiel says:

    The link is broken

  9. Unipup says:

    This is so stupid it doesn’t work

  10. looloololpop says:

    What do they replace (if they replace anything)

  11. AustinW2020 says:

    Hey can you make a plant vs zombie add-on for 1.8 lol that doesn’t replace anything please or dragons or umm Halo things or just something from mods and use the shulkers as machines to do other stuff like a mod would possibly do or just add real life nature to the game like all animals or make more villagers as well with quests because of same old Minecraft is boring half way to me I need new things and items a way to have a lot of new blocks like a mod on PC to bedrock version I have downloaded most of your add-ons over a year or two but yeah I love them but I love dinosaurs or dragons and you should make them like hatch from a egg like 10 Minecraft days their full grown that would make my day I love animation thou so hope you can do some of what I suggested

  12. david maxwell says:

    when i created the world (whit the experimental and the addon) my minecraft crashed (1.7.0 Windows 10)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Эй а чё не получается

  14. ExplainOre says:

    This keeps lagging me out of the game. Help please.

  15. Anonymous says:

    hi i love this addon

  16. HPringle says:

    how do i get the 1.8 beta?

  17. JohnTriztan Artz says:

    You know what……

  18. SushiCraftMC says:

    i made a full review on my channel, SushiCraftMC

  19. Jacob Thompson says:

    Thanks for making this add on I really like it your the best😱

  20. Anonymous says:

    Think nice…

  21. Pepe the mcpe lover (maga) says:

    I love it


    They dont replace. Since 1.8 allows you to add new entities and animations, there is no replacing anymore. It just adds to the inventory.

  23. 12356 says:


  24. Nightcore Cookie says:

    The creator plushies are invisible to me

  25. yeet says:

    it always crashes when going into a world

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wow its amazing addon

  27. name says:

    my plushies is in invisible i cant see them

  28. xStormMC says:

    Now that 1.8 is fully released, will they still work without beta?

  29. Parkparrot says:

    I can’t Find the plus hides in inventory. Is it that I have 1.8 beta?

  30. Friend says:

    Is this a beta only addon, cause I got it when the offical 1.8.0 update came out and it didn’t work…

  31. Glen Childers says:

    Any idea why this doesn’t work, but the crops do work (albeit with their drops kinda weird)?

  32. CharaLove says:

    Could you please make this work for 1.9? That’d be awesome!

  33. Zek Voltage says:

    Does this work for 1.8 beta up? i ask as i am in the 1.9 beta, and i cant get the pack to work

  34. Idk says:

    It won’t work omg >:(

  35. Ixfuzfxfzt670 says:

    Plz help me know how because I did everything that it told me to fo but not working HELP PLZ

  36. MrAgentBlaze says:

    The Worst Addon that i’ve downloaded, what a lie! It doesn’t work for my Minecraft 1.8!

  37. MrAgentBlaze says:

    No Stars for this Addon

  38. Jenna says:

    I have 1.8 Minecraft and I have experimental gameplay but it didn’t work. Do I need to be on a computer or use commands or something? I’m on an iPad so maybe that’s why but other addons work for me. Please fix this addon it looks adorable and I really want to use it🙁🙁🙁

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