Portal Gun Addon/Command (Redstone) Addon

We may have seen our fair share of attempted portal guns over the years for our beloved Bedrock edition of Minecraft. However, two negative circumstances have consumed all of them: High lag, or mod. However, I have found a way to create a new and improved lag free portal gun using a combination of an addon, and command blocks.

Creator: EyeLoseSleep_GamingPatreonYouTube Channel

How it Works:

  1. First you must take the portal gun, and blue and orange portal buttons (replacing lapis and orange dye) into your inventory.
  2. Upon first use, no portal will spawn. But after you put either button into your hand, the portal gun will fire the color of portal corresponding to the dye you held.
  3. Warning, the portals will not work if there is more than one of each in the world, so make sure DOMOBSPAWN is set to false/off.

At Present the portals replace the sheep and the pig. However, when the ability to add mobs comes to Minecraft bedrock edition I will repost this portal gun with portals that do not replace mobs in the world.

Warning: The portal gun will not work without both the command blocks and the addon.

Download Options:

Below you will see a walk through video explaining how to set up the command blocks and how to use the addon with them. (download the addon and use it in your world)


You can just download the .mctemplate map below which will feature both the command blocks and the addon preinstalled for you to use whenever you feel like it.


Creator’s Note

  • Enjoy!!! Create test chambers to your heart’s content. Be sure to post them to cubified.com and I will play them on my YouTube channel.
  • Also, if your test chamber is good enough, I may use it on my up and coming Portal adventure map. (If you don’t want your test chamber to be used, make you specifically say so.)
  • Anyone who wishes may review or use this on their YouTube channel.

Video Showcase


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26 Responses

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  1. AgentCPU0 says:

    Can’t download the add-on. It’s asking me to login to MediaFire to access it. I don’t have a MediaFire account, and I don’t want to make one just to get the add-on.

  2. tempmod3 says:

    Hello everyone, just so you know, the faulty download link has been fixed, and it is working now.

    Site Moderator

  3. percyjackson57 says:

    well i got it just fine but which commands do i put? cuz its not working .

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      Just watch the YouTube video, it walks through everything for setting it up. also if you watch the video on YouTube, the commands are in the description.

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      Also, the .mctemplate and the .mcworld files both have the addon and commands pre-installed. Those are tested and in working order.

  4. a l o n e says:

    Uhm the template doesn’t seem to work? It says something’s missing…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Misleading thumbnail and Addon. Portals don’t conserved momentum, moreover, they omly face a single direction.

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      The thumbnail was just to convey the idea that you can walk through one portal and come out the next.
      Sadly, even with the new features coming to addons with 1.8, I will not be able to conserve momentum through the portals. Addons are still limited in that way.
      Lastly, the one direction thing was the only way to keep them from turning around at random.

      Thanks for the feedback, if you have any ideas I would love to hear them. 🙂

  6. percyjackson57 says:

    thanks EyeLoseSleep_Gaming but why wont the mctemplate wont work, it just says it failed and deletes it

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      strange, it was working before, but you are right, I just tested it and it appears to not work anymore. Strange.

  7. percyjackson57 says:

    also i want to know why you need command blocks because i saw a addon with the same funcionality (it is down) without commands

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      If you know of a way that can teleport a player from one mob to the other (through addons) i would love to hear it. No commands would make it much simpler, and easier to use.

  8. jace_monty says:

    Pretty good I feel like it could have been made a little better

  9. Ku0na says:

    This is amazing! I will try making a test chamber with this!

  10. Ku0na says:

    AMAZING! This really seems like the best portalgun you can make with adons.

  11. percyjackson57 says:

    ok thanks that u fixed the mctemplate thing but now that i use the template itself the portals dont spawn. And its not the world i created cuz i deleated it and made a new one but the same problem happened. Also when the addon stuff in 1.8 comes out could you make the portal items come to mcpe? (the big red button, neurotoxin, the Cake etc) I also thought you could make it 3D when 1.8 comes out, also pick things up.

    • EyeLoseSleep_Gaming says:

      It all depends on what’s possible with 1.8. I can definitely add a cake, the button I might have some more trouble with, the neurotoxin is another maybe. As for making the portal gun 3D, I would love to, but that again depends on whether or not that is possible. But I will do a cake, and it will possible to pick that up. I will try to do all of that though.

  12. percyjackson57 says:

    Hey, i want to know if i can use your addon and the portal cores addon for the GLADoS fight im making, you could use it for your map of you like it

  13. percyjackson57 says:

    When the addon stuff in 1.8 comes out could you make the portal items come to mcpe? (the big red button, neurotoxin, the Cake etc) I also thought you could make it 3D when 1.8 comes out, also pick things up. (Suggestion)

  14. Jobany gaming says:

    Funciona bien el addon/comando y va bien h sin mods gracias por todo eso

  15. Damien says:

    I can’t download it and I am on Xbox one

  16. MalekAmmarGames hag says:


  17. Fadi Daoud says:

    It’s amazing.!

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