RageElixir Trivia [Minigame]

This map is a trivia map about a YouTuber named Rage Elixir. this map was made for his birthday, and in the map, you will have to answer questions about Rage Elixir. For every question you get right you receive some gear and you’ll need as much gear as possible to defeat the evil Rage Elixir boss in the end!

Creator: noahcraftreal (Twitter), Jujustyle7 (Twitter)

How to play?

Start the game by answering the questions. You will receive three different blocks in your inventory for each question. Place the A, B or C block on the matching block to make your choice. If you are correct, you’ll receive some gear. If you fail, you will not gain anything.

After completing the trivia questions you will be able to fight the Rage Elixir boss!


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10 Responses

4.13 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. RadicalOfShafiq says:

    Dude this awesome Julian(im sorry if say it wrong) and Noah i guess,Thank you so much making ReageElixir happy.I love you guys fore sure.Definitely a map for me.I miss the the old minecraft map style like when the 2016 MCPE map.I love those but now you guys bring it style it’ll be awesome.Im gonna 0lay this with my friends

  2. Maverick says:

    You must be really in love with this guy to actually download this

  3. LEBO MASHILO says:


  4. Saara Säntti says:

    It won’t let me play it

  5. WolfyGriebelYT says:

    Awesome i saw RageElixir’s video and it’s cool and i like your maps!!!

  6. Jemi444 says:

    RageElixir’s birthday is on December 13th?! That is my birthday too!

  7. RageElixir says:

    Yo! This is awesome man!

  8. Anonymous says:

    How about one for eckosoldier? He recently got 1M subs.

  9. Yaya says:

    Weird. I think RageElixer is annoying and clickbaity, but this map is even stranger. After answering some questions, we have to… fight him? Why would we fight him on his own tribute map? Makes no sense.

  10. PigmanGamerCXC says:

    I really reviewed this map and I recorded it!
    Video: https://youtu.be/peu01yHQfYU

    Anyways, great map! I really know all the question about RageElixir.

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