Redstone Puzzle Map

The Redstone Puzzle Map was released by the Mojang team to showcase all the new redstone features (comparators, repeaters, dispensers and droppers) which are available in the new 0.14 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The objective in the map is to complete four puzzle areas, save some villagers and then help get them to the Cake Village.

Creators: Mojang, Twitter Account



Another village has burnt down. What’s the cause of all this? It must be The Nether leaking. No dead bodies can be seen, that’s weird.. but it must mean they are safe somewhere. I must go find them.


  • Complete all four puzzle areas to reach the Cake Village
  • Don’t place/break blocks unless told so
  • Set difficulty to peaceful

redstone-puzzle-map-3redstone-puzzle-map-4 redstone-puzzle-map-2redstone-puzzle-map-11

Watch Tommaso Checchi, Daniel Wustenhoff, Shoghi Cervantes and Jason Major (some developers of Minecraft PE) play the map!

Did you enjoy this map? Make sure to check out Mojang’s first map in this map series: Redstone Mansion!


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25 Responses

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  1. Radcliff says:

    How do you download a map? The map said “Zip file cannot be opened.” Please give me the correct order. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Tab, model number is SM-T231

    • Radcliff says:

      Please reply quickly… I love redstone puzzles, especially when they are hard. Also, do not give me the link to the guide. I mean give me some instructions, like you did to the others.

      • Edric says:

        download androzip file manager then extract the zipped map it then move the extracted version of it then move the file inside the minecraft worlds
        games-com.mojang-minecraft worlds

        hope it helps

    • Editor says:

      Is it fully downloaded?

  2. Lhei says:

    Coolest of all

  3. Sillygoosey says:

    How do you download it don’t work

  4. NeKroGames says:

    I have no idea why, but at the end where the villagers drop at the water tower, as soon as they land, I crash. This only happens in Windows 10 Edition. Pocket Edition is fine.

  5. Kiangamer says:

    Minecraft is the best game ever but some bugs makes me mad so please fix it

  6. Jm says:

    Leave a comment below

  7. killerFish2 says:

    cool maps from mojang

  8. Samantha FONG says:

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Johhny says:

    It says it cant open for me!

  10. Crazyhmc says:

    Where’s the download link ??

  11. valchrist says:

    Cool,awesome i like this map,i hope mojang create more map for mcpe.

  12. Zefah says:

    This is super mind blowing XD

  13. James says:

    I am just trying it.

  14. Charlie says:

    Can someone convert this to a .MCworld please?

  15. Dex says:

    If possible could the moderators please convert all maps from 2015 to 2013 to .Mcworld please

  16. Blaize says:

    Its so cool i play this map 5 times very good keep it up

  17. yash says:

    This is a cool map with absolutely no lag at all

  18. Nate says:

    Can you give us an MC World version? ZIP files have never worked for me, unless the MC World version is in the ZIP.

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