Quest Open RPG [Adventure]

Quest Open RPG is a an adventure and exploration map with 8 main quests and 9 side quests as well as a few hidden Easter eggs. There’s a custom trading system, several dungeons and supposedly hours worth of gameplay. It appears to be built in an old world type but it’s nonetheless a quite interesting and fun terrain map to explore.

Creator: Kandymusic88 / Frank Reese


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57 Responses

4.4 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. BlueDaOmega says:

    Awesome Map! But what texture pack was used?

  2. Minecraft lover says:

    Radiant Pixels

  3. Epickled says:

    I can’t try. It doesn’t work. 🙁 I know this would be an amazing map.

  4. AppleTeeVee says:

    The texture pack was “Radiant Pixels” (nice isn’t it?)

    I wish I could use it though. Looks like a lot of fun! The map and the texture pack alone make my game freeze. Anybody know why?

  5. VinnSauce says:

    It doesn’t work for some reason like it just doesn’t load

  6. VinnSauce says:

    I download it and it doesn’t work on my phone. Just says loading resources for like infinity

  7. Eric says:

    Great Map!!!

  8. Diamond_DogX says:

    Amazing. Astonishing. Best RPG Map I have seen on MPCEDL in a while.
    (One problem the texture pack does not allow the world to load)
    Problem much?

  9. TheAvPman says:

    Look very cool, but does not seem to be working on the iPad Pro the resources crash the map

  10. DankMemes says:

    There’s a problem with this. The texture pack is taking forever to load.

    • TheAvPman says:

      Yeah I had the same problem yet If you look at the background you can see the game is frozen

      • captainfour4 says:

        That happens to me whenever I install a map. I believe it’s just that it’s trying to log you into Xbox Live, but the resource pack interferes with that. So just load up Minecraft first and log into Xbox Live, then try installing the map. It works for me everytime!

  11. Anonymous says:

    It was Radiant pixels i used i got it off here i love it the most and makes for a good rpg texture and it seems to even have shaders

  12. Macka Chan says:

    I think it’s radiant pixels

  13. Kandymusic88 says:

    Hey guys its me Kandymusic the creator of this map heres a link to my youtube channel where i have a video trailer for this map and lets play videos for it as well i hope you enjoy my work as i will be making Quest Open Rpg 2 very soon <3

  14. Fuck says:


  15. RobotixGamerYT says:


  16. JC says:

    Why does it take so long to open the world?

  17. mic-san says:

    I’m can’t open this map i’m stuck in loading resouce pack do you have solution?

    • Trey says:

      Remove the resource pack

    • captainfour4 says:

      That happens to me whenever I install a map. I believe it’s just that it’s trying to log you into Xbox Live, but the resource pack interferes with that. So just load up Minecraft first and log into Xbox Live, then try installing the map. It works for me everytime!

  18. mic-san says:

    I’m cannot open this map i’m stuck in loading recouce pack do you have resolution?

  19. ChillyKnight says:

    Awesome map, it’s very entertaining. I think there should be a few more instructions on how to use the market as it’s a little confusing, not that big of a deal. But I do have one question, when will I be told to do the main quests? I have done many side ones but I still don’t know when I can start the main ones.

  20. thekaizengaming says:

    Wow awsome

  21. Jamkabob says:

    Looks like a great map. Making a UTube video on it now.

  22. ChillyKnight says:

    Btw guys, if the map doesn’t load for you, do inside the map file, open the resource pack folder, the texture pack the map uses will be there, open the texture pack folder and delete the “shader” file, that fixes it. You don’t need to delete the entire texture pack.

    • Kandymusic88 says:

      Amazing thanks so much 🙂 i couldnt figure out how to fix the problem for the texture pack for everyone else i didnt even think about the shaders

  23. Kandymusic88 says:

    The Solution to the problem of the loading is to change the resource back to vanilla (not recommended) or another one off this site. The texture pack works on windows 10 edition just fine but i guess for phones not so much so just change it. The main quest starts with the bandits hideout u read the book and it tells u which house to goto i have a lets play on this map just search for Quest Open Rpg on youtube

  24. Kidsource says:

    Great map, lot’s of cool stuff to explore.

  25. Josephine says:

    I love it! But I am stuck, I am at the part with the maze thing where u got to find the sword, but I can’t find it. I did find a room with a chest that was empty. Was it supposed to be in that chest?

  26. Swizzlerz says:

    I just live streamed this with Kandy!!! it was GREAT! I definitely would suggest anyone to play this world!

    • Kandymusic88 says:

      It was fun and i had a really good time 🙂 anyone interested in seeing what this whole map looks like and how its played check out the 4 hour play through in the link above

  27. Marilyn_p_Lumibao says:

    Cool map

  28. Kandymusic88 says:

    Hey guys Kandymusic the creator back again and letting you all know i have lets play videos on my map i made as tutorials im currently making them but i have a few so go ahead and check them out if you need help with anything just message me on my youtube and again thanks for downloading my work <3

  29. Kakooge&Clonetrooper1118 says:

    Literally the best map my brother and I have ever played other versions of Minecraft included.

  30. Redpowerranger001 says:

    Every time I try to enter the world and play it, it crashes…
    I would maybe give 4 or 5 stars if I could play it…
    Looks cool though!

  31. Epickled says:

    Thanks. When I removed the texture pack, it works! Thanks 🙁

  32. ChillingBead715 says:

    Guys if you have problem with the loading resources pack thing, just delete the shaders and it should work

  33. Derpie says:

    Ya’ll got that Lg phone? Lmao😂

  34. FICTION3636 says:

    Do your self a favour and don’t download this map

  35. Dragon Girl says:

    What do you do after the bandit lair? Plz help

  36. TheBestbear823 says:

    Hey this was a great map 9 0ut 10 I would have gave it a ten but there is to much mob killing and it gets boring after a while. I also wanted to say maybe if you had used something else to set the spawn it would have been better I hate having to wait till night to set my spawn

  37. DatBoi123 says:

    When i spawned in,i was trapped in a house with dirt all around and had to dig out. none of the world was there when I did. MASSIVE waste of time.

  38. Squigglelemon says:

    Good map very challenging, can I make a I guess you could call it a ‘hack’ of the game basically I’d give the map a new storyline, features, and text. I’d give credit to you and still keep the original side quests and some other elements. Thx

  39. Anonymous says:

    Me and my sister have not found the sword in the Catacomes Tower. We walked through it 2 times already. WHERE IS THE SWORD!

  40. Qwerty says:

    What do we do after the bandits🤯🤯🤯🤯

  41. ImakerB says:

    The map made in old world type, and using dispenser not, monster spawner to summon enemies which support for low end device.

  42. fdsfdsfsd says:

    download error

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