PokeCraft Mod (Android Only!)

PokeCraft is a promising Pokémon mod which is exclusively being created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This version is an early beta and includes features such as 20+ Pokémon, catch and release system and randomly generated structures. If you want to turn your Minecraft world into the universe of Pokémon then you need to give this one a try.

Creator: RedStudios, Twitter Account
Updated: 26 December, 2016

Getting Started

Before getting started we highly recommend to download and use one of the Pokémon player skins to really make it look as if you were playing a Pokémon game.


There are currently more than 20 different Pokémon and they spawn naturally in different biomes throughout the world.


There features still quite limited at the moment. Right now you can only catch and spawn Pokémon.

To catch one begin by getting a poke ball from the creative inventory. Find a Pokémon which you want to catch then long press on the screen to through the poke ball and attempt the catch.

The catch rate is random and sometimes you are unlucky and have to redo it. In this case, I successfully managed to catch my Pokémon which was an Ivysaur. Don’t forget to the pick up the poke ball.


You can catch up to 6 different Pokémon. The mod is using a slot system which can be accessed by the text chat.

Type any of the following commands in the text chat to manage your Pokémons:

  • r = Release / Return Pokémon
  • s0-5 (e.g. s1) = Select active slot
  • d0-5 (e.g. d3) = Deletes the Pokémon in that slot

In the future you can expect a more slick user interface for this.

Anyways, to summon a caught Pokémon type r in the chat.


Pokedex and Pokeshops are structures which generate at random in your worlds. Currently there is no use for them but that is likely to change soon.


That’s all of the features for now. Remember, this is the first beta. Some of the upcoming features are the following:

  • Battle system
  • Poke Centers
  • And more!

Discuss ideas in the comments and help shape the future of this mod!

pokecraft-3 pokecraft-2

Item IDs

There are many more items than the ones listed here. However, since this is a beta version most of them have no features. Down below you will only find items which can be used in-game. For now, none of the items have crafting recipes.

  • Delete Pokemon (2003)
  • Poke Ball (1000)
  • Master Ball (1001)
  • Ultra Ball (1002)
  • Great Ball (1003)
  • Safari Ball (1004)
  • Net Ball (1005)
  • Lure Ball (1006)
  • Level Ball (1007)
  • Dive Ball (1008)
  • Moon Ball (1009)
  • Nest Ball (1010)
  • Dusk Ball (1011)
  • Heal Ball (1012)
  • Quick Ball (1013)
  • Repeat Ball (1014)
  • Timer Ball (1015)
  • Luxury Ball (1016)
  • Premier Ball (1017)
  • Fast Ball (1018)
  • Friend Ball (1019)
  • Cherish Ball (1020)
  • Love Ball (1021)
  • Park Ball (1022)
  • Sport Ball (1023)
  • Heavy Ball (1024)

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod (.JS), resource (.ZIP) and one of the texture packs.
  2. Use ES File Explorer to extract the resource .ZIP file.
  3. Copy the PokeCraft-Resource folder and paste it here: /games/com.mojang/minecraftpe/
  4. Install the textures using BlockLauncher.
  5. Then use BlockLauncher to install the mod file.
  6. Make sure to restart the launcher and then open a new or old world to start using the mod features.

Download Mod (.JS)
Download Resource (.ZIP)
Download Textures (With Sound)
Download Textures (No Sound)

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179 Responses

4.35 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. PISU says:

    Looks good , keep working hard

  2. PISU says:

    Make the battle system as the Pokemon can fight vanilla mobs and act as pets rather than just fighting other Pokemon . Fighting other mobs also should increase their level when levels are implemented

  3. mahadi says:

    This is cool I always choose the ash skin my favorite character if gyms will add Iwill be happy and brock,Misti etc

    • Pisu says:

      Hey please help i only see charmander and charmelon what do i do please help help i installed pokecraft and i works but i cant see my pokemon or cache anything

  4. Nick says:

    Could it work on 0.15.7?

  5. Endergon says:

    Make Pokémon, into Pets?! Like Wolf!? That would be very cool!, Or… Make the Battle Animation for the Move used by Pokémon!!

  6. MicoLets says:

    So you saying for now that this is just like Pokémon go? Cool! Now Pokémon GO is exist in MCPE 😀

  7. Jdunham08 says:

    I’m so excited to try it out

  8. George says:

    It looks fantastic but how do u download it

  9. GG GAMECASTER says:

    I’m modder I need help you mod
    This mod is amazing
    – I have render pokemon and texture
    -effect Item

    My chanal GG GAMECASTER
    -I sorry for my badenglish
    -I am THAI.

  10. Skyflame MCPE says:

    All you can do is catch Pokemon but hopefully it works come soon

    Btw I did a mod review my channel is skyflame mcpe

  11. John Menez says:

    When i put the mod into the manage mod place, it says disabled… Why???

  12. Boboiboy Raya says:

    hello 🙂

  13. Boboiboy Raya says:

    Hello guys lol

  14. MDhama says:

    Does it work for mcpe 0.15.10

  15. Hazzorc says:

    Will it be possible for us to play on a multiplayer servers??? Or just single player?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Instead of battles start by adding a pokemon release button so you can get out your pokemon and have them walk around with you also add new pokemon such as the others starters for now. You also need a thing on the ide so you can see what pokemon you have and add battles later on.

  17. Shay says:

    Each update you should add a lengendary pokemon and others aswell. So one at a time.

  18. XxDRAGONITEx says:

    Devs you really did a great job at this I hope you can make it multiplayer so we can play with friends and also gyms

  19. Hannah says:

    It won’t work for iOS 🙁

  20. Joshua says:

    I.. Need… BULBASAUR! Outt of all the pokemon ever Bulbasaur is my favourite.

  21. KapiStone3 says:

    It is good but I don’t have a starter pokemon and I cannot catch pokemon

  22. Jaylene says:

    Add all the Pokemon in the Pokemon world including the new ones and all the evolutions and add a story and if you do add a story we should be able to choose whether we won’t to be evil or good which would make this mod better than anyother computer mod. Ooh and don’t do everything at once that’s what some mod created do and the mod gets messed up add the Pokemon first and there evolutions and the Pokemon centers that should be the next update. You did this game well already it’s better than half of the Pokemon mods I’ve played nice work this mod is awesome if you ever need any ideas I’m here to help thanks for the awesome mod.

  23. nellipotpot says:

    Hi, I just wanna say that is an amazing mod! I cant believe that there is something much better than Pixelmon! I wanna say, “Compliments to the Maker!” And I saw this mod in a YouTube video and its is updated but this is not. In the video, I saw a Tentacol, Bulbasur and plenty morr; but in here I can only find a Charmander and a Charmeleon. Please update it! Thanks!

  24. Nezar says:

    I love pixelmon

  25. Nezar says:


  26. Nezar says:

    Thank you! ???????????????

  27. Ahmed Zegher says:

    Hey can you make it for iOS please

    • Editor says:

      I’ve already asked him 😛 He said it might be possible later

    • Sasha says:

      It is not possible to install .js files on iOS, so I’m really very sad(. But if he tries to make an addon that would be great, but how will he make catching a Pokémon with a pokéball?

  28. Fire dragon says:

    So I pressed download a bunch of coding popped up now what do I do?

  29. KZaNeKraZy5 says:

    I was curious as to the status of updates. I understand the process and reasoning behind the beta project. My son sees other people playing alternative pixelmon versions and really would like to be able to play it himself. I noticed this Poke Craft mod has been the same for abit now, like only the two pokemon and running around with nothing really to do while having issues throwing pokeball to catch either of the 2 pokemon that are their. We’ve tried several options and different ways to catch the only 2 pokemon on the map, from tap, double tap, to long hold tap like the tutorial says, but nothing happens, the character just flings his arms around.

    Main questions and curiosity would be..

    What plans are in mind for PokeCraft?

    How many people are working on the game?
    Do these people have real jobs, family, etc or do they program games, update and whatnot as a part of work and fun? For example If there is only 1 creator and he’s 17, goes to school, has a bunch of stuff he does with his life and is creating this as a side project for fun, that leaves me thinking it’s probably going to take a very long time for any real update or release anything substantial.

    How often does this get updated?

    There is alot of detail and the website is very well put together, the version previously that made it feel like a real game, selection of a pokemon in the beginning, put into a built and structured world with options rather than just a blank world, hopefully that makes since and I didn’t just comment wasting time on something I’ll never get a reply on.

    • @RedStudios_ says:

      I really do appreciate the thought and time put into your question(s), btw i’m only 16, but yea this was meant to see if i could even get away with a mod like so, it is a huge project and i do have a lot to do but so far in the time ive been working on the next update i have learned really neat things and taking what i know i have been working on a massive update and by massive i mean massive! 🙂 I really hope that holds you for now and another thing is i do have to work as an indie dev so i’m sorry but updates will take longer to be produced.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Plz make for iOS plz…

  31. Daniel says:

    My son is desperately waiting for the 0.16 update 😀

  32. HELP IOS says:

    This is not working for ios ):

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. robert says:

    Work on 0.15.6?

  35. Jay says:

    Where’s the download button?

  36. Ajformi says:

    Whenever I use the mod and texture pack my game let’s me play for 5 seconds then freezes and I’m on android using blocklauncher too plc help me

  37. Maahi says:

    Can you make this a Mac Adventure?

  38. Anonymous says:

    I have iOS will it work my iPad mini is 3 years old maybe or 5

  39. Sstratiss says:

    I’m on iOS :'(

  40. Ethan says:

    Please for iOS plzzz plzzz but thx it’s pretty cool but I really really want to play with my family ! Thx and plzz tell the creator to add hitmonchan my favorite Pokémon everyone plzz say their favorite Pokémon in the comments!

  41. Jegre says:

    I wish it was available on ios

  42. Plz Add this plz says:

    Plz I beg not a. Addon but this mod for iOS make it like you will get a .mcpack but instead .mod plz that will be so cool but don’t make it a addon make it a ios pokecraft mod

  43. CACC says:

    Is this the big update?

  44. thinh says:

    I want pokecraft in ios please made mod in ios thanks and good luck

  45. Mr Lava says:

    How to spawn the pokemons that you catch?

  46. Jasper says:

    Can u pls help the iOS make it available to play on iOS cause if Samsung can play than those with no Samsung but with Apple phone only can see the mod on YouTube and not being able to play

  47. A girl says:

    Make a mod for android and IOS which adds only the pokebals and another one which adds new biomes (for both IOS and android) and new trees,new animals e.t.c. Please !!!!
    These make them as mods so they do not replace anything,do not make them as addons please

  48. Therix says:

    BlockLauncher keeps crashing even with no mods & texture packs so i only have toolbox does it work with toolbox?

  49. Daniel says:

    Hey editor can you tell the creator that there is a problem when I make a world it says on the chat random export fails message tell him fix it please I love Pokémon and Dino’s it’s so good I see the potential of this mod keep up the good modings

  50. Anonymous says:

    Stop using block launcher!

    • Editor says:

      BlockLauncher and MCPE Master are still great alternatives as they support ModPE which offers quite a lot more features for modding.

  51. Kobanzi says:

    Editor I beg you make a 1.0.0 version and mc.pack / mc.world please I really want it on my iPad I beg you editor

  52. Daniel says:

    I have a suggestion to make it awesome |
    1.make it multiplayer and make it so that you can battle friends
    2.make a Pokemon like pokeballs in the right hand of the screen so that I can see my Pokemons
    3.make evolution animations and abilitys I will tell you what abilitys later on
    4.make a texture pack so that it looks Pokemon in Minecraft PE
    5.make it so that when you battle Pokemons your Pokemon and the enemy Pokemon don’t move so that you can choose attack or run
    Pokemon abilitys 1.charmander use flamethrower put a fire particle 2.please make frokie I love greninja 3.bulbasaur use vineweap use (I can’t think let me think first I will be back byee)

  53. @RedStudios_ says:

    reading the comments right now 🙂 love the support!

  54. Ahmed Zegher says:

    Can you please make a Pokémon mod for iOS a .MCpack one please!👏🏼

  55. Carlkachu says:

    What should i do with the resource

  56. emirul says:

    always crash when try to throw pokeball to a pokemon

  57. Tony says:

    You’re so cool but how do you get anyway tell me please I don’t want to so bad I never use the body my whole tire life .

  58. Anonymous says:

    when the next update for this mod going to come?

  59. JohnnyRock199 says:

    I have a Youtube channel by the same name as my username here and I plan to do something along the lines of a realm with this mod, but I have a few questions.

    Do you know if this mod supports multiplayer?

    How many Pokemon are currently available and how many can be caught?

    Have Battling, PokeCenters, Crafting Recipes, and/or other major features been implenented?

    I would really like to know these things before downloading the mod. Thank you!

  60. Anonymous says:

    Are there any other people helping you create the mod?

  61. Brawl says:

    Hi,can you help me ??
    Because when i save and exit
    It says all slot cleard

  62. Hugo says:

    Can you make most of the mods iOS not only android?!

  63. SamsungSix says:

    I’ll be really waiting for the update and pls add more pokemons and remove the enymies creeper and etc. so that you can really feel that you are in a pokemon game…
    This is the best pokemon mod in mcpe…but i have a question why is the water black??

  64. Herobrinian_Doom says:

    I cant download it,i can get to the MediaFire TO download it but whenever i try it says:
    Safari cannot open this file.
    What should i do??????????

  65. Shade says:

    Where do you find the pokeballs?

  66. SamsungSix says:

    Pls update the texture of the pokemon to be a smooth texture like in pixelmon in pc

  67. Anonymous says:

    Hey ik you guys have been asked already but itd be real great if yould add the mc.pack download! This looks really cool I just cant play with ios and its driving me crazy.

  68. Harri says:

    Can u please make a iOS version !!!!!!

  69. _doctorcomicbooknerd_ says:

    Could you make this mod for all MCPE users(ie: Windows 10 and IOS)

  70. Hannah says:

    Can u make it iOS plzzz

  71. Lol says:

    Please make this for IOS too PLZ PLZ PLZ

  72. Anonymous says:

    how do you install it I did it and it did the same as him

  73. Erik says:

    Nice mod, but sometimes it takes a long time to load, like it keeps saying process failed for a long time, and then it work s.

  74. Nick says:

    I’ve installed this. It’s changed the startup screen and I’ve customized the character. However, my son has played for a few hours and not found a single pokemon. It’s still just animals and zombies. Why aren’t pokemon spawning? Thanks!

  75. JellyBines says:

    Please update add batle system and pokecenter

  76. Jody Fast says:

    Add legendary

  77. Pokémon says:

    Hi if you can or if your able to make this mod for iOS devices, are you going to make it for iOS too? Can you make it for iOS if you can?

  78. Søren says:

    Hi. I just installed this mod and the only thing I have encountered is a pig and not a single pokemon. Is there a problem with the mod?

    • Søren says:

      When I create a world using creative pokemons sometimes spawn but I can’t catch them with the pokeballs – only ride them. The game crashes a lot and more often than not the world contains no pokemon Så I have to create a new world…

    • @RedStudios says:

      If a pig spawned then the mod is not actively running, try reinstalling

  79. BrandonMario25 says:

    You can already get it on iOS. Download the .zip file and then take the cord out of the AC adapter and connect your IPad to a computer. Check the installation guide for more info. 😄

  80. A person says:

    Can someone make a good pixelmon add on plz. I really want to play but I have a iOS device

  81. AceXDgamerXD says:

    Looks great just like pokemon keep it up

  82. FyanKren says:

    Where i can find the link file download for the button ?? :V it’s a cool button

  83. AceXDgamerXD says:

    Hey yow!!! :D……………………………………ummmm
    Thats all hahaha lol keep it up your doing great

  84. AceXDgamerXD says:

    Hello to the editor and also to the maker of this mod thanks so much for this mod I really love it but please get on with the update please I want to use the battle system and also the poke center

  85. Daniel says:

    Guys I know That U want this on ISO but MCPE is not out for iOS yet so u have to wait for mods to be implemented in iOS OK And for thos of U want this mod to be mcpack It’s not possible See Mods are modpkg. And addons are zip. And mcpack. Addons are very different from mods Addons Replace Textures models and Behaviour and more but mods adds things so it’s not possible to convert Modpkg/mods to→Mcpack.OK I hope u guys understand and I hope I spelled everything right hehe I’m I right @redstudios U can’t change modpkg/mod to mcpack. right

  86. Daniel says:

    And guys if your looking for a pokecraft Add-on theres one already made check it out at Mcpedl/category/mods/addons Go to like the 9page hehe I don’t know what page

  87. Flynn says:

    It looks amazing

  88. Andrei says:

    The music textures always peanding and when i paused it and resume it wont

  89. death says:

    Which version I should use it to work

  90. Morty says:

    Hey on the extract part I’m get lost can there be a video on how to do EVERYTHING plz.tnx.

  91. John says:

    How come there are other ppl able to get pokeballs but on my wont come out? Or is that a different mob the pokemon mod

  92. Anonymous says:

    Please make it available for iOS it gets easier every McLean update I was so excited to play this 😪

  93. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get how to set it up!

  94. Jacob says:

    I need this mod

  95. DanTDM fan says:

    Hey editor! Can you please make one for iOS. Some iOS users want to play by the way I’m cryin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😵

  96. Angela says:

    I am about to download the addon to MCPE Android and I hope tha everything goes well..
    but I hope you guys can make an update about the compatibility for ios so me and my friends can play together with this wonderful mod..


  97. Da real robbydobby331 ROBLOX yt says:

    I played it for a day it a great mod to get

  98. George says:

    Why can’t you make this for IOS

  99. adeel says:


  100. Soldier says:

    The new update is super long pls speed it up i want new things

  101. JohnnyRock199 says:

    I have a Youtube channel by the same name as my username here and I plan to do something along the lines of a realm with this mod, but I have a few questions.

    Do you know if this mod supports multiplayer?

    How many Pokemon are currently available and how many can be caught?

    Have Battling, PokeCenters, Crafting Recipes, and/or other major features been implenented?

    I would really like to know these things before downloading the mod. Thank you!

  102. Azmaz says:

    Some help would be nice been trying for week and would like to play and support this mod thank u

  103. Anonymous says:

    I love that you did this

    Thank you

  104. Hello says:

    I got this on iOS ._. I just do the same thing I do to download other mods and download this, it’s a super cool mod btw! Five starssss!

  105. I ejackulate says:

    Why I’m on iOS and I can’t do anything!

  106. Liam says:

    How do you get it

  107. Minecrafter says:

    It can’t it been disabled I can’t enable the mod but good texture

  108. Therix says:

    Has this been discontinued? I hope not! If yes i hope a new Pakémen mod will come!

  109. Syazana says:

    I love this mod so much. I try catch all. I hope you still update this mod more. Because I really like it and enjoyed. Please keep updating your mod. Thank make this mod ♡3❤

  110. LlamaLegend says:

    Put it on iOs. The mod will grow so much if you do

  111. Therix says:

    Pls update to 1.3 when it comes out

  112. Dante says:


  113. dingus says:

    pls. make battling like in the pokemon games and 3d attacks like in the anime and other npc trainers

  114. TheKing says:

    I wish you could make this for IOS.

  115. X1ryan1X says:

    Like it

  116. Dante says:

    Wow you don’t listen to your comments maybe if you listened your game would grow so f you

  117. czfong1633 says:

    i like this but how download

  118. PleaseHelp says:

    What version does this work on

  119. Sub says:

    Does it work on Windows 10

  120. Subtoshot says:

    I done all thing done right my blocklauncher is crusing.

  121. Carl says:

    I know it’s for android only but I know how to turn Zip files into mcworld mcaddon mcpack EASILY so if I have the file in the app that I turn it into mc what do I type mcmod? Or what or I can’t? please reply I’m a BIG loyal Fan to Pokémon

  122. Robert says:

    Can you update it for iPhone please?

  123. Cool person says:

    When I try to download ithe mod
    it brings me to the source code

  124. Alpaca says:

    I keep getting an java.io error :c

  125. Kingzombie says:

    Were is the download button

  126. PumpkinKing30 says:

    Hey this is the best mod ever thanks for making this. this was my life dream Pokemon in mcpe

  127. Davis says:

    Please make this for ios

  128. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying so hard to get it I’m on iPad so I need to sign in every one just to get this legendary mod

  129. Wk says:

    I’m trying so hard to get it I’m on iPad so I need to sign in every one just to get this legendary mod

  130. Mod says:

    Pls make ios version

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