Portal Cores Addon

The portal cores addon takes the wonderful spherical cores from the award winning video games Portal and Portal 2 and turns them into a piece of Minecraft joy. Cores have been inspired both from the game and the meet the cores YouTube videos linked below. 10 cores have been added to the game, each with different functions and uses. More cores will be added over time. Glad0s is also in the works (but that one will take a while). Also included is the highly dangerous turret. If you meet one of these in the wild while under geared. Believe me… you won’t last long.

Creator: EyeLoseSleep_Gaming, PatreonYouTube Channel
Updated: 17 October, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Wheatley core (blue) (villager)
    • Trades:
      • Gives: mob spawner, experience bottle, totem of undying, nether star
      • Needs: heart of the sea, magma cream, ender eye, glass bottle, emeralds, nether star
  • Curiosity core (orange) (villager)
    • Trades:
      • Gives: emeralds, name tags, bookshelf
      • Wants: emeralds, written book, beacon
  • Ego core (light pink) (villager)
    • Trades:
      • Gives: emeralds, dragon head, ender chest, diamond horse armor
      • Wants: redstone, glowstone dust, pumpkin, emeralds, brewing stand
  • Fact core (dark pink) (villager)
    • Trades:
      • Gives: mansion map, ender eye, ender pearl
      • Wants: emeralds, spawn eggs (dropped by drill sergeant core), compass
  • Adventure core (green) (villager)
    • Trades:
      • Gives: ender crystal, dragon egg, elytra, emeralds
      • Wants: diamond sword, iron sword, shield, emeralds, emerald blocks, nether star
  • Chuck core (full blue) (iron golem)
    • Drops: iron ingots
    • Interactions: interact with the drill sergeant core in order to spawn other cores. This is a good work around for those who cannot find a village with the right cores in it. However, there is also a chance that it will spawn in zombie cores instead of normal cores so be cautious.
    • Will not attack you until it is attacked first.
    • Attacks turrets
  • Zombie cores (zombie villager)
    • No behavior changes, their just dangerous.
  • Drill sergeant core (full green) (witch)
    • Drops: ender pearls, gun powder, empty spawn eggs
    • Interactions: give it a mob spawner to spawn in the omnicore (this is a good work around for those who cannot find the mansion) (mob spawners are obtainable from villager cores)
    • Always hostile, will spawn in turrets to try and kill you.
  • Omnicore (full brown) (evoker)
    • Drops: totem of undying, diamonds, emeralds
    • Interactions: you can ask the omnicore a question, and something random will happen. (explode, cake trade, death, teleport, spawn cores (random), spawn turrets, spawn birds, spawn sheep, transform into wither, major trade (explained below)
  • Turret (creeper)
    • Always hostile, and very dangerous, it will try to kill you with a sudden burst of arrows.

Major Trade

One of the surprise options of the omnicore is a massive trade option that requires you to have certain items on hand to perform, but if done properly, it will benefit you greatly. All steps must be done in order.

Step #1: an interaction will allow you to give it a diamond.

Step #2: a new interaction will allow to give it an emerald.

Step #3: a new interaction will allow you to give it a totem of undying.

Step #4: one last interaction will allow you to give it a wither skeleton skull.

Result: 12 end portal frames, a saddle, and a name tag.


Meet the cores videos: (videos do not belong to me, but do deserve credit for the inspiration)

Creator’s Note

  • I grant full permission for any users to create content on YouTube or maps using or based around my addon.
  • I do not grant permission for my addon to be remixed and posted on any site for download including this one.
  • comment down below for any questions.
  • Also, visit my YouTube channel. There are no videos yet, but it is coming as soon as I get a new laptop.
  • finally, my patreon, go visit there if you want. its payed per project, so if you want to see more stuff, leave a donation and you just may see more.


  • made to be compatible with the portal gun addon/command.
  • changed the “adventure core”s name to “rick the adventure core”.
  • gave Ego Core his badge.
  • more turrets and cores in the coming months!!


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Apply the packs for a world
  4. Create the world

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37 Responses

4.46 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. SlimeQueen24 says:

    I don’t understand these cores.

  2. SlimeQueen24 says:

    On that note it looks cool to be honest.

  3. Alesscreeper says:

    Meet the cores Add-on, OMG THIS IS SUPER COOL thx

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      Thanks, glad you like it.

      • Rony Wijaya says:

        Why there is shield

      • Modzcraft says:

        You stole my model and texture for the turret

        • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

          Well, guilty as charged. But how about a compromise. I really like the turret model that you made, so I don’t really want to replace it. My innitial plan was to use yours until i could make my own better one. (so far I have not been successful.)
          I am not making any money off the addon, so why don’t we leave it in my addon, and I will give you credit as one of the texture/model creators with a link back to your own YouTube channel.

          Deal? (if you do not respond, I will assume you allow me to keep it.)

  4. Tomas Miranda says:

    Siendo sincero es muy complejo, pero esta muy bien echo. Sigue así!

  5. Phantom klub says:


  6. Random person says:


    Only java edition has them or does the bedrock beta have them

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can you replace the enderpearl with a portal gun?

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      I am currently working on a ZERO LAG portal gun command creation project that is meant to go alongside this (uses the bow and arrow), but I can re-texture the ender pearl too if you want that for the next update.

  8. FlaviusFire says:

    Only Portal fans will get this. It looks great.

  9. oof says:

    Where is the ego core’s badge?

  10. redigit says:

    Where is space core?

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      The space core will be coming in a future update. Also feel free to leave any suggestions for other cores you would like to see in the future.

  11. Patatos says:


  12. Danfan says:


  13. Danfan says:

    Also the Adventure Core is Actually Called “RICK THE ADVENTURE CORE”

  14. StartGameplay says:

    Sirve para la

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      As soon as 1.8 is out for IOS. I will be able to change the mobs to be their own instead of replacing others. But for now, it will remain in the current version.

      Tan pronto como sale 1.8 para iOS. Podré cambiar las mafias para que sean suyas en lugar de reemplazar a otras. Pero por ahora, se mantendrá en la versión actual.

  15. Kvng says:

    Why does the chuck core take random damage?

  16. percyjackson57 says:

    well i like the addon but there is a problem. all the cores that replace hostile mobs attack you for no reason ( exept the zombie core, i know its supposed to) also i think the turrets should not move their heads (cuz in portal they dont unless they have seen you

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      That’s a great suggestion, and I am trying to work on it. The trouble is making it so that it only turns when the player is within range. Considering that this is my first addon, I am still learning, but I will try to make the turrets stop turning in a future update.

      • Modzcraft says:

        We can team up and i could make it not turn it’s head unless I’m range. Also I could make it work on the 1.8 beta

  17. Random user says:

    Good just needs a portal gun

  18. Blaze Dracon says:

    my tablet broke the textures lol. I guess I have to wait for 1.8

  19. Buppolorski says:

    Nice to see someone else who’s a fan of Harry101UK

  20. pundasock says:

    I am a massive portal enthusiast, and have built portal style maps before, if you need any help developing the map feel free to hit me up

  21. Mazin says:

    How does the portal drops with your loosting sword by killing it?

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