Quarry Function Addon/Data Pack

Function Commands are a new feature in minecraft bedrock 1.8. They allow you to run multiple commands in a single .mcfuntion file. This Data/Behavior packs creates quarries with the command /function quarry. It’s really useful if you want to find ores quickly!

Creator: NetherNinjaTwitter AccountYouTube

How does it work?

Use the /function quarry command to create a quarry at your current position.

Quarries you create will replace stone, dirt, granite, and etc. with air but they will leave all ores for you to mine. Quarries are 6×6×70 blocks in size! They also generate a wooden fence as well give you some scaffolding and an iron pickaxe to move up and down and mine with. On some older devices quarry generation can take up to 30 seconds.

Also to make sure you won’t fall to your death a wooden platform spawns underneath you.

Video Showcase


  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Apply the pack for a world.
  3. Create the world.

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20 Responses

4.23 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. BlueFire914 says:

    [Insert First Comment Here]
    This is a great addon. Really useful just a bit hard to down load. Other than that. It a game changer.🥳🤯🥳

  2. ArduousArrow954 says:

    Thank you Kanye, very cool.

  3. Bob says:

    Can’t download it just takes me to a wired website

  4. WvMAXvW123Game says:

    very cool addon

  5. KiddGaming0624 says:

    Actually freaking good!

  6. Baldi Basic says:

    More than just a mod

  7. Daniel says:

    Looks cool but can someone reply to tell me how to download

  8. Actually cool says:

    Because of the new update, you can do so much stuff with addons

  9. Anonymous says:

    Works well just make sure watch vid be cause to get to download is complicated

  10. Ih8scams says:

    The link to the file is literally just a virus link. There’s no download.

  11. Mcpe player says:

    Really good besides the download but I have one suggestion automatically add torch’s on the walls

  12. Strawh says:

    pretty good but the quarry is too much small if you (the owner) could make a bigger one like 20x20x70 i would aprecciate it .

  13. McpePlayer23553 says:

    i wish the quarry was bigger , its too small rn :c

  14. Lazy_Playz says:

    First you click on ”I’m not a robot” the press click to continue. then go back on the same tab. wait five seconds then lower on the page press get link and the rest is strait forward.

  15. Gary says:

    Impossible to download HORRIBLE addon use adf.ly next time DO NOT RECOMMEND

  16. Aidan Ross says:

    Very cool add on in the comment section I saw some people having trouble all you do is click the captcha box so it has a tick then you click click here to continue it loads a weird website close it go back to the previous tab and it takes about five seconds to load then it takes you to the download file and you click download and then copy to Minecraft

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