Realistic Mobs Resource Pack

This resource pack adds new models for most of the mobs in-game. The main idea for this pack is to offer an alternative set of models which are more detailed and realistic. All mobs still have a blocky design, so it stays true to the original design. Overall, it’s a very neat pack with some great details!

Creator: CodanRaigenXXI, Twitter Account
Updated: 12 July, 2018 (read changelog)

Pig: Fatter, 3D ears, 3D tail, wider head, longer snout, bent hind legs

Spiders: Similar to the spiders in Minecraft: Story Mode, fangs

Rabbit: Nose, more realistic legs

Cow: Fatter, 3D tail, 3D snout

Creeper: Longer / spread legs, sneak stance

Llama: More 3D details.

Magma Cube: Jellatin shape

Chicken: Brown, fluffy, narrow beak

Skeleton: Separated limb bones, knee caps, elbow caps, quiver

Wither Skeleton: Leather shoulder pads, sword shaft

Snow Golem: 3D buttons

Sheep: Short tail

Enderman: Slightly curved limbs

Vex: Ghost hood

Polar Bear: 3D tail, detailed segments, claws

Other Mobs

  • Bat: Fangs
  • Silverfish: Legs
  • Slime: Additional slime layer on the top
  • Zombies: Rotated the head a bit
  • Zombie Pigman: Fatter
  • Squid: Looks more like a real squid now
  • Shulker: Adds studs on the top and sides of the lid
  • Ghast: 2nd tentacle extensions
  • Iron Golem: Plated waist, head is centered with the body
  • Drowned: Head is tilted to look up the surface


  • Wither Skeleton
    • Leather shoulder pads
    • Sword shaft instead of quiver (it didn’t make any sense)
  • Snow Golem
    • Texture fixes
  • Spiders
    • Texture fixes (cave spider)
    • Fangs
  • Zombies
    • Leg size fixes
  • Sheep
    • Short tail
  • Enderman
    • Slightly curved limbs
  • Vex
    • Ghost hood
  • Pig
    • Tail texture fix
    • A little bit fatter
    • Bent hind legs
  • Drowned
    • Head is titled to look up the surface
  • Polar Bear
    • 3D tail
    • Detailed segments
    • Claws


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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33 Responses

4.32 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. vinsensius says:

    not realistic

  2. Me says:

    Me like this!

  3. Ben says:

    You should improve the chicken

  4. LugiaGamerYT says:

    the creeper reminds me of the mutant creeper and it is kinda accurect

  5. RedstoneLover says:

    Great work! Just a problem: The snow golem’s texture is glitched, all it shows it those checkers when a texture is missing.

  6. UpstreamComet11 says:

    Please fix snow golem and black line at the bottom of the pig.
    Besides that AMAZING pack pls add more 5+ stars.
    ps what app/site do you use.

  7. Patrick Silerio says:

    Make the spiders TINY!!! but doesnt do dammage

  8. Anonymous says:

    Glitches: cave spider has wight limbs, pig has a black line on his tummy, strays hoody thing acts like a zombie head and wither skeleton has a quiver (replace the quiver with a extra sword maybe). BIG GLITCHES: snow golems texture is missingo (Pokemon reference).

  9. Luke says:

    Fix snow golem

  10. Ganesh says:

    Nice texture pack!

  11. Vivien cruz says:

    This is good I would like the owner to add new models for the other mobs please

  12. Alesscreeper says:


  13. Jaden says:

    One thing the skeleton shouldn’t have knee caps because knee caps are made of cartilage.

  14. Carloscastro131 says:

    Please fix missing textures

  15. Jack Lakeman says:

    I love this Addons except the glitched snow golem and the chicken is more pink than brown the white would still be realistic but if it’s gonna be brown plz make it a better brown now it just looks pink

  16. RedRubyGaming says:

    Hey, Editor, I have uploaded a map named RRG Micro House 3 times and have not had it posted or been told why it isn’t posted. I spent time making this map specifically for MCPEDL and even made a YouTube for it. It is high quality and there isn’t any sort of red flag. Please resolve the issue and post it. Alternatively, let me email you my submission. Thank you for reading.

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Xsniper says:

    please change sword shaft to the correct term,sheathe

  19. SkeleZips Maps says:


  20. PnHD33 says:

    man why did you fixed the thicc Zombie?(joke)

    anyways, good resource pack. I really liked the idea of the wither skeleton. good job.

  21. EnderGamerVN says:


  22. Endernoob says:


  23. Pavello says:


  24. EnderGamerVN says:

    Fried Chicken :v

  25. Vivien cruz says:

    It’s super good please make chickens have a tail and give zombies,husks,drowns bite marks and give wolves a cool model like some claws like the polar bear did also give them different skins like black fur,white fur and other fur colors and patterns and give dolphins look like bottlenose dolphins also make their fins (i call them fins) more realistic and give enderman sharp teeth on it’s upper jaw and lower jaw also give villagers arms instead of arms sticking together and give them hair style ok you can stop reading and add my ideas now if you want to tell this to the owner of this texture pack

  26. Vivien cruz says:

    Also I’m from Philippines that’s why my English is almost very bad

  27. Vynceee says:

    I love this pack. But can you make the pig less fatter.

  28. CROW says:

    Like the texture but fix the pig, cuz when I put saddle on it, the texture is glitched pls fix it 🙂

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