Pro Starter Pack Addon

The Pro Starter Pack allows you to get some more advanced loot in the bonus chest (in case that you select for it to spawn in your generated world). This is really helpful for survival if you’re a beginner or just want some better items right upon spawning. The items are random, so this means that each time it will spawn a different set of items.

Creator: Vechrozilator
Updated: 29 May, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

If you create a new world then make sure to enable the bonus chest in the game settings and activate the behavior pack for the world. Once the world is generated you can find the chest somewhere close to spawn.

Advanced items that you possibly get:

  • Diamond Axe
  • Iron Axe
  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Diamond Sword
  • Enchanted Apple
  • Golden Apple
  • Diamond
  • Splash Potion of regenaration
  • Bucket
  • Lava bucket
  • Ender pearl
  • Compass
  • Name Tag
  • Experience Bottle
  • Totem
  • Nether Star
  • Shulker Box
  • All kinds of diamond armors
  • Diamond Horse Armor
  • Saddle
  • Gold Inggot
  • Bed
  • Trident
  • Exploration Map

Basic items you can get:

  • Oak Log
  • Torch
  • Bone
  • Coal

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  • Renamed the pack
  • Replace oak plank to oak log (so you can get more planks)
  • Replace stick to torch
  • Added a bed
  • Added a trident
  • Added exploration map (Destination on Burried Treasure)

Note: Better to make a world in infinite world type so the map can give you a location of Burried Treasure, because not all old-typed world has Burried Treasure.

  • These new items isn’t generated on chest randomly so you can get these on 100% on every world you use it.


  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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26 Responses

4.84 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. EnderGamerVN says:

    I think this addon for noob

  2. MetalWind says:

    This addon it so good!

  3. Your supporter. says:

    Thank You So much for making this addon! It makes it a lot more easier to survive in a world! I love it!

  4. Your supporter. says:

    Please add bed inside the bonus chest. Please and Thank You.

  5. Dave300 says:

    Shouldn’t this be noob starter pack

  6. Bal Masque says:

    Heyy, this is prettty guud!

  7. Vechrozilator says:

    Do you know the other games that has a crate or package tha has items or rewards you can obtain in it? It can be bought or get during playing. It has different packages, if Pro pack all items in it are more valuable. So that’s why I named it Pro Starter Pack. Starter Pack because it’s your Starter Items.

  8. amazinmantis514 says:

    Amazing i started a survival world to test it out now im playing 24/7!

  9. Alek says:

    The Best addon in the world.

  10. RedstoneLover says:

    Pretty useless, though. Since turned on behavior packs count as cheats anyway, so yeah. Good though!

  11. Matt2004 says:

    I like this addon

  12. The Toddler Prince says:

    Great Addon! How do you modify chest items? I want to make my bonus chest full of
    ender pearls!

  13. TheGamingLife says:

    Yo!!!!it’s pretty good!!

  14. MCPEraider says:

    This is pretty good even though I have mega fortress!!!

  15. MCPEmaster says:

    This is pretty good addon so that I can have a good experience on a world!

  16. Siamese cat says:

    Pretty OP

  17. Hi says:

    Please add shulker box red in to this box

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