Pocket Force Field Systems (PFFS) Mod

Pocket Force Field Systems (PFFS) is a mod which makes it possible to protect your property and other valuable belongings from possible intruders. The force field is impossible to destroy which lets you rest assure that your stuff is safely protected while you are asleep or maybe out hunting.

Creator: Kingbudderjr

Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Force Field Projector (241) (use stonecutter to craft!) – 2 glass blocks + 1 diamond + 4 obsidians + 2 redstone blocks
  • Force Field (240)

Getting Started

Begin by crafting the Force Field Projector using a stonecutter. Place the Force Field Projector on the ground where you want the force field to appear.

Then tap on it once to activate the force field.


To deactivate tap the Force Field Projector again.



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48 Responses

  1. Kingbudderjr says:

    Please remove Calcavia from this mod info.
    I didnt wanted to connet to MFFS mod in any for.
    Im just a fan of it and all of the code and textures are made by me.

  2. mark linhua says:

    is this for 12.1

  3. Rizal Zulfa says:

    Error to add js this mod

  4. Kamil says:

    I’ve got black force field block not transparent.

  5. Mindy says:

    This mod is so cool!!!!!

  6. TMI Man says:

    Please post a direct link to this, I get no where with the adfly link.

  7. Liuta says:

    **error code**

    //Removed by Editor because it takes up too much space. I’ll answer your question anyway! 😉

  8. Levi says:

    My force field isn’t transparent

  9. Levi says:

    Yes I cant see through it, it’s black where it’s supposed to be transparent.

  10. Riley says:

    It worked for me
    You guys did good

  11. Rarrwrwr says:

    Does this work on any device?

  12. Daniel says:

    What’s the texture pack?

  13. Kholid says:

    Failed to import,, why? I already import the texture first then import the script but it pop up some eror code…, can you help me?

  14. KKl says:

    I am a new leaf. I want to ask about how to install this mod and which texture pack should I choose?

  15. ilman says:

    Why is pict black?

  16. TheGoldenASW says:

    It’s Can’t Be Download By Internet! If wanna download have to open in the dropbox app and 2 month ago i uninstall my dropbox! No Storage Avaible

    • Editor says:

      You don’t need Dropbox. Just tap outside in the dark area when te sign up box appears and then tap the download button again to get it.

  17. Axel says:

    It doesn’t work for me it says failed to import patch.

  18. RPGwonder says:

    Is this for pe 13.0

  19. ilman says:

    Why when I use this mod and try to open the inventory my block launcher always crashed?

  20. FlexX says:

    Dear editor can you make an update for this mod its such awedome and cool…or can i make an addon for it…if i can…

  21. Alex says:

    The zip file isn’t working

  22. the joking joke says:

    is there an addon of this?

  23. Josh says:

    Please make this into. A Mc.pack

  24. Josh says:

    Is there an add on please

    • Mr. Say_Finally_Like_A_Lot says:

      Hi Josh, currently on MCPE 1.0.5, it is impossible to edit blocks without use of Launchers. The texture can be edited but currently behaviors of blocks can’t be modified. I hope I helped!

  25. Andreas says:

    Can this plz be an addon?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Stonecutter isn’t usable now. How do I get it?

  27. Moustache says:

    I can’t patch the texture it says “couldnt parse the pack successfully” and the Error says “Unable able to open the pack” which is pretty obvious so I got mcpe version 1.0.6 what should I do and where did I go wrong?

  28. Moustache says:

    Guys stonecutter isn’t useable now for some reason mojang decided to fuse all stonecutter’s craftings to crafting table so basically crafting table is the alter. for stonecutters

  29. VampireGirl101 says:

    I can’t get this for some reason what format is it I can only download mcpack and mcworld

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