762324470: Ravines Near Spawn (1.2 Beta Only)

Ravines are naturally generated terrain which can be found in most biomes but with some exceptions such as deserts and mushroom islands. They are exclusive for version 1.2. Here’s a great seed which will spawn you on a ravine island and not far from there you will also find a huge snow biome with multiple big ravines. It’s definitely a really cool addition to the game!

Found by: BepisGuy123

The spawn is on this small survival island and in the center of the island you will find the first ravine.

To find the other ravines you will have to do some traveling. Go in the direction as seen in the image down below. You’ll basically need to cross over the water to get to the snow biome.

In the snow biome you will find three other ravines.

Here’s the biggest one..

A really cool part about this ravine is that it cuts through a mineshaft.

Seed: 762324470

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24 Responses

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  1. AlienCraft says:

    pretty cool, pretty cool…..

  2. OutGryphon11927 says:

    Great Seed!

  3. Icey says:

    FINALLY!!! I have been looking for ravines everywhere and now there is a seed!!!! thank you for saving my life you are the best!!!!!

  4. Cool09Bomb says:


  5. AkbarGaming03 says:


  6. Mostafa says:


  7. Syed Ahmed mustafa says:


  8. Mike says:

    Yea.. finally got a place

  9. Lilou says:

    This seed is pretty cool, but that’s would be better if ravines were in a jungle ! *-*

  10. Anonymous says:

    When this beta update came everything on mcpedl is about 1.2 and I’m on ipad i can’t get the beta so please make stuff for 1.0.4 plz

  11. Crazymaker says:

    This seed is crazyyyy

  12. Cosmicbeatal says:

    How many cave spiders spawners ser in the mine shaft need to know and going to build big xp farm

  13. Napoan says:

    I found a zombie spawner in one of the ravines: x=957,y=29,z=447

  14. William777 says:

    Woa, Thanks

  15. NightmareOf87 says:

    This is A-M-A-S-I-N-G!

  16. FadingWalk says:

    On that island with no ravines there is a zombie spawned on the edge of the island

  17. Koko says:

    Cool 2 days in the mineshafts 23 diamonds so far 😀

  18. Tom TH says:

    Well, i hate this one… Just kidding! AWSOME!!!

  19. Zeus says:

    Thanks for saving me from killing minecraft…

  20. Ava says:

    I’ve been looking for mine shafts my whole Minecraft life thx so much!!!

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