Redstone Neighborhood [Redstone]

This map features one large house built in a flat plains landscape with lots of beautiful terrain surrounding it. Most parts of the house include some type of redstone mechanisms. For example, the garage doors can be opened and closed and the bathroom has a fully working shower (and it’s nothing similar to what I’ve ever seen before).

Since it’s called the Redstone Neighborhood you can most likely expect more houses to fill up the surrounding area in the future!

Creator: The_Redstoneer
Updated: 12 June, 2017 (updated, fixed world download)

Inside each garage you will find two buttons which you can use to open or close the garage doors.

The TV can be turned on and off by the use of the remote controller (also known as button positioned on top of the couch). You can also toggle the lights.

The bathroom is my favorite part of the house. It’s nothing better than a nice shower after a long day of hard work!

There’s also a kids room. It doesn’t have any impressive redstone functionalities but it definitely looks pretty nice.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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95 Responses

4.26 / 5 (59 votes)
  1. andrian says:


  2. Wwowweee says:


  3. Jlan123 says:

    The shower particles were not working for me. Other than that, awesome build

  4. Omar says:

    This is cooll!!!!

  5. Lola says:

    Wow…it…looks amazing and cool I might download it 💖

  6. Logan Jacobs says:

    How does the shower work

    • DoubleM says:

      The command block creates and destroys a water block, making a rapidly moving falling water texture ( Careful on low resolution devices)

      • DanishTheLegend says:

        The repeating command block actually summons the particles which are dropped when a water block is destroyed to the location entered in the command block. It doesn’t create the block.

        • ALinuxLover says:

          Actually, it does-mcpe doesn’t have the particle command. It uses setblock x y z water 0 destroy, creating particles.

    • JesanRuo says:

      That means so the shower works

  7. UrBoi says:

    Neighborhood? I THINK NOT. I THINK 1 HOUSE. But the house was really cool 😀

  8. Kayla says:

    I would just like to know when you will add more houses and what color they will be. And the shower thing doesn’t work… the shower just flickers from dark to light

  9. BoneCOllecTOR_09 says:

    How do I download this building so I can play on the world?

    • Yin Yang says:

      You click “Download .McWorld” and then click the download button on the site it takes you. After that, click on “Open in “Minecraft PE””

  10. Jose says:

    Cool :* OMG

  11. Minecrafter3003 says:


  12. ALinuxLover says:

    Don’t know why, but turning oCd off helped with the shower. Nice build!

  13. Breadstick20000 says:

    Nice job 👍

  14. Zombie620Slayer says:

    WAIT if it is a neighborhood, and there is only one house… SHOULD WE EXPECT THIS TO UPDATE WITH MORE HOUSES?!!!

  15. diamond says:

    This is so nice i’ll have to come back when this map updates

  16. BlueberrySans says:

    Geez, did you even give credit to MagmaMusen for the TV? He was obviously the one who originally made it. But anyways, this map is pretty cool!

  17. EmmiaGaming says:

    THIS MAP IS INCREDIBLE!!! But I just wanted to say, when you built more houses in the future, can you also built a redstone school? I REALLY NEED A GREAT NEIGHBOR HOOD AND THIS IS THE CLOSET AS I CAN GET! And plus, I’m doing a YouTube vid on it so I WILL give you credit

  18. Mcpedl tester says:

    Whenever I tried to download it the new update would work. Can you tell me why

  19. A random girl says:

    It says that there is a new house but when I go on the world it only has one

  20. Polar Whale says:

    It’s good, but now that it’s updated I downloaded it and there is only one house. Please help!

  21. Jack says:

    When I download the world the other house doesn’t show only the first house how. Do I get both houses

  22. BlueberrySans says:

    Why is there only one house but it says there’s a new one? O.o

  23. Beckam says:

    Why aren’t there two houses

  24. Darkest of souls says:

    Um were is the second house
    But honestly this is the best map ever
    I really really like it
    It’s the best one that I have Sean

  25. Panda says:

    How come there are two houses in the picture but when you download it there’s only one

  26. Trinity Sconiers says:

    Where is the other house? I re downloaded it and there is no second house. But on the preview of what the first house includes, it shows another house added. But there is no yellow house.

  27. The_Redstoneer says:

    Problem with the update, will hopefully be fixed soon along with the addition of a new house

  28. Panji [Indonesian] says:

    perfect world ever!

  29. SirTaco says:

    Hey I really like the builds but I feel like some could look better if you ever need help on builds I should helpother than that the red stone and builds are 10/10

  30. Death62 says:

    Really cool build!

  31. Todorokii says:

    When will it be fixed???
    I really need it soon

  32. The_Redstoneer says:

    Download problem will hopefully be fixed in the coming days. Hang in there!

  33. Ethan says:

    Just on pic Cool! i might find some of idea on commands for that

  34. Punisher#007 says:

    There are 1 house in my world.but that redstone creation is awesome 😁😁😕😕

  35. Qais says:

    Wait a second there are no yellow house there is only one house

  36. The_Redstoneer says:

    Let’s say 4-5 day because I am currently on vacation

  37. Del1r1ousGam1ng says:

    47th! Also whre is the yellow house? Its not in the world.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm if u could make it like even cooler

  39. Creepzer178 says:

    Where’s the yellow house?

  40. superspider3500 says:

    The 1st and 6th pictures depict the house and a yellow one as well? Is this a feature that got removed right when it came? If so, then try to add that yellow house back.

  41. Kittykat says:

    Guys she said few days trying to upload house GEEZ just use this awesome thing called patience. THANK U 😔😃

  42. Elenora says:

    Pretty good build.EXCEPT there’s not an entire neighborhood.Its 1 house.Can fix that please?

  43. Bob says:

    Real good map but make a grocery store when you throw food on a pressure plate at the cashier register it makes a sound.

  44. Tristan Shepherd says:

    When are you gonna make more houses on it?

  45. Jack says:

    Bro u said a couple of days it’s literally July when is the other house coming r u just stalling or something. Like nothing personal I really like the map but it gets boring with just one house

  46. Storm says:

    Hi. I was just wondering if you could make an update for this world where you get both houses and the backyards please. If you do thanks, because whenever I download it it only has one house with no backyard. And it’s only the blue house. I really want to explore the yellow house too.

  47. Tristan Shepherd says:

    I think it is Impressive but I want to know when you are adding more houses

  48. Anonymous says:

    There was not a second house …. but I loved it!

  49. Notch says:

    Such Intelligent masterpiece,I will never make a map again 😂

  50. :3 says:

    When will you fix the update

  51. Rudy lorcan says:

    The other build next to the main building

  52. Amber_cool says:

    It is so cool and so fun
    Me and my friends play in it all the time

  53. Amber says:

    I only got one of the houses

  54. LunaLPS says:

    didn’t come with the yellow house ._.

  55. Anonymous says:

    i am on my xbox 360 typing this i really want to get it but sadly i can’t 🙁 but it looks awsome 🙂

  56. Jose says:

    It’s not a neighborhood it’s a house. But my favorite part is the secret glass door in the kitchen and the rest was great too! I love it

  57. Audrey Long says:

    In the pictures it looked like two houses but there is only one. ?????????????????????????

  58. Anonymous says:

    First the shower is amazing and the build but… I need to say were is the yellow house were is the sand pit
    playgrount thing and in the pic u could open the garage but u really can’t 🙁 but other than the problems amazing love it <3

  59. Random says:

    When will the yellow house come out? You said it would come out in July but it’s October and it’s still not out.

  60. CreeperGamerGirl says:

    OMG! Stop putting so much pressure on him! But I do have a suggestion to make this a Redstone NEIGHBORHOOD. If you just make a new map but don’t release until more than two houses are done, your good! Love the map BTW. Everything works PERFECT.

  61. Sarah Kinter says:

    I want it to have everything the pictures have but the second house is not there and the playground.

    • ClickBaited says:

      I’m sorry if this sound rude but when I see TWO houses I expect it. It’s clearly already built so where is it?

  62. Raven Queen says:


  63. Romek says:

    I’m not happy the pitchers wher not the same wher in the utter house and playground 🙁

  64. JackTREcentral says:

    The orange house doesn’t want to show up

  65. Jaina says:

    Why is there only one house when it shows too? Also there is nothing in the backyard. Please add another house and a school. Other then that it’s a great map

  66. Hockeygirl says:

    So uh where’s the other house, eh?

  67. Adriansyquia says:

    This is not cool coz he added onother house in the next of other house and at the real there is nothing only one house

  68. DanTDM says:

    There is only one house. Why didn’t you upload the yellow house in the photo for the map. Tats why I downloaded it. NEIGHBORHOOD.

  69. Potato says:

    Were is the yellow house

  70. Blob says:

    Looks Amazing! I Downloaded It But It Is Really Laggy! Can You Make House (1 Atleast) Designed For PE Users! On Low End Devices

  71. Jessica says:

    It was good so I made a server with it but it got blowned up T-T

  72. Anonymous says:

    Come on. It’s been a while, no update. Have you stopped working on this map? I am losing my patience, please.

  73. Gage says:

    The world is great. But there is only one house. Not two like it has in the photos. Its false advertisement.

  74. Tucker Knight Jones says:

    On the pic it sad 2 but it’s one without a back yard this is fake advertisement

  75. Snowy Lamdscape says:

    You said Neighborhood, and I saw 2 houses, but there’s only 1. But the house is really cool!

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