Pokémon Kanto Region [Creation]

The Kanto Region is the setting where the first games of Pokémon plays out which infact is based on the real life Kantō region of Japan. The map features many buildings, land areas and even small cities like Vermillion City and the S.S. Anne boat as seen in the games.

The map will definitely be a nostalgic trip for anyone remembering the generation series (Pokémon Red and Blue) or any Pokémon fans as much of the architecture style is the same in all games, TV series and movies.

Creator: Reg_G



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28 Responses

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  1. Michal0312mm says:

    Is the pictures shown all the map?

  2. Ian4438833373 says:

    Can you make .mcworld download please

  3. ZhucZsezx says:

    Can you make a .mcworld please

  4. Jacob says:

    Can you make a.mc world please

  5. Yousif says:

    I want it

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome

  7. Paul Kranz says:

    Can you please make a .mcworld download


    Can you make this a .mc world it’s the only way maps work

  9. Zayzain says:

    Can you make this an .mcworld
    Thanks 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can this be on IOS?

  11. Kyle says:

    please make this an .mcworld

  12. Tracey says:

    Plz add a .mcworld

  13. BigGiantBlastosie says:

    Make a mcworld please.

  14. Ryan says:

    I want IN MCWORLD!

  15. Bertlee Simon says:

    Where is the download link???

  16. Corbenader22 says:

    Can you make this a .mcworld please?

  17. Captain Science says:

    Guys stop begging for .mcworld ,just download it to a pc or mac and rename kanto.zip to kanto.mcworld, downloading it from phone to minecraft isn’t a good idea

  18. Alex says:

    I can’t play on mac. Can you help me????

  19. Hi says:

    Can you make this a .mcworld please IOS users cannot download it if there isthe download button

  20. Some random dude says:

    Do mc world or i kill myself

  21. Anonymous says:

    I love it add Pokemon to mack it better🐲🐲🐲🐲

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