Realistic MCPE Mechanics [Redstone]

This is a command block creation which adds six realistic game mechanics to Minecraft Pocket Edition. All of them are great ideas which could with ease be implemented in your own worlds. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it requires command blocks and as a result you must be within a certain proximity of them for it to work.

Creator: Vladu11, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Tree Captitator: Let’s just admit that some things, like gravity, isn’t very accurate in Minecraft. For example, if you’ve ever tried to cut down a tree you probably have noticed that some of the blocks remain floating. However, this command block creation will automatically destroy the wood blocks above the one you break. (It doesn’t work for the leaves though.)

Grass Trails: Walk anywhere that there is grass and you will leave a trail of dirt behind you.

Lily Pads Break: A lily pad is a plant and it’s not realistic that someone (as fat as Steve) could possibly stand on it without dropping right into the water. However, this creation enables a mechanic which makes them break if a player stands on them.

You can disable and enable all of the different mechanics by using levers in-game.

There are three more of these but I’ll let you explore them by yourself in-game. (Slow on ice, slow on snow, tall plants slowness.)

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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38 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    Hey valadu11 is there any way with addons so you can make a custom npc addon? I am an iOS only player and I need it for my yt channel is there anyway you can get back to me?

    (A custom npc (non player character) that you don’t have to go in the files to Change)

  2. NinjaMatthew says:

    This is cool!!! I saw Logdotzip do this command on pc and I was waiting to see if it would come to pe and it has!!!

  3. Anthony Varan says:

    I played minecraft I know it

  4. Great Potential says:

    Please make a separate tree capitator addon!

    • Helpful Dude says:

      Add-ons control mob actions, not things like this.
      When you play the map, you can explore the command blocks used in it and import those to your worlds. Thus, you’d have a tree capitator feature with just command blocks.

  5. JumboJeb says:

    You need to make this into a mod please! That would be amazing. Good work on the commands

  6. the one says:

    And walking through leaves it (more then likely) dozens stop you

  7. LM7 says:

    Isn’t this just the PE version of realistic Minecraft command showcased by LogDotZip

  8. ChaoticFlame says:

    Vladu11, u da man!!!!! I’m a real fan of your work

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Rich Millioner says:

    Nice I’ll Give u Millions Dollers

  11. AmazingGamerPH says:

    This is a only one command creation from pc, I see a video of Logdotzip like this.

  12. Official AlanMaulana1404 says:


  13. QuadRat1900 says:

    The most annoying mechanic is the dirt trails

  14. DeidEI_YT says:

    Wow! I love it. I didn’t made a video about this map yet, maybe il copy the commands and put it on my world. (Of course with credit) 🙂

  15. Mrcreeperman246 says:

    Yo I really like this map! It’s really creative and a fun idea! I will be using this on my YT channel: Mrcreeperman246 to showcase how great it is!

  16. Hh says:

    Is it good

  17. AsrielTW says:

    It will be much more fun for surviving

  18. Johan says:

    It didn’t work on 1.0.5. Is this map actually for 1.0.6?

  19. Saher says:

    First comment!This is good but can you please make more!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Logdotzip make video about this

  21. Markiplier says:

    Why are you calling Steve fat? I’m offended. :,(

    Lol 😂

  22. Cam says:

    Hey Vladu11.please add the blood affect and the head of the player drops like in PC,when logdotzip did.(head of player doesn’t drop in PC but if you add that you are amazing.)

    • Helpful Dude says:

      There are no custom player heads in PE, he’d never manage to do that.
      (Though I wish he’d be able to have players drop maps like in console. Would be neat and it sounds plausibly possible with addons)

  23. _TheWarden_ says:

    no blood particals effect when getting hit or burn by fire/lava?
    this was from pc as well.

  24. TheJumsYT says:

    This really works it’s awesome!

  25. EnderJem says:

    Do you really think Steve is fat?

  26. Aaron says:

    I really want it because it’s cool 😎😎😎😎

  27. Kara says:

    Cool Addons and this was the one I was looking for

  28. PopularMMos says:

    Check out my channel guys it’s cool and fun and I am very happy with my channel. 🙂

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