Rainbow Road 2.0 [Roller Coaster]

The Rainbow Road 2.0 is the second one in a series of rainbow maps by Chris102. The map is inspired by the rainbow’s colors and in the map you are able to go for a ride in a minecart on a colorful adventure in the moonlight.

At the station (where you spawn) there are multiple minecarts to choose from. In case you want to experience the map with friends it’s possible because then you can grab one minecart each. Just make sure to leave a little space between each departure because you don’t want to crash into one another.

Creator: Chris102

ScreenShots008 ScreenShots009 ScreenShots010 download

(Did you like 2.0? Try 3.0 here!)


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4 Responses

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  1. Batman123 says:

    Why día ir have to be a rollercoster

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. VirtualGaming says:

    It Isn’t Powered By Redstone

  4. Titanium says:

    No longer works 🙁

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