Project Prehistoric Addon Beta (1.8+ Only)

Project Prehistoric is an addon which aims on bringing extinct animals of the past to life. You’ll now be able to find everything from dinosaurs to Dodo birds and sabertooth tigers roaming around your world. As it adds entities instead of replacing you can only use this add-on for Minecraft version 1.8 or above.

Creator: Hipman, Twitter Account (view more credits)
Updated: 5 December, 2018 (read changelog)

Prehistoric Animals

  • Spinosaurus
    • Health: 120
    • Attack damage: 12
    • Spawns in taiga forests and swamp biomes
    • Large attack range
    • Breedable with raw beef
  • Compsognathus
    • Spawns in taiga and plains
    • Attacks player and baby dinosaurs
    • Breedable with raw beef
  • Giganotosaurus
    • Spawns in taga and jungle
    • Large attack range
    • Breedable with raw beef
  • Triceratops
    • Spawns in taiga and plains biome
    • If attacked it will fight back
    • Breedable with wheat
  • Carnotaurus
    • Health: 90
    • Attack damage: 8
    • Spawns in deserts and jungles
    • Medium attack range
    • Breedable with raw beef
  • Dodo (Male & Female)
    • Spawns in biomes where chickens spawn
    • Make a male and a female breed by feeding them seeds
  • Parasaur
    • Spawns in most biomes
    • Leashable
    • If attacked, it will fight back
    • Breedable with wheat
  • Allosaurus
    • Spawns in plains and taiga forest biomes
    • Medium-large attack range
    • Breedable with some raw beef
  • Sabertooth
    • Spawns in taiga forest and cold biomes
    • Tameable
    • 2 skin variations





Dodo (Female & Male):

More Dinosaurs:

Creator’s Note

More Dinosaurs are being added each update along with new animations and features!



  • New/Updated Dinosaurs:
    • Allosaurus
    • Giganotosaurus
    • Christmas Special Giganotosaurus (limited time)
    • Triceratops
    • Compsognathus
    • Updated Spinosaurus
    • Updated Carnotaurs
    • Updated Parasaur
  • New Features
    • all dinosaurs have male and female variations
    • all dinosaurs can breed and lay eggs
    • each egg has a different hatch speed
    • the herbivores require wheat to breed an carnivores require raw beef
    • baby dinosaurs can grow up to be male or female
    • The Analyst Machine: obtained by the new scientist villager(wip) the analyst machine allows the player to obtain Baby dino egg and even future hybrid dinos
    • like indoraptor an spinoraptor and indominus rex each egg will require a certain amount of bones to recieve a dino egg but atm the analyst machine is wip
    • Dinosaur info log


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world.
  3. Turn on Experimental Gameplay is in the world settings!
  4. Create the world.

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62 Responses

3.92 / 5 (42 votes)
  1. MouthGod says:

    This Is really cool. It has a lot of potential I’m not even lying, maybe the next update it should have Triceratops, Trex, and maybe some type of flying pteranodon, anywhere bye 🙂

  2. God says:

    Nice job , do you think you can add a therizinosaurus ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Add liopleurodon

  4. Haris says:

    Please pteranodon in addon

  5. Maverick says:

    It’s awesome!

  6. Mr idiot says:

    It’s so cool please add raptors hopefully they are tamable I like this addon

  7. Anonymous says:

    can i collab with you

  8. Lan says:

    Maybe add some water dinasours

  9. Sack says:

    Los modelos están geniales pero puedes mejorarlos en un Futuro
    y si agragas más Mobs este mod sería de los mejores..

    Insiste un excelente trabajo sigue así..

  10. Noob says:

    Egg dinosaur

  11. Mr idiot says:

    One problem the dinosaurs can’t spawn naturally without spawn eggs please fix it I tested it the only thing that spawns is the dodo please fix

  12. Fuavlogs says:

    This a very good add-on
    But maybe you can add the allosaurus
    And the giganotosaurus,
    You have potential
    Thanks for read

  13. Nashii says:

    My game crash when i crated the world

  14. Matthew983 says:

    Its good but can you add more dinosaurs pls

  15. Caesar Army aryadinata says:

    Why? Bug on carnotaurus,spinosaurus,sabertooth and no animation walking!

  16. Caesar Army aryadinata says:

    Why is bugging?

  17. Human_fish says:

    How to take sabertooth??

  18. Darky says:

    Love it! Plz add more Dinos like pterodactyl

  19. CrozzyPlayGames says:

    Nice addon.What about add some eggs and make them all tameable(only babies)?

  20. scoop dee dee woop says:

    why are the sabertooth tigers so small?

    they look like vampire hamsters :p

  21. Mia says:

    I hope Its a CoolAddon in Tbe Future For Now i Cant Look at the dinos i but in both packs But it didint show the Dinos! From The Photos i Can see It Will Be a Cool Addon! Idk if its possible But it would Be Nice if Peopld Could Hatch and Grow There Own Dinos Make the eggs from embrios and stuff. But like i said idk if its Possible

  22. GGWP says:

    Please add the sound of mobs

  23. Nedrickson says:

    Add many more dinosaurs! I suggest triceratops, protoceratops, raptor, pterosaur, plesiosaur, stegosaur, edmontosaurus, etc.

    I also think Gona finally met his match!

  24. NekoPoi says:

    the model For Spinosaurus is so bad :v btw why you dont use Gona addons Model :v

  25. Cohen says:

    Can you add a zip file?

  26. ade says:

    the sabertooth was too small

  27. Huntercraft says:

    Try adding tamale or mountable caricatures

  28. Mentacolful says:

    I loved the addon !!! The first time I saw him, I loved it !!! I always wanted to make an addon of this type, which added prehistoric creatures, seriously, I loved your work !!! Keep it up, please, I can not wait for the next update !!!!!!! I have some options of which new mobs could be added: Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Piterodactyl, Elasmosaurus and the darling of the galley, Tyrannosaurus Rex !!! I think I exaggerated, but it was only my opinion, which could be one of the next options of the next update !!! Thank you …

  29. RaInEx says:

    Epic implement indominus rex y indoraptor

  30. Larri says:

    I really like the addon, but could you try to make the dodo birds etc. have more functions? Also, might I suggest a Tasmanian Tiger or Stegosaurus?

  31. Bitxch says:

    Uhmm i think you should add some animations on to them and please add more i really like it! please add coelecanth and more and add some prehistoric plants too pleaseee! bye

  32. IndominusRexYT says:

    Podrías agregar a la Indominus Rex?
    PD: Me encanto y me gustaría que me mejoraron un poco las texturas porque aveces se bucean.

  33. TheCrazyTitan says:

    Great potential!

  34. Alfiansyah says:

    Added marine dinosaurs too and fix the texture and graphics. Plus add sinematic for the dinosaur

  35. Minecraft Fact says:

    Hey guy can you update and fix the Animation for your addon thank you it not moving it arm and leg

  36. IndominusRexYT says:

    Me encanto, pero me gustaría que agregaran:

    PD: Igual mejoren las texturas

  37. TheMcExplorer says:

    Interesting approach to the model style. If I’m honest, I feel that the carno looks more like a ceratosaurus without its signature horn. It might be more recognizable if the head was one cube instead of two and if the horns were thicker as not to be confused with plates over the eyebrows.

    Great job though.
    Excited to see if anything comes next!

  38. FifthtFive says:

    Can you add a rideable animal (which could maybe fly) ?

  39. Jhojander says:

    Está muy bien hecho, debería hacer otro add-on, pero que agregué animales que no están en el juego. Por ejemplo tiburones, patos, águilas y animales por el estilo.

  40. Carlos solis says:

    Thanks for the addon but i would appreciate if it would be of your pleasure to add in more prehistoric creatures such as: baryonx ,pteradactyl,megalodon,therazinasourus,sinoceratops,proto raptor, oviraptor,lioplurodon ,mososauros,dunkleosteus, terrabird,ramphirincus,iguanodon,allasour,gigantosour,pleisiosaur and tyrannosaurus rex

  41. natureboy says:

    how about taming the spino and adding a plesiosaur (or other aquatic animal) and a map for this

  42. Jeffry Miaral says:

    Please the next update added new dinosaur
    Mosasaurus,T-Rex,Indominus Rex,Brachiosaurus,pteronodon and etc.

  43. Carlkachu says:

    Texture looks childish Its cool doe
    BUT please make the texture like the jurassic craft

  44. Samuel Gonçalves says:

    Perfect! very good texture but the Carnotauro and the Parasaur are very strange change it out this 5 stars!

  45. Fredbeargamer says:

    Please add homo erectus and triceritops t rex and pteranadons and my friend said update textures

  46. Boku wa Namae wa Fłìmęr desu says:

    Baku wa lovu wa desku (could you please make it for 1.7.6 as my little brother can’t update and has the add on on his device btw I love the add on could you please add add the raptors Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo from Jurassic world. And could you please add some aviary and aquarium creatures and make a Highly intelligent blue so it is like the movie so if you raise him from baby he won’t kill you.

  47. Flareon says:

    For some reason whenever I try to add the behavior pack it says that it’s missing a dependancy, does ayone know how to fix it. The addon does not work when I try to add it

  48. Anonymous says:

    Como doma o tigre dentes de sabre?

  49. Entity909 says:

    Cool. You shall add more and improve the model

  50. Jason says:

    This is not working for me I’m in v1.9.0.2 and nothing is showing u ppl what so ever. When I enable the behavior pack I get the message “missing dependencies” please help

  51. Yo! That’s cool! says:

    Please add

  52. Mr idiot says:

    Can you make this add-on compatible with 1.9 cause some add-ons are compatible with it please make it compatible

  53. Carlkachu says:

    Can u please update their looks i really dont like them being blocky..

    Although its good

    I mean change the models they look rushed
    Make them like Gonas Jurassic Craft models

  54. Dragonrider says:

    This addon is not working(mcpe v1.8.0.8

  55. Dragonrider says:

    Why is not working

  56. SevasXD says:

    Ponlo en la 1.9+

  57. Emma says:

    How to get scientist villager

  58. War robots says:

    Can’t u add a t-rex 😀

  59. Jimmy Olsen says:

    Dodo birds aren’t prehistoric…

  60. Anonymous says:

    maybe make it kinda like the fossils and archaeology mod it would be cool to have one like that

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