Ramps Resource Pack

This resource pack turns the stairs in Minecraft into ramps. The ramps can be used for building structures with sloped and curved shapes. A roof is a perfect example it looks great for but also anything else which needs a more smooth appearance.

Creator: Hrhett

How does it work?

All of the stairs have been changed to ramps. You can combine multiple stairs to make a larger ramp and so on. For the most part it works quite good although there are some glitches. For example, sometimes the curves are uneven and it seems impossible to fix no matter which direction the ramp is facing.


Here’s a temple structure I built using this resource pack. As you can see, it has a really nice curved roof.


Important info: This will only work for 0.15.9 non-beta (iOS, Android, Windows 10 Edition etc). Hopefuly another version will be out soon which works for the 0.16.0 beta too.


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16 Responses

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  1. KingKobe says:

    can you guys make a SHADERS texture pack for 15.9 mcpe the regular version no beta IOS and ANDROID????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Thanks for adding my pack to your site! I think that’s pretty cool! – Hrhett

  3. creepy_guy249 says:

    love it! But there is one problem,inside village library there will be slopes intead of chair.

  4. lamhaanh says:

    Can u make ramps resource pack for mcpe 1.0 please

  5. Tyler says:

    It won’t work for 1.05 🙁 fix plz I have a broken arm

  6. Lucas says:

    Yo yo yo I can now make realistic planes with this ADDON/resource thank god this came out

  7. Hemant says:

    Hello this is awesome

  8. Ethan says:

    This looks cool but i can’t get it because there is no my pack I’m on a iPad and if you press the download button it doesn’t work so can you please add a mcpack.

  9. Not for Chairs... says:

    *chair turns into ramp*

  10. rexdog says:

    vcs podiam criar dois addons um que adiciona talentos e coisas pro os cachorros e o o outro pra colocar bau no cavalo ja que ja pode colocar no burro e na mula os antigos usavam cavalos pra carregar coisas

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