Rainbow Parkour [Parkour]

This is a parkour map which includes 15 different levels and each one is based on a different color. It’s similar to most other parkour maps in that sense that you need to complete a series of challenging parkour courses to complete it. Included in each track there are some more difficult blocks like burning magma blocks or slippery ice blocks which will challenge your jumping skills a bit further. This map works well for both single player mode and multiplayer.

Creator: MattH44TwitterWebsite
Updated: 19 August, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Added 5 levels
  • Bug fixes
  • Teleportation issues fixes
  • Spawnpoint issues fixes


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19 Responses

3.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. jeff parkour maps addons and more says:

    amazing I made a inspired verson that I will relase to the pupilc called colors parkour map

  2. ShiroCraft says:

    Second Comment
    Its So inspired

  3. Anonymous says:

    This i worcking thanks

  4. Anonymous says:


    • KNK2008 says:

      are you on bedrock edition?
      and download and open if you have bedrock so you have this parkour

    • MattH44 says:

      Please try downloading and then click Skip Ad. Then you can copy to Minecraft. if you have issues, let me know through Twitter. Thanks!

  5. KNK2008 says:

    omg i found a secret on a painting and died in a death loop so i delate world

  6. Nice play says:

    Please let us know what to do to download this😢

    • MattH44 says:

      Please try downloading the map and then click Skip Ad. Then you can Copy to Minecraft. If you have issues, let me know through Twitter. Thanks!

  7. MattH44 says:

    Haha 🙂

  8. Meri says:

    The link for the updated version is broken :/ it just says the server can’t be found.

  9. Stevo says:

    Everyone says the link doesn’t work. Click on it and click copy to minecraft

  10. Jajaa says:

    Thats so good game but its so jard and i am bad in parkor so good game .i like it

  11. Inpixels says:

    My minecraft name is Inpixels pls make me a world!

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